Types of Candy for Every Mood

Types of Candy for Every Mood

Candy is a universally beloved treat that transcends borders and brings smiles to faces worldwide. From classic childhood favorites to exotic confections, candies offer a delightful journey for the taste buds. But do you know about the various types of candy available? Maybe a few, but not all!

So, in this guide, we will take you on a simple and delicious tour of different types of candy worldwide. Get ready to explore the sweet side of global culture, one tasty bite at a time!

History of candy

The origins of this history dates back to ancient times. The earliest candies comprised of honey, fruits, and nuts. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Chinese enjoyed candies, and often used it as a religious offering or medicine.

Sugar became more widely available in the Middle Ages, and candy-making became sophisticated. Confectioners began to create new types of candy, such as hard candies, caramel, and chocolate. Candy was still a luxury item but became more popular among the wealthy.

The candy industry changed a lot during the Industrial Revolution. New machines were invented to mass-produce candy, making it more affordable and accessible to people of all social classes. New types of candy such as gumdrops, lollipops, and candy bars

In the 20th century, the candy industry continued to grow and innovate. New flavors and textures came through, and candy became an increasingly popular part of popular culture. Candy companies began to market their products directly to children, and candy became a staple of birthday parties and other celebrations.

Today, people of all ages enjoy candy. Thousands of different types of candy are available, from traditional hard candies to modern chocolate bars and gummy bears.

We were able to distinguish all types of candy under a few headings. It will be easier for you to understand and remember. Here are all of those categories:

Types of chocolate candy

1. Milk Chocolate

It contains cocoa solids, cocoa butter, sugar, and milk solids. Milk chocolate is among the most popular and often used in confectionery products like chocolate bars and candies.

2. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate comes from cocoa solids, cocoa butter, and sugar but contains little to no milk solids. It has a higher cocoa content than milk chocolate.

3. White Chocolate

White chocolate lacks cocoa solids and comes from cocoa butter, sugar, and milk. It has a sweet, creamy flavor and a lighter color due to the absence of cocoa solids.

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4. Chocolate Bars

These bars are rectangular blocks of chocolate that come in various flavors and textures, including milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate.

5. Truffles

Truffles are typically round or irregular types of candy and have a rich, creamy ganache center made from chocolate and cream, sometimes flavored with liqueurs.

6. Chocolate-Covered Nuts

They consist of nuts, such as almonds, peanuts, or hazelnuts, coated in a layer of chocolate, usually milk or dark chocolate.

7. Chocolate-Covered Fruit

Chocolate-covered fruit involves coating pieces of dried or fresh fruit, like strawberries, cherries, or apricots, with a layer of chocolate.

8. Chocolate Coins

These are typically small, round pieces of chocolate molded to resemble real coins. They are often given as gifts for games, particularly during holidays like Hanukkah or Halloween.

9. Chocolate Eggs

They can be solid or filled with treats like caramel, nougat, or even more miniature chocolates.

10. Chocolate Bunnies

Chocolate bunnies are chocolate types of candy in rabbit shapes, made and sold during Easter. They can range in size from small to large and are often made from milk or dark chocolate.

Types of chocolate candy

Types of gummy candy

1. Gummy Bears

Gummy bears are small, bear-shaped, chewy candies made from gelatin, sugar, flavorings, and colorings.

2. Gummy Worms

These are long, thin, and wriggly-shaped gummy candies, typically resembling earthworms. They also come in various fruit flavors and are often enjoyed as a fun and playful snack.

3. Gummy Sharks

These candies are often fruit-flavored and can be a fun treat, especially for kids who enjoy the novelty of the shark shape.

4. Gummy Fish

Gummy fish are candies shaped like various types of fish, such as goldfish or tropical fish.

5. Gummy Rings

These are ring-shaped gummy candies, often with a sweet and tangy taste. They come in various flavors and are sometimes used as edible jewelry or party favors.

6. Gummy Fruit

Gummy fruit candies are made to look like small fruit pieces, such as apples, grapes, oranges.

7. Gummy Slices

This type of candy is like fruit slices, similar to citrus fruit wedges. They are typically fruit-flavored and can be a colorful and fun treat.

8. Gummy Candy Buttons

Gummy candy buttons are small, round gummy candies attached to a strip of paper or plastic backing, resembling buttons on a shirt.

Types of Candy

Types of hard candy

1. Jolly Ranchers

Jolly Ranchers are colorful, fruit-flavored hard candies known for their intense fruity taste and vibrant colors.

2. Lifesavers

Lifesavers are ring-shaped, fruit-flavored hard candies with a hole in the center. Moreover, they are known for their round shape, which resembles a lifebuoy.

3. Runts

These are small, hard, fruit-shaped candies that often come in the shape of bananas, grapes, and strawberries. They have a sweet and fruity flavor.

4. Hard caramels

These candies are made from caramelized sugar, butter, and sometimes cream. They are heated to a stiff consistency and often come in various shapes, including squares or rectangles.

5. Lollipops

Lollipops are hard candies on a stick. They come in a wide range of flavors, shapes, and sizes. You can enjoy them by licking or sucking on the candy while holding onto the stick.

6. Candy Canes

Canes are traditional holiday candies that look like a shepherd’s crook or cane. They are typically flavored with peppermint but come in various flavors and colors.

7. Rock Candy

It is basically crystallized sugar that has grown into large, well-defined crystals. These types of candy are often attached to a string or stick for easy handling.

Types of chewy candy

1. Taffy

Taffy is a soft, chewy candy made from sugar, molasses, butter, and other flavorings.

It is typically pulled and stretched during candy-making to create a smooth and chewy texture.

2. Starburst

It is a brand of fruit-flavored chewy candies that come individually wrapped. They have bold and vibrant fruit flavors and you will like them for their sweet and chewy consistency.

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3. Skittles

These are popular small, fruit-flavored, bite-sized types of candy with a colorful candy shell and a chewy center.

4. M&M’s

M&M’s are small, button-shaped chocolate candies with a colorful candy shell.

Their flavors include classic milk chocolate, peanut, and many seasonal and limited-edition varieties. M&M’s have a distinctive “melts in your mouth, not in your hand” feature.

5. Airheads

Airheads are chewy, taffy-like candies that come in various fruit flavors. They are known for their stretchy and chewy texture and often have a tangy or fruity taste.

6. Marshmallows

These are soft, puffy, and sweet confections made from sugar, gelatin, and sometimes corn syrup or egg whites. They are enjoyed roasted over a fire or used in desserts.

Types of sour candy

1. Warheads

These incredibly sour, hard candies come in various fruit flavors like lemon, watermelon, and blue raspberry. They are famous for their extreme sourness, often followed by a sweet taste as the candy dissolves.

2. Sour Patch Kids

Sour Patch Kids are soft and chewy candies in the shape of little people. They have a sour coating with a sweet, fruity-flavored interior.

3. Sour Skittles

Sour Skittles feature a crunchy candy shell with a chewy, tart center and are available in various sour fruit flavors.

4. Sour Starburst

There are four variants of the regular Starburst candies. They are fruit-flavored chewy candies with a sour kick, providing a tangy and sweet combination.

Types of licorice candy

1. Black Licorice

This type of candy has a distinct anise or licorice root flavor. It is typically dark black and has a chewy, soft texture. Some people enjoy the bold and slightly bitter taste of black licorice.

2. Red Licorice

Also known as strawberry or cherry licorice, it is a fruity-flavored candy that lacks the licorice root extract found in black licorice. It is typically red and has a sweeter, milder taste.

3. Licorice Twists

It comes in long, twisted strands. They can be black or red and have a chewy, twisted texture. Licorice twists are a classic form of licorice candy.

4. Licorice Ropes

These are similar to licorice twists but thicker and often longer. They can be braided or twisted and come in various colors and flavors, offering a satisfying, chewy experience.

5. Licorice Nibs

Licorice nibs are small, bite-sized licorice candies that come in various shapes, including small nibs and small pastilles.

Other types of candy

1. Bubble Gum

It is a type of chewing gum that blow into bubbles. It has a stretchy and chewy texture and is comes with fruity or minty flavors.

2. Cotton Candy

This sweet, spun sugar confection comes with a stick. This candy is made by heating and liquefying sugar, which is spun out through tiny holes, creating a fluffy and sugary treat.

3. Caramel Popcorn

Caramel popcorn has a sticky coating and sweet caramel sauce makes it candy-like. It is a popular snack that becomes a part of fairs, carnivals, and movie theaters.

4. Candy Corn

A classic American candy typically shaped like a small, tri-colored kernel of corn. It has a sweet, fondant-like texture and is often associated with Halloween.

5. Candy Buttons

These are tiny, colorful sugar drops attached to strips of paper. You can peel off the paper and enjoy it as a sweet and crunchy treat.

6. Candy Necklaces, Bracelets, and Rings

These are edible jewelry comprising of colorful candies strung on an elastic cord.

They are wearable and enjoyable snacks, often seen at parties and as novelty items.

7. Candy Cigarettes

Candy cigarettes are entirely edible. They comprise of sugar or chalk and come in a thin, cylindrical shape.

8. Candy Cigars

Candy cigars are similar to candy cigarettes but shaped like cigars. These comprise of sweet candy materials.

9. Candy Pipes

These resemble tobacco pipes. While they were popular two decades ago, you might still find traces of this candy in different parts of the world.

Final thoughts

Thanks to innovations during the Middle Ages, the Industrial Revolution, and the modern era, candy has evolved from simple honey and fruit-based sweets to various confections.

Whether you prefer the decadent indulgence of chocolate, the chewy delight of gummies, the longevity of hard candies, the tangy kick of sour treats, the licorice flavors, or other unique confections, there’s a type of candy for everyone’s sweet tooth.

Enjoy exploring the sweet types of candy from around the globe!


1. What are candy types?

Sweet confections made with sugar, corn syrup, and flavorings.

2. What is the most popular candy?

The most popular candy is Chocolate.

3. Is candy a type of food?

Yes, candy is a type of processed food.

4. Why is does candy go by this name?

The word “candy” comes from the Sanskrit word “khanda,” which means “sugar.”

5. What is the sweetest candy?

Jawbreakers are the sweetest candy.

6. Is candy a veg or non-veg?

Candy is generally vegetarian, but there are some exceptions, such as candy made with gelatin.

7. What is the spiciest candy?

Atomic Fireballs are the spiciest of all.

8. What candy has the most sugar?

Hard candy contains the most sugar.

9. What was the first candy?

Honey is the first known candy.

10. What is the most unhealthy candy?

Gummy bears are the unhealthiest as they contain plenty of sugar and other chemicals.

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