A Foodie’s Guide to the Best Houston Restaurants

A Foodie’s Guide to the Best Houston Restaurants

Houston has been voted one of the most exciting food cities in the entire United States.

But, how do you find out where exactly to eat when you take a trip to Houston? Take a look at the best Houston restaurants.

Becks Prime

If you want a good old burger and fries, you definitely need to take a trip to Becks Prime. You can get tons of different types of burgers, and even hot dogs if that’s more of your preference.

Plus, there are vegetarian options or options for people with specific diets. To read more of the great menu before your next vacation in Houston, check out becksprime.com.

La Guadalupana

Fans of breakfast food can’t miss out on La Guadalupana. You can get classic breakfast options such as huevos rancheros, chilaquiles, and omelets.

But, La Guadalupana isn’t limited to the mornings. You can also ordering enchiladas de espinaca con Camaron, pescado de la Veracruzana, or tacos al carbon.


For a little bit of Canada when you eat, try out Riel. This globally-inspired restaurant is named for the historical figure Louis Riel, and is led by the Canadian-born executive chef Ryan Lachaine. Top dishes to try at this restaurant include the kimchi carbonara, bannock, mushroom emphanadas, and caviar tots.


There are lots of different varieties of Mexican food, but fans of the Oaxacan variety should make reservations at Xochi. For main dishes, you’ll want to try out the Camarones Istmeños, Barbacoa de Res de Zaachila, Bistec con Mole de Chicatana, or the Cochito Istmeño. You can even do a mole tasting when you spend a day at Xochi.

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Hobbit Cafe

If you’re a vegetarian, you need to check out the Hobbit Cafe when you visit Houston. This was one of the first restaurants to offer vegetarian offerings in the city. And, it’s Lord of the Ring themed for the nerds out there. Some of their top options include the veggie enchilada, the black bean nachos, or the fellowship platter.

But, Hobbit Cafe also has meat dishes on tap, such as the Fires of Mt. Doom Burger, the Frodo sandwich, and the blackened chicken salad.

Crawfish & Noodles

Are you a fan of fusion cuisine? Don’t skip out on Crawfish & Noodles. It’s the perfect combination of classic Cajun and Vietnamese cuisine. Try out noodle dishes like the pho tai bo vien or mi quang, or Vietnamese specialties like ruot heo chien gion or hen xuc banh trang. If you’d rather go the Cajun route, sample the fried seafood basket, cajun clams, or fried catfish.

Try Out the Best Houston Restaurants

Clearly, Houston has plenty of great places to eat, but you won’t want to miss out on the best Houston restaurants when you visit.

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