Understanding the variety of benefits of Star fruits and how to eat the fruit in the best way possible

Understanding the variety of benefits of Star fruits and how to eat the fruit in the best way possible

It can get irritating eating the same vegetables and fruits repeatedly if you do not try innovative ones. The excellent news is that you can add range to your diet with numerous delicious fruits and vegetables. This comprises star fruit, which is becoming extremely popular.  As the name suggests, the fruit is shaped like a star. When it is raw, the fruit is dark green in colour. But as the fruit ripens, the colour changes to shiny yellow. You can consume the skin of a star apple. The succulent flesh has a sour and sweet taste. The smaller sized fruits taste sourer as compared to the larger ones. The larger ones taste sweet. As the star fruit benefits a lot, so recipes are getting very much popular.

Star fruit uses comprise making lactation-boosting recipes and diabetic-friendly smoothies. They are found across the world but are mostly concentrated in tropical countries like Indonesia, the Philippines, India, and Malaysia.

Here are the Star fruit benefits

The star fruit benefits range from disease prevention to great hair and skin. In addition, several traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines use the healing advantages of star fruit.

  • Star fruit benefits in Pregnancy

Star fruit benefits in pregnancy include better digestion, improved immunity, and reduction in blood pressure.

  • Cancer Prevention

Star fruit contains fibre and antioxidants, which reduce the toxicity levels in your body. This significantly reduces your risk of developing cancer.

star fruit benefits

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  • Increased Immunity

The high content of vitamin C in star fruit offers it immunity-boosting benefits. Regular eating of star fruits is highly suggested in the flu and cold season to get maximum benefits.

  • Glowing skin is another start fruit benefits

Star fruit benefits for the skin can be enjoyed by consumption and via an external application. The antioxidants in star fruit decrease the effects of oxidative stress and neutralise free radicals. The result is moisturised blemish-free skin. The skin is also guarded against fine lines or wrinkles.

  • Reducing Inflammation

Star fruit contains flavonoids like epicatechin, gallic acid, and quercetin. Because of their antioxidant properties, these compounds neutralise free radicals in your body. It offers you some defence against inflammatory illnesses. The vitamin C in star fruit also adds to decreasing inflammation and joint swelling.

  • Star fruit benefits Excellent Digestion

Both the peel and flesh of star fruit are used since they have insoluble and soluble fibre. This fibre regulates bowel health and nurtures the whole gastrointestinal tract. Proper bowel movements result in better digestion. This enhances the inclusion of nutrients in the body.

  • Star fruit benefits healthy Heart

Star fruit keeps the heart healthy by lowering bad cholesterol and maintaining blood pressure. It contains lots of potassium and sodium, which decrease blood pressure and maintains a healthy blood flow.

  • Helpful in Body Detoxification

Star fruit helps in detoxification because of its water content. Star fruit is a diuretic that improves urination. The excess fats, toxins, and salts are flushed out from the body through the urine. It cleans the kidneys and the liver.

  • Improves Lactation

It is given to mothers who are not able to produce sufficient milk for their newborns. It enhances breast milk production by boosting hormone secretion.

  • Good for Respiratory System

Star fruit enhances respiratory health by stopping mucous production and enhancing saliva secretion.

  • Reduces Cholesterol

The fibre in star fruit reduces bad cholesterol and enhances good cholesterol.

  • Good for Your Hair

Star fruit advantages for hair come from the vitamin B complex, vitamin C, and antioxidants. These nutrients have an indispensable role to play in the growth and health of your hair.

  • Improves your Sleep

The magnesium in star fruit helps to maintain GABA levels in the nervous system. GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter. Steady GABA levels endorse good sleep. Enhanced metabolism also leads to good sleep.

  • Helps in Weight Loss

Star fruit contains few calories. You will not feel hungry for longer because of its high-water content. All this makes it perfect for people, who want to stay fit.

star fruit benefits

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  • May Help With Anemia

As per the WHO, anaemia is prevalent among pregnant women and young children. Iron-deficiency anaemia is the most popular type of anaemia, happening when the body is less in iron. Iron is important to synthesize red blood cells and to carry oxygen to all body parts. Average-sized star fruit has just 0.08 mg of iron, however, the vitamin C content of the fruit plays a vital role in boosting iron absorption. This results in increased blood cells production and helps protect against lightheadedness and fatigue, the classical symptoms of anaemia.

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Star fruit is not for all

Though star fruit does not have severe side effects, you must still be aware of the below-mentioned side effects of consuming star fruit in surplus.

  • Drug Interactions: Star fruit hinders the enzyme CYP3A4, which is accountable for the metabolism of 50% of all drugs and medicines. Thus, you should avoid eating star fruit if you are on prescription medication.
  • Kidney Stones: People with kidney stones must completely avoid it. Star fruit contains oxalic acid per 100 g serving. The anti-nutrient oxalic acid may meddle with mineral metabolism and nutrient absorption. Overdoing may even result in oxaluria, a condition that leads to stone formation.
  • Toxicity: Individuals with kidney failure or chronic kidney illness must stay away from star fruit as the kidney cannot filter out several compounds in it. Nausea, hiccups, low back pain, weakness, and fever have been documented in a few cases.
  • Allergies: Star fruit allergies are rare, but if you are eating for the first time, then it is suggested to choose a little amount to see how the body responds.

Ways to eat star fruit

Star fruit feels excellent when taken ripe. Green star fruits may taste bitter and sour. If you purchase a green star fruit, allow it to ripen until it turns yellow. Store the fruit at room temperature, turning it occasionally, until its perfume develops. You are searching for a full flowery-fruity smell that showcases the fruit’s most excellent taste. The fruit can be kept at room temperature if you are going to serve it in a day or two. If not, refrigerate the ripe fruit to augment its shelf life.

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You can arrange star fruit by simply doing the following:
  • Cleaning it with water
  • Cutting off the edges
  • Do not peel the skin
  • Slice it straight

You can also try combining the fruit with kiwis, avocados, bananas, and mangoes in a fruit salad or in a puree. As an edible garnish, you can sauté star fruit slices for a second or two, and sprinkle with sugar to glaze. Pair this with poultry and fish dishes, or use it as a substitute for lemon or lime slices to garnish cold beverages. 

Star fruits taste wonderful just as it is, cut for a fast morning snack or a colourful starry addition to mixed fruit salads. You can also make smoothies using star fruit and blend them with Greek yogurt. Unfermented/fermented star fruit juice, jam, dehydrated slices, and jellies are also popular among health freaks.

The most excellent star fruit is bright yellow and stiff. Green star fruits are not yet ripened. As star fruit does not continue to sweeten once it has been picked, you do not want an unripe star fruit. A few brown spots on the ridges of the fruit are okay.

Baking star fruit makes cool-shaped chips for children. You can pickle star fruit also, use it in jelly or sauce recipes, or use it to top ice cream or yoghurt. Certain Southeast Asian recipes use star fruit in spicy recipes like stews and curries.

star fruit benefits

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Star Fruit Nutrition Facts

  • Fats

Star fruit is very less in fat with under 1/2 gram per cup.

  • Carbs

Start fruit has only under 9 grams of carbs per cup. This comprises 3.7 grams of fibre and 5.3 grams of sugar.

  • Vitamins and Minerals

Star fruit is an outstanding source of vitamin C. It also offers copper and smaller amounts of magnesium, potassium, selenium, folate, and zinc

  • Protein

1.4 grams of protein are present in 1 cup of star fruit.

Storage and Food Safety

Star fruit can be stored in plastic bags in the refrigerator for up to three weeks. Use running water to wash star fruit before slicing it. The skin is safe to eat. Cut star fruit must be placed back in the refrigerator in a covered container for eating within a few days.

Although there has not been lots of investigation around the daily consumption of star fruit, people with kidney problems must avoid it regularly. It can result in kidney damage and star fruit toxicity, which can result in neurological issues – such as seizures, and confusion. Thus, it can be said that

Star fruit is a tasty, nutrient-rich, low-calorie fruit packed with fibre, vitamin C, and antioxidants. Before consuming this fruit, people with kidney issues or those taking prescription medicines must consult their doctor.

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