How to Cook Top Ramen in Microwave for a Quick Snack?

How to Cook Top Ramen in Microwave for a Quick Snack?

Do you know how to cook top ramen in microwave without any hassle? If you don’t know that yet, then this article is about to help you. After reading this entire article, you will be ready to make delicious top ramen.

There are several dishes of ramen available in the restaurants. But the problem is it’s not always possible for us to go out for lunch. It would be much easier if you made it on your own.

But whenever you are in a hurry, you may not have that much time to cook. In that case, cooking in a microwave is a really good option. We will teach you how to make ramen in the microwave easily.

Cooking top ramen using a microwave has several benefits. You don’t need that many utensils or other kinds of ingredients. A medium-sized vessel suitable for microwaving is enough to do the job for you.

Let’s say you are in desperate need of something to eat. But you are running out of time, and there’s absolutely nothing to eat. This time top ramen will be your savior of yours.

Top ramen is no different than the other kinds of ramen noodles. Maybe you noticed the cooking instructions printed on the instruction manual. This normally tells you not to cook using a microwave.

But the trust is you can prepare top ramen in a microwave, and that would be perfect and not to mention delicious.

How to cook top ramen on stove

Generally, you purchase top ramen noodles packets from the supermarket. You cut them open and pour them into a vessel. Then you pour some water along with the seasoning and put it to a boil.

But again, as we said before, it’s not always possible to do all these. You might lose out on gas or not know how to use the burner by yourself.

This is why microwaving ramen trick is important to know. Throughout this article, you will learn how to cook top ramen in microwave in detail.

The best thing about this is it takes very little time to prepare fully. You have to wait for like five minutes before you get to eat this tasty top ramen.

How to Cook Top Ramen in Microwave for a Quick Snack?

How to cook top ramen in microwave

Here are two ways you can microwave ramen easily for a quick snack:

Method 1

There is a direct way to put top ramen in the microwave. Here are the details.

After leaving the main wrapper out, take a medium bowl suitable for microwaving. Then crush the noodles into tiny tubes so that the boil doesn’t take much time. Please fill the vessel with enough water and put it into the microwave after covering it.

Now it’s about time that your top ramen will be ready. You don’t need to wait longer than five minutes. If there are any doubts in your mind, feel free to check from time to time.

Many people want to know if it is okay to add eggs to top ramen. Let’s see what the answer is.

The thing is, it’s okay in case you want to enhance the taste of your top ramen by adding eggs. You can do that without any doubt. Here’s how.

Take a vessel and put some water into it for boiling. Now pour the top ramen and leave it for three minutes to prepare.

Take a separate vessel and mix eggs, salt, and water. Then add it with the ramen. Now, prepare it nicely and the eggs for about four minutes or so.

Now let’s look at how to cook top ramen in microwave with a twist.

Method 2

As you know already, you need to open the packaging and all that. Now what’s important is to add chicken stock instead of water.

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We all use water to boil noodles, be it ramen or not. That’s not unusual at all. But we all want to do something different from time to time.

So it is that kind of thing that is so easy yet twisty. Make some chicken stock in advance, or if you have some leftovers, that’s even better. What you need to do is to use this chicken stock as a substitution for water.

Now put the whole thing into the microwave as usual. Try adding butter, pepper, or whatever flavor you like the most.

Top Ramen noodles come with a particular seasoning packet inside every packaging. But certain people don’t want to use it in their top ramen. What if you are also one of them?

Well, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. If you don’t want to use the packaged seasoning. You are free to use any other seasoning as we mentioned before.

But here we have a suggestion for you. Check it out before deciding anything:

  • Take one tablespoon of soya sauce
  • a little bit salt, half teaspoon garlic powder
  • half teaspoon onion powder
  • one fourth teaspoon sugar
  • a little bit of pepper
  • one-fourth teaspoon of cayenne pepper

Whisk these ingredients together and then put them into your top ramen. You will be quite surprised by its amazing taste.

You are reading about how to cook top ramen in microwave. Now it’s time to tell you some secrets. This way, your top ramen in the microwave would be much tastier than ever.

One secret we already told you before about using chicken stock. Try that once to see the result.

You can add several items to your top ramen like vegetables, meat, or eggs. You are allowed to put anything tasty and healthy according to your choice. The more you put in, the taste will get better and better without any doubt.

We will talk about it in detail later in this article. Keep reading to find out more.

Top ramen tastes best when you consume it shortly after preparing it. If you leave it for some time, the taste won’t be the same anymore.

How to Cook Top Ramen in Microwave for a Quick Snack?

How to cook instant noodles in microwave

Just like top ramen, cooking instant noodles is also the same. Though in this particular section, we are going to remind you that. In the following, you will find how to cook instant noodles in microwave.

Open the packaging and crush the noodles into pieces. Pour water in a pot along with the noodles. Add the packed seasoning with the noodles and put it into the microwave.

Give it two minutes to cook properly. Then whip the noodles using a spoon or fork, so they don’t stick with each other. Now microwave this whole thing for another two or three minutes.

At this point, you need to remember one thing for sure. Don’t mix the seasoning with the noodles after the cooking is done. Always put the seasoning into the pot before keeping it in the microwave.

microwave ramen

How to make Maruchan ramen

Previously we discussed in detail how to cook top ramen in microwave. It’s not a difficult job at all, but you have to do it right. That part we got you covered.

But do you know how to make Maruchan ramen? In this section, we are going to tell you all about that. Let’s see the ingredients you need to prepare this Maruchan ramen.

First, gather some onions, red pepper flakes, an egg, ice, and not to mention one packet of Maruchan ramen. Now take a medium-sized vessel and put some water in it. Then put this vessel into the microwave and let it heat for two minutes tops.

When the water gets hot after two minutes, you need to put the egg into the vessel. Make sure that the egg gets fully submerged in the water. Cover the vessel and keep the heat in medium.

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Wait for eight minutes so that the egg gets boiled properly. After the microwave timer dings, keep the egg in the water for another eight minutes. Next, remove the hot water and replace it with ice and chilled water to stop the cooking process.

You can now prepare the Maruchan ramen when the egg is cooling down. Put the ramen in another vessel and add the necessary amount of water. Break the ramen into pieces if you want.

Now put the vessel into the microwave and wait for about four minutes. When you are sure that the ramen is completely prepared, mix the seasoning with the packaging. Then the ramen is ready to eat.

How to make ramen in the microwave for better taste

Throughout this whole article, we tell you how to cook top ramen in microwave. Top ramen is that kind of fast food that is lovable by all. As we wrote earlier, top ramen is here for you if you need instant food.

Even if you don’t use a microwave, other options are available to make top ramen. You can prepare top ramen utilizing an oven.

But how you are going to prepare ramen, that’s entirely up to you. You read that you can add whatever you want or like. So we thought, why don’t we give you some choices?”

In this section, you will know how to make ramen better. Check this out to get some new ideas.

Generally, we boil the ramen noodles, remove the remaining water, and stir them in a frying pan. Next, we like to add the packaged seasoning to better taste.

But not just these, you can try some innovative ideas independently. You can add different vegetables like carrots, spinach, cabbage, peas, corn to get some variety. Also, you can add several kinds of sauce.

Adding hot sauce into ramen noodles is always a good idea. The combination of garlic and red chili brings an entirely different aroma. This is also spicy, which is sometimes needed to make things better.

When adding sauce to ramen noodles, we must talk about peanut butter.

You know that peanut butter itself is not a sauce. But you can make a great sauce out of it if you know the way.

Here’s another great recommendation for you. You don’t need to use the packaged seasoning. You can make a whole new seasoning on your own.

Take some ginger, garlic, sesame oil, rice vinegar, peanut butter, honey and mix them all. Now use this mixture as a seasoning for the top ramen noodles. We assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

But not just hot sauce, sauces like oyster sauce, chili sauce, fish sauce, soy sauce are also great seasonings.

If you want to complete your lunch with just top ramen, you need to add some protein. As we already know, eggs are an excellent source of protein. So mixing eggs with top ramen is a great choice to make.

You are free to add eggs however you like. Scrambled eggs are already quite famous among us. You can do what we have already told you in this article about adding eggs.

When it comes to protein, there are several things you can add. Pork, shrimp, tofu, chicken, so many protein sources are available.

Mushrooms bring a great taste when you mix them up with ginger. Heat some olive oil into a frying pan and stir fry ginger and mushrooms. Add some herbs according to your choice and pour them over the ramen noodles.

Final thoughts

Before wrapping up, one last thing is yet to write. Noodles are that kind of thing you can depend on all time. These things always come in handy whenever you need your favorite top ramen noodles.

So no matter how you prepare top ramen, the taste is always good. Now you don’t need to wonder how to cook top ramen in the microwave anymore. We already did the hard work for you, and you need to do the cooking.

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