Any Benefits of Sandalwood?

Any Benefits of Sandalwood?

The sandalwood tree (santalum album), which is considered a very sacred tree in India, plays a major role in many religious ceremonies. Because of its wonderful fragrance, it is used in making incense, soaps and perfumes. It is a common practice among the Hindus to wear sandalwood paste on their forehead, which is said to produce a cooling effect as well as awaken intelligence. Sandalwood is used in the form of powder, oil and paste not only for religious purposes but also for beauty benefits. It is excellent for the skin, which is why it is an important remedy for treating various skin problems like acne, pimples, dark spots, rashes and blemishes.

Sandalwood benefits for skin

In addition to being packed with goodness, Sandalwood also possesses antiseptic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. It is effective in treating acne, blackheads, rashes, and other kinds of skin problems. It has the ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria and to prevent the skin from becoming too oily.  Given below are some of the benefits of sandalwood for skin:

Sandalwood for acne

Sandalwood has powerful antiseptic and antibacterial properties that help in fighting off the bacteria that cause pimples and acne. To get rid of acne and acne scars, mix together equal amounts of sandalwood powder, coconut oil and lime juice, and apply it on the affected area. Leave this mixture on the face overnight and wash it off in the morning with cold water. Sandalwood oil can also be topically used for acne. Apply this directly to the affected region.

Alternately for pimples, mix 4-5 drops of sandalwood essential oil or a tsp of sandalwood powder with a tsp of turmeric powder and few drops of rose water to prepare a paste. Apply this paste to your face. Allow it to remain for 15 minutes, before you wash with cold water. Daily treatment for a week can help reduce incidence of acne.

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Sandalwood offers anti-aging benefits

Sandalwood skin benefits can be attributed to its properties of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Sandalwood has anti-inflammatory properties that help to eliminate inflammation and pain. It increases blood circulation to your skin, nourishes it and also removes the metabolic waste that gets deposited on it. Moreover, sandalwood acts as an antioxidant agent, which scavenges the free radicals that cause aging signs such as wrinkles and fine lines on your skin. Applying sandalwood paste or sandalwood oil on the skin helps in tightening the skin and in increasing its flexibility and elasticity. Sandalwood ensures that your skin stays healthy and looks young, supple and flawless.

Sandalwood oil for skin

Sandalwood oil is highly beneficial in ensuring smooth, soft and glowing skin. All you have to do is massage the oil directly on the skin and see its magical effects. You can also make a face pack by mixing sandalwood powder, turmeric powder and honey. Apply this pack on the face and neck and leave it on for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then wash off with cold water. Using this face pack twice a week can give you beautiful and glowing skin. This face pack is also effective in lightening the skin tone.

Sandalwood for itching skin

The anti-microbial and cooling properties of sandalwood makes it effective for soothing itchy skin. The application of sandalwood paste on the affected helps relieve the itching, inflammation and redness of the skin. A mixture of sandalwood and lime juice is beneficial in calming itching and allergies.

Sandalwood in excessive sweating

Sweating is a natural mechanism which helps the body cool itself. However, too much sweating can lead to dehydration and bad body odor. Sandalwood powder has enzymes that are capable of absorbing the extra sweat from the skin leaving it dry and clean. Sprinkle sandalwood powder and rub it on your skin soon after bathing and drying yourself.

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Chandan as natural body deodorant

Sandalwood powder is often stored in wardrobe as natural freshener. The calming fragrance of sandalwood will prevent the body odor as well. It has typical soft, woody and refreshing scent. Together with its antimicrobial and antiseptic properties it helps in fighting odour causing bacteria and can be used as natural deodorant.

Sandalwood as a sunscreen

When the skin is exposed to sunlight for a long time, it causes sunburn and skin problems. Sandalwood, when applied to the skin acts as a sunscreen and helps prevent the occurrence of possible sunburns. Sandalwood also helps in restoring the original tone of the sun burnt skin, by promoting faster healing. An effective remedy for curing sun tan is to apply a mixture of sandalwood powder, almond oil and coconut oil on the skin and wash it off after 15 minutes.

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Blemish free skin with sandalwood

Facial steaming with Sandalwood essential oil can help remove discoloration, dark patches, acne scars and other marks. Sandalwood oil not only helps skin but also clears respiratory tract. Applying coconut oil mixed with little sandalwood oil can help treat uneven tans.

Sandalwood eliminates prickly heat rashes

Excessive sweating in summer time often leads to the development of prickly heat or sweat rashes. Sandalwood has soothing properties that can eliminate the symptoms of prickly heat. It also helps in cooling down your body, which further aids in fast recovery of the skin. To get rid of prickly heat rashes, make a paste of sandalwood powder with water and apply it on the affected area.

Chandan is a great skin moisturizer

Chandan (Sandalwood in Hindi) has hydrating properties that help in getting rid of skin dryness and for that reason, it is used as a main ingredient in many cosmetic creams and lotions that are meant for reducing skin dryness. It moisturizes the skin and gives it a soft and glowing appearance by stimulating the skin cells to absorb more moisture.

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Chandan to treat skin disorders

With its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties it makes a good remedy for common skin disorders and infections. Applying sandal wood paste can provide relief from itchiness and redness in eczema, rosacea, psoriasis and other diseases.

Other sandalwood benefits

In addition to the various skin care benefits offered by sandalwood, it is found to be a helpful remedy for many health problems as well.

Sandalwood oil for hair growth

Massaging sandalwood oil on the scalp is found to be effective in stimulating hair growth and preventing dryness of the hair. It also provides a cooling and soothing effect on the scalp. Sandalwood essential oil helps the hair retain moisture, providing it a healthy and shiny appearance. It also helps get rid of dandruff and impart a wonderful fragrance to your hair.

Sandalwood helps relieve stress

The wonderful aroma of sandalwood has been found to be effective in relieving stress and anxiety. Animal studies indicate that sandalwood oil is helpful in inducing sleep and so is a great remedy for people suffering from insomnia. Sandalwood is used in aromatherapy to induce soothing, calm and meditative state. It also improves concentration and memory. Sandalwood massage oil is available in market these days. You can use it to massage and relieve body stress.

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Sandalwood has anti-spasmodic effects

Sandalwood has both sedative and relaxing properties that make it effective for treating spasms. It helps in relaxing muscles, blood vessels and nerves, which in turn help in preventing spasms and contractions. The antispasmodic effects of sandalwood make it beneficial in treating problems like cramps, and aches. Try out a whole body massage with sandalwood body oil to relax your muscles.

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Sandalwood is a great diuretic agent

Sandalwood has diuretic properties, which is beneficial for lowering blood pressure, preventing kidney stones and even for promoting weight loss. As a diuretic, sandalwood increases the frequency of urination. This helps in flushing out the microbes and toxic substances that cause infections and inflammation in the urinary system.

Sandal wood acts as an expectorant

The essential oil extracted from sandalwood acts as an expectorant and hence is effective in treating coughs. It also has antiviral properties that help fight off viral infections that may lead to cold, flu, cough and other ailments. Taking steam with sandalwood oil is good way to keep away respiratory disorders.

Chandan wood as a disinfectant

It has been found that sandalwood essential oil has powerful disinfectant properties. The unique fragrance of this oil can repel pests, insects and infection causing microbes, which makes it one of the key ingredients in pesticides, insect repellents, and disinfectants.

Sandalwood promotes mental clarity

Another important benefit of sandalwood is that it promotes mental clarity. Hence it is frequently used as fragrance or incense during prayer, meditation and other spiritual rituals. According to studies, sandalwood has the ability to improve focus and cognitive abilities. It was found that those who used sandalwood oil were more mentally aware and exhibited increased attention and better cognitive clarity.

Sandalwood herb – natural aphrodisiac

Sandalwood also acts as an aphrodisiac that help in increasing libido and energy, especially for men. It can be used as a topical lotion or sandalwood massage oil. Sandalwood is used for increasing sexual desire, treating impotence and also for promoting reproductive health.

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Sandalwood has anti-inflammatory properties

Sandalwood has potent anti-inflammatory properties that help provide relief from inflammation. According to a study conducted in the year 2014, the active ingredient in sandalwood known as santalol helps in decreasing cytokines, which are inflammation markers in the body. Santalol provides similar results as Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID), but without the negative side effects.

Sandalwood may help reduce blood pressure

Sandalwood has been found to have blood pressure lowering properties. Studies indicate that when individuals used sandalwood oil on their skin, it helped in decreasing the systolic blood pressure.

Other medicinal uses of Sandalwood

Latest research shows that santalol present in Sandalwood has anti cancer and anti tumor properties. Another study which investigated Santalum album extract impact on blood glucose levels and cholesterol levels in diabetic rats found it to be potentially helpful in overcoming insulin resistance.

Aromatic uses of sandalwood

The most attractive property of sandalwood is its distinct fragrance, which is widely used in aromatherapy. Sandalwood essential oil is used in lotions, creams, perfumes, aftershaves and bath oils. Sandalwood oil is widely used in aromatic therapy, which is highly beneficial in relieving stress and in improving overall health. The fragrance of sandalwood provides a soothing effect and is also effective in promoting good sleep. Sandalwood incense benefits with the same aromatic effect. Sandalwood soap is another way to have a refreshing bath each day.

For hundreds of years, sandalwood has been valued in many religions and civilizations all over the world, especially in the Hindu religion. For the Hindus, sandalwood occupies a crucial role in almost all religious ceremonies and rituals, from the time they are born until their death. Sandalwood oil is widely used for its calming and relaxing effects. It is also a key ingredient in beauty and skin care products. If you are looking for natural ways to get clear and beautiful skin, then sandalwood should definitely be one of your choices. Not only is it affordable and easy to use, but is also guaranteed to give you great skin in no time.


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