How to Choose the Best Organic Formula For My Little One

How to Choose the Best Organic Formula For My Little One

Choosing the best organic formula for your little one seems like a challenging task but honestly, you can do that with a little bit of research. Organic formulas are great for babies as it is absolutely safe and great for babies’ health as well. Great alternative for breast milk and also good on its own terms. Let’s now discuss how to choose the best organic formula for your little one.

So let’s get into it without blabbering much, and let’s take a look at 10 tips to keep in mind while choosing the best product for your baby.

10 Hands-on Tips to Remember

Now let’s a look at some tips that you need to keep in mind while purchasing the best organic formula for your little one.

  1.     The Protein Source

The first and foremost thing is to choose a product by looking at the Protein Source of the formula. Most sources are soy or cow milk-based. Most come in cow milk-based. As you might already cow milk comes in two variants. One is casein, and one is whey. I suggest you take the whey version, and it’s more beneficial if it contains extra whey.

  1.     The Carbohydrate Source

The next hunt is for the Carbohydrate Source. Well, this topic right here is very important and subjective. If your baby has gas problems, then you need to take a low lactose contain. Well, carbohydrate is present in the form of lactose in breast milk, so similarly, you need to hunt for low lactose content if your baby has difficulty in breaking down lactose. Some of the Carbohydrate forms are corn syrup, sugar, sucrose, brown rice syrup etc. Hipp pre combiotik is a great choice as this milk is really good and a good alternative for breast milk.

  1.     The Fat Source

Fat is one of the major ingredients and, indeed, the last ingredient that we will be talking about. The common fat source that these companies use is Vegetable oil. Some brands do use palm oil, and I know some people are quite sceptical about palm oil, you can check the ingredient list and skip palm oil and take the one which includes Vegetable oil instead.

  1.     DHA – ARA
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Some formulas may contain traces of DHA and RHA in their product. Now, what are DHA and ARA you may ask! These are extracted sources of fatty acids. Basically, non-hexane was extracted.

  1.     You need to switch formula if your baby has constipation

If your baby suffers from constipation, then you need to switch your formula that doesn’t have Palm oil in it. Palm oil is the main source of constipation, so you need to change your product.

  1.     How to know which formula is best for your baby?

Honestly, this question is tough to answer. Every baby comes with their own body, and digestive system and also each baby is different. You cannot compare one with the other. But if you are concerned about this fact, then consult a paediatrician and talk about this matter as you need to know while you decide to switch formulas.

  1.     Allergy

You need to know if your baby is allergic to any ingredients or not. This will ensure you to research well before buying a formula or switching formulas. A baby’s body is much more sensitive so make sure not to experiment stuffs on him/her.

  1.     Time it takes to adjust a formula

Well, it generally takes 4-5 days for a baby to fit in a formula. It may take less time like 2-3 days as well. Again depends solely and varies from baby to baby. So give some time to him/her adjust to the formula.

  1.     Check the expiry date before purchasing

Before purchasing any formula, make sure you check the expiry date as you shouldn’t compromise your baby’s health. Check the date and then purchase the product. Ditch the products that have already expired.

  1. Consult a pediatrician
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Please consult a paediatrician before buying formulas for the first time or before switching formulas as well.

Benefits of Organic Formula

There are certain benefits of Organic Formula that I want to discuss here. A lot of people actually don’t know much about these, so for them, organic formulas are safer and comparatively healthier options than non-organic formulas. It is also a much safer alternative to breast milk.

The key benefits of Organic Formula are it is made with natural decomposed fertilizers and doesn’t have harmful pesticides in it, which is considered a toxin for infants. This is the most common and essential benefit of organic formula.

There are tons of brand that produces and delivers trusted formulas in the market. You need to carefully check the ingredient list and the websites to make sure that it is not making false claims anywhere. Check the reviews and also the background of the brand.

How to know that a certain formula doesn’t agree with your baby

There are signs that you need to look for to know when a certain formula doesn’t agree with your baby’s body.

  • If you notice that your baby is spitting up excessively. This is a sign that ensures that your baby cannot break down the formula and his/her body cannot take it.
  • Diarrhea or constipation are both a sign that the formula isn’t agreeing.
  • symptoms that seem allergic. Your baby can get allergic to certain ingredients, and in that case, you need to STOP feeding him/her this solution.
  • your baby isn’t gaining much weight and looks frail is also a sign that this food isn’t suitable for your baby.
  • she/he is throwing up the whole thing right after you feed. That’s a sign that their body cannot adjust to this.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this composition was informative, and it was helpful. Make sure you read this article thoroughly and then decide. Comment down below if you have any queries and till the next time, take care and stay safe.

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