Utilize your lockdown time: The Quiz questions food and drink welcome you all!!

Utilize your lockdown time: The Quiz questions food and drink welcome you all!!

Are you getting bored with this lockdown? Want to try something new from home? Missing those old days without masks and tasty food of your favorite place. How has the pandemic situation changed your life? Do you want a tough fight in this pandemic situation? Decide on some innovative challenges to make your day more wonderful. Digital platform none other than the internet is the only source in this pandemic era. Participate in quiz questions food and drink in the Zoom session. “Food and drink are the only sources in these golden days”.

Why should we participate or conduct quiz questions on food and drink?

A quiz is the form of play where you can build your day.  This will boost up your mood on the pandemic day.

  • The quiz will give you knowledge of various food and drinks. No matter whether you are a kitchen queen, there is still something you may not know.
  • The quiz will allow you to stay happy. You can regain your thoughts into ideas.
  • The quiz will give you time and opportunity to settle in life. This is the mood swing process that can reflect your day.
  • A quiz for food and drink will give you an idea of ray. Participate in quiz questions food and drink will be on your way.

Types of quiz questions food and drink

Have you ever thought about what type of question you will prepare? Conducting or participating in a quiz is an important criterion. Decide quiz question for the quiz is the primary goal of any quiz format. The types of questions for the food and drink quiz are mentioned here. Be a part of the entertainment and participate in quizzes with your friends and families. This lockdown will make your day more entertaining and happening.

Food-related questions you should prepare

  • The first question is: what is the national dish in Thailand? The answer is pad Thai.
  • The second question is: which food is popular in the world? The answer is pizza, pasta, hamburger, soup.
  • The third question is: which food is bad for health? The answer is sugary food and drinks. Sugary food like pastries, cake, fruit juice.
  • The next question is: Which food is the least popular in the world? The answer is curry.
  • The next question is: What is the shape of pasta? The answer is chiocciole.
  • The next question is: The most commonly used Chinese oil for cooking? The answer to this question is peanut oil.
  • The next question is: bread is related to which ingredient? The answer is yeast.
  • The next question is: the word food originated from? The answer is the USHQIM mother language of Albania.
  • The next question is: Big Mac restaurant? The answer is MC Donald.
  • The next question is: is marsala a famous sweet drink or food? The answer is a sweet wine.
  • The next question is: the best advertising slogan of a pizza company? The answer is Father John’s pizza.
  • The next question is: which country originated Black Forest cake? The answer is Germany.
  • The next question is: Caesar salad first invented in which country? The answer is Mexico.
  • The next question is: what type of vegetable is pimento? The answer is black pepper.
  • The next question is: the origin of Pizza Hut? The answer is the USA.
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These are some quiz questions food and drinks around.

Yes or No type question

For quizzes, you can prepare yes or no type questions also. Some of the questions are mentioned below.

  • Have you eaten non-veg in your lifetime? The answer will be yes or no.
  • Do you want to experience your career as a chef? The answer is true or false.
  • Do you love cooking a variety of food? The answer is yes or no.
  • Does black pepper add flavor to food? The answer is yes or no.
  •  Do you love eating pizza? The answer is yes or no.
  • Horlicks is the most stolen food in the entire world? The answer is true or false
  • You cannot overlook mushrooms? The answer is true or false.

Drink related questions to ask  

Some of the drink-related questions are mentioned below

  • The first question is: from where does the word drink originate? The answer is French.
  • The next question is: Which drink gives you power and energy? The answer is tea or coffee.
  • The next question is: Coca-Cola released its new coke in which year? The answer is 1985.  
  • The next question is: Best drink to lose your fat? The answer is lime juice.
  • The next question is: The popular drink in India? The answer is tea.
  • The next question is: the best soda drink in America? The answer is none.
  • The next question is: The best place to order a coffee drink? The answer is Starbucks.
  • The next question is: Irish coffee Spirit comes from which drink? The answer is whiskey.
  • The next question is: Name the Berry used to make gin? The answer is juniper.

The best question of food and drink

The Quiz questions food and drink will entertain your mood. Here you will get some mixed questions to retain your mind and soul.

  • Name the most stolen food in the world? Justify your answer.
  • Fill in the blank these words were given by the old man. “The secret tour long life is —- and —–.
  • Name some ingredients of profiterole?
  • What is Nori famous for?
  • The number of burgers sold by MC Donald every second?
  • What is the drink combination at Starbucks?
  • The number of cups of tea you can drink every day?
  • Can you identify the number of segments in orange?
  • How honey is made up of?
  • Do Jaffa cakes or biscuits identify them?
  • Little worms are the name of which pasta?
  • The vanilla pod comes related to which type of flower?
  • Best flavor of soup sold in the UK?
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Recently asked question of food and drink 

  • Ladyfinger is which variety of Fruit? The answer is banana.
  • Which country grows maize, rice the most?
  • Who introduced the word lemon to America?
  • What is potato, vegetable or fruit?
  • Cadbury comes from which oldest brand?
  • Name the country that grows mangoes the most?
  • How many types of potato varieties are there in the world?
  • Mushrooms require sunlight to grow or not?
  • The most famous Mexican beer?
  • Japanese shake is made from which food?
  • Name the vitamin which is not found in an egg?
  • What does IPA stand for? What is the use of it?
  • Famous Bengali sweet liked by all?
  • What does apple seed contain?
  • Can you name the types of species in the world?
  • Blackjacks are of which brand?
  • Can you name the spiciest chili in the world?
  • The color of a banana other than yellow?
  • The sweet you can prefer between-meal without losing fat?

The benefits of quiz

The focus, determination, intelligence, smartness, experience is the summation of the quiz. Some of the benefits of why quizzes become an important part of our life are mentioned below.

  • Motivation from quizzes will give you the idea and the inner meaning of  ”want to” learn. The multiple-choice questions or any format of the quiz will give you the focus and motivated mind.
  • Remember better from the quiz. Repetition of questions will flourish your mind again in a game. The simple and precise format of the quiz will boost your remembrance power.
  • The format of the quiz can be of MCQ type, true-false type, or question-answer type. The access can be many the present should be focused.
Food and drink quiz questions and answers: 15 questions for your food and drink quiz | Express.co.uk

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Who can participate in the online quiz?

Getting bored and thinking of participating in the quiz? This is the right time because the pandemic will drastically reduce the power of your brain due to stress and anxiety. Remove stress by indulging it in some activity. Activity can come from any form. Utilize your lockdown phase and participate in an online quiz with your friends and families. Participate in boosting your knowledge. You will know the likes and dislikes of a person.

The food and drink quiz can be conducted among friends, classmates, school, families, common friends, and office colleagues. This quiz can be done online through various apps like zoom. Utilize the digital platform for conducting quizzes and make you more innovative. The right time and the right place are not always given. Speed up your mind to remove all anxiety in your life.


The quiz questions food and drink are just a way to settle our time. The quiz will throw the essence of light in this COVID-19 time. Use your spare time with your friends and families. Conduct quiz and prepare the questions mentioned above.  The virus is just like rain which will come and go in every drain. Blow the bulb of your brain and participate in the quiz of your own game.  “Food and drinks are the best soulmates, without it life is a jail”.  The quiz will give you entry-level for your life. Lead your life in this pandemic fight to boost up your mind with your loved ones.

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