How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Your State

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Your State

Medical marijuana is gaining traction across the United States. And yet, legal issues still abound when people try to get medical marijuana.

If you’re interested in getting medicinal marijuana, the best way to do so is by accruing a medical marijuana card. Most states allow you to get a medical marijuana card, but not all of them do. 

A few states in particular that allow cards are California and Arizona. You don’t want to face any legal trouble carrying or using medical marijuana. Thus, it would help if you did it the right way. 

To get a medical marijuana card, there are specific steps you must take. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you seek to get a card. 

1. Work With Your Doctor

Your physician is your first contact when looking for a medical marijuana card in your state. To find a doctor who prescribes medical marijuana cards, you can call your doctor’s office. They may have a physician there who prescribes them. Or, you can contact your health insurance to get a list of doctors nearby. 

There may be an alternative if you don’t live in a state that allows medical marijuana cards. For example, Texas offers low-THC products through their Compassionate Use Program. You should note that smokable products are not included in Compassionate Use. Only products that a person can swallow are usable within this program.

If you’re uncertain if your state allows medical marijuana cards, go to their government site. They should have regulations outlined on their site so you can stay in the know. 

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2. Product Format Matters

Assuming you get a medical marijuana card, there are a few things to keep in mind. For example, always remember that product matters when purchasing marijuana. Therefore, you must be careful when choosing which type of marijuana to buy. You may be able to use it in your state but not in others. 

For example, you can travel with some CBD products, including:

  • Topicals
  • Oils
  • Lotions
  • Vaping pens

However, if you try to fly with bud and a pipe, you may face a legal challenge. Know what is and isn’t allowed beforehand. That way, you’ll avoid getting pulled aside and missing your flight.

3. THC Content Is a Concern

THC content is another thing to keep in mind when using your medical marijuana card. 

You may live in California and frequent medical marijuana dispensaries. If that’s the case, make sure to avoid anything greater than .5% THC by weight. 

Many states which allow medical marijuana, including Oklahoma, Florida, and South Dakota, may limit THC access. Yet, they allow CBD products.

Never carry any form of cannabis without your medical marijuana approval card. You should also have the label tied to the product in your luggage or gear. 

4. Travel Vs. Purchase

There’s a big challenge for medical marijuana users who travel in and out of states. Even full legalization in your state doesn’t mean it’s legal in other states. Having it in your possession may make you a target if you drive across state borders. 

Documentation is critical in these instances. Keep your ID, medical marijuana approval card, product, and label all in the same area of your vehicle. That way, it’ll be easy to grab everything at once should you get pulled over. 

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5. Be Ready for Change

The stages of marijuana acceptance, from fully criminalized to legalized, are constantly in flux. Many of the regulations in place are either pending or in a state of nearly constant extension. 

For example, medical marijuana in Pennsylvania has been frequently approved but not yet made permanent. Things change quickly, though. So if you have your approval in PA, keep an eye on the rules and regulations. If possible, you want to get grandfathered in with your physician’s permission.


6. Flower, Smoking, and Paraphernalia

If you are looking for legal access to smokable flowers with your medical marijuana approval, you may be waiting for a while. The vilification of smokable cannabis continues. This is particularly the case since there are concerns about odor. The view of the smokable flower is that it’s a recreational product.

Start with your physician to find out more. From there, you can also do some research on your own. Look into more about the format of the product that’s allowed. Your research will reveal whether you can use medical cannabis. Even states that don’t allow it, such as Kansas, reduce possession penalties. 


As you venture to get your medical marijuana, it’s vital to stay on the right side of the law. You can do this by staying apprised of the law and medical marijuana changes in your state and others. 

The first step in getting your card is to visit a physician. They’ll provide further guidance on the following steps to take. From there, make intelligent decisions. Following the rules will allow you to enjoy the vast benefits of medicinal marijuana!

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