KFC Allergen Menu Offers Healthier Alternatives for Favorite Meals

KFC Allergen Menu Offers Healthier Alternatives for Favorite Meals

Want to eat KFC but also want to maintain a diet to stay healthy? The KFC allergen menu can give you the best of both worlds!

Unlike earlier, people are constantly shifting towards a healthier lifestyle. However, does that mean you will stop having your favorite KFC meals? Of course not, especially when a fantastic KFC allergen menu takes care of all your allergies and diet specifications.

The KFC allergen menu is undoubtedly one of the primary reasons the food and beverage brand is constantly rising in popularity. As customers, we all love to associate with brands that offer progressive services, and KFC does not fail to surprise everyone.

In this post, let us talk about this wonderful initiative by KFC to introduce special menus. It is one of the wisest strategies to retain loyal customers and bring new ones. The best part is that the brand ensures they are bringing a smile to every customer’s face by offering all that they want.

What are the typical specifications for a KFC allergen menu?

If you have food allergies or are following a specific diet, check out the special KFC allergen menu. It lets you search for menu items according to whatever ingredients or allergens you want to avoid on its website, including:

Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
Tree nuts

Most KFC allergens items are featured, but not all. You may need the most recent nutrition facts or ingredients list for some seasonal or regional foods. As a general best practice, inform staff members of any food allergies you may have when placing an order.

Even if an item on the menu claims it doesn’t include a particular ingredient, it’s possible that the allergy nevertheless made its way into your meal in another way. It is known as “cross-contamination.” Besides, it can occur during ingredient preparation, manufacture, shipping, storage, or handling.

While the KFC allergen menu is trying to customize meals according to your preference, you need to know more. It is essential to ensure that you avoid allergy-inducing foods and instead choose healthier alternatives. Therefore, it is time to take some time off from the KFC allergens food options and look at the others. From the following section, you will be able to learn about allergen-free food items and the best healthy alternatives for your diet.

What are the best foods that will help to combat allergies?

Seasonal allergies, which many people fear, are caused by variations in the makeup of dust and pollen due to changing weather. The good news is that various common food ingredients can aid in controlling these seasonal allergies. In addition, these meals have specific components that boost immunity and effects similar to antihistamines. The following list includes a few of these foods:

Broccoli and cabbage

Quercetin, a flavonoid, reduces inflammation, which is frequently linked to allergies. Apples, onions, berries, and cauliflower are additional sources. So, while checking out the KFC allergen menu, you may choose items that include this ingredient.

Fatty fish

These are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and are always more effective than pills. Pick from herring, trout, bluefish, salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel, and sardines. These include DHA and EPA, two kinds of Omega-3 fatty acids believed to decrease allergic reactions in humans. People who experience seasonal allergy fluctuations greatly benefit from this anti-allergic property.


It prevents the synthesis of substances that can trigger allergies. Eating a few cloves in the morning each day will work wonders for those prone to allergies.

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Green tea

It protects you from allergies by providing a natural dose of antihistamines. For example, the sneezing that comes with pollen and dust allergies can be prevented with a hot cup in the morning.


This wonderful Indian spice works to prevent allergies of all kinds and has potent anti-inflammatory qualities.

Local honey

A morning dosage of honey can assist people who have pollen allergies become more tolerant. So, whenever you are in KFC, ask the server if the KFC allergen menu includes a beverage with local honey.

Nuts and seeds

Walnuts and flax seeds are healthy substitutes for vegans. For example, three ounces of salmon are equivalent to a handful of walnuts. Additionally, selenium, which has anti-allergic qualities, is found in flax seeds.

Oranges and strawberries

Vitamin C is crucial for regulating allergies. Therefore reaching for a few fresh oranges or strawberries is always advised above taking a vitamin supplement. This is because they contain other ingredients like Quercetin and small amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids.


This acrid green paste clears congested nasal passages and aids breathing by widening the airways. Antihistamines are abundant in it as well, which aids in preventing allergy development.

Yogurt and Kefir

These dairy products, along with others, are complete in probiotics, which are beneficial bacteria typically found in the intestines. These bacteria include Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. Additionally, they boost immunity and improve the body’s capacity to fend off allergens.

Some items are simple to locate, accessible from a standard kitchen and can protect against allergies for individuals prone to allergies.

KFC Allergen Menu Offers Healthier Alternatives for Favorite Meals

KFC GGluten-FreeMenu that many don’t know about

Several menu options are part of the wheat-free and KFC gluten-free menu. These foods are, however, produced and stored in a kitchen by staff members who also handle gluten-containing components. Therefore, exercise caution while ordering if you have celiac disease or are gluten sensitive.

A potato dish
Domestic salad
Side Caesar salad
Steamed corn
Sweet corn kernels
Vegetable salad


After trying the KFC gluten-free menu, check out some healthy items too. The carbohydrate content of KFC chicken is decreased by removing the skin. You can use chicken in a low-carb fast food menu without being breaded.

Caesar or house salad (croutons, fried chicken, or no dressing)
Chicken grilled (breast, drumstick, thigh, wing)
Original Drumstick Recipe
The beans
Warm wings

Vegetarians and vegans- KFC does not disappoint

Vegetarianism and veganism are becoming more and more popular. However, given the numerous vegetarianism subcultures, some people could find the distinctions between these two diets unclear.

Vegetarians and vegans refrain from eating meat. Veganism, on the other hand, is more stringent and forbids honey, eggs, dairy, and any other products made from animal products, including silk and leather.

Vegetarian menu

According to the KFC website, all-vegetarian ingredients are handled by KFC personnel in common with animal products, which may not be appropriate for some vegetarian diets. However, none of these items include meat.

A potato dish (without gravy)
Dessert foods such as cookies and cakes
Pasta with cheese

Vegan menu

To introduce its vegan-friendly variant, the Beyond nuggets, vegan KFC teamed up with Beyond Meat. These plant-based nuggets offer options for a meatless protein that you can combine with a variety of sides, such as:

(Children's menu) Applesauce
Domestic salad
Steamed corn (no butter)
Other than chicken nuggets
Slices of potato
Sweet corn kernels
The beans

Don’t forget to check out the KFC dairy-free menu, too, if you are a vegan!

What to order and what to avoid in KFC based on nutrition?

Original Chicken Recipe

Since the chain’s inception, a blend of 11 herbs and spices has been kept secret and is used to hand-breast KFC’s Original Recipe. You can get the Original Recipe as part of a meal or sandwich or order the famous bucket of fried chicken in 8, 12, or 16 pieces.

Original Chicken Wings

The nutrition facts for one chicken wing are as follows:

8g fat
3g carbohydrate
380 mg sodium
2g saturated fat
130 calories
10g protein
0g sugar
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The number of calories, salt, and fat is present in three wings as in one chicken breast. Therefore, wings are the best choice for health-conscious foodies.

Original Chicken Breast

The Original Recipe for Chicken Breast has

4g of saturated fat
39g of protein
390 calories
21g of fat
11g of carbohydrates
1190 mg of sodium

One Original Recipe for chicken thigh

This one contains:

280 calories
19g of protein
19g of fat

Therefore, this one is a moderately calorie-dense choice. Remember that breasts have fewer calories and saturated fat per ounce than wings and thighs.

Additional Crispy Chicken

The original recipe of KFC is now available in a crispier, flakier double-breaded form. Extra Crispy Chicken has more calories than the traditional version because there is more batter and breading.

Crispier than a usual chicken drumstick

Each Extra Crispy Chicken Drumstick has:

5g of carbs
390 mg of sodium
170 calories
12g of fat
10g of protein
0g of sugar

Even while the extra-crisp cooking method increases the calories and sodium content, it is still a healthier alternative than other chicken menu items.

Extra Crispy Nashville Hot Chicken Breast

The below list of nutritional content justifies why this delicious dish is not so healthy. It contains:

770 calories
60g fat
35g protein
21g carbohydrate
1g sugar
1530 mg sodium
10g saturated fat

Moreover, there is present in just one serving of Nashville Hot Extra Crispy Chicken Breast. Crispy chicken tenders can be another lower-calorie choice compared to the Original Recipe. However, it has more calories and fat than the grilled options. A single Extra Crispy chicken tender contains 7g of fat and 140 calories. On the other hand, a straightforward side salad can benefit significantly from the protein KFC’s tender-size pieces provide.

KFC Allergen Menu Offers Healthier Alternatives for Favorite Meals

Barbecued chicken

While KFC specializes in fried chicken, a few grilled items are better for you.

Wing of Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken wings from KFC include:

9 grams of protein
70 calories
3 grams of fat
180 mg of sodium
1 gram of saturated fat
0 grams of sugar
0 grams of carbohydrate

You need to know that the list above is applicable for every piece and not a whole serving. These grilled chicken wings have fewer calories, sodium, and nutrients per wing.

Grilled Nashville Hot Chicken Breast

One Nashville Hot Chicken Breast has:

790 mg of sodium
3g of saturated fat
38g of protein
1g of carbohydrates
260 calories
12g of fat

On the other hand, a grilled chicken thigh has only 150 calories and 9g of fat, which is half the amount of calories and fat in the Original Recipe. However, it is still a decent source of protein, with 17g per serving.


You can request chicken tenders and nuggets in addition to the company’s traditional method of providing chicken on the bone. These small-size selections may have fewer calories when consumed alone. However, dipping sauces are high in calories. Also, such condiments are always high in sugar and salt.

Crispy Chicken Tenders Plus

The extra crispy chicken tenders are your best option on this menu section because they come without any additional sauce and in a tiny serving. Therefore, all it contains is:

8g carbs
7g fat
320mg salt
1g saturated fat
140 calories
10g protein

Once again, these figures are applicable for one extra crispy chicken tender.


Although they aren’t among the healthiest options, KFC offers quick, portable chicken sandwiches. However, KFC’s sandwich selections are some of the menu items with the highest carb counts since they combine bread with already breaded and fried chicken.

Chicken Little

The KFC Chicken Little sandwich contains:

620 mg of sodium
300 calories
27g of carbohydrates
5g of saturated fat
15g of fat
14g of protein

Choose the Extra Crispy variation to keep calories and sodium low rather than the buffalo, BBQ, or Nashville hot varieties.

Sandwich with Spicy Chicken

Compared to the healthier alternative, this one contains:

6g sugar
650 calories
49g carbohydrate
5g saturated fat
34g protein
35g fat
1,260mg sodium

To reduce the sodium in your dinner by roughly 900mg, choose traditional over spicy.

KFC Allergen Menu Offers Healthier Alternatives for Favorite Meals

Final Thoughts

KFC’s “finger-lickin’ delicious” fried chicken is a fast food favorite worldwide. However, the chain’s menu can be challenging to navigate if you’re on a particular diet or have food sensitivities. Moreover, keeping track of nutrition and amounts can be challenging when eating meals high in calories, fat, and sodium and delivered in excessive quantities.

You can prepare your order in advance by looking at the KFC allergen menu online and utilizing the nutrition calculator provided by KFC. Additionally, you can order healthier options at KFC if you choose grilled chicken over fried chicken and stick to simple salads over high-fat, high-carb sides.

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