How to Cook Enoki Mushrooms for Ramen

How to Cook Enoki Mushrooms for Ramen

Whether you know how to cook enoki mushrooms for ramen or not, you must read what this article says. Perhaps you already know enoki mushrooms. But that is not enough. Today in this article, you will read about how to cook enoki mushrooms for ramen. But we have also tried to cover that part where you will find the procedures of cooking enoki mushrooms.

We understand that you are eager to read about the recipes and the cooking process. But before going into that, we must talk about some essential details. We don’t know for sure if you have heard about enoki mushrooms or not. So we have decided to give you a proper introduction.

Some details about enoki mushrooms are written just for you in the following. Go through that once, and you will learn a thing or two. So without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

What are enoki mushrooms

We all love mushrooms. Enoki mushrooms are one of the best kinds of mushrooms available globally. This is why you need to taste it once in a while.

Enoki mushrooms are not like the other mushrooms. If you are not looking carefully, you may misjudge them as some noodles.

Enoki mushrooms are easily available around you, as you read previously. But you will see them more often if you are in Asia. That’s because they are actually from Japan.

In Japan, the enoki mushrooms are called enokitake. Lily mushrooms, a popular term in Chinese cuisine, are enoki mushrooms.

These kinds of mushrooms have their importance in Vietnamese and Korean cooking too. We get them from the Chinese hackberry, Ash, mulberry, and Persimmon trees.

What makes enoki mushrooms different?

But why are enoki mushrooms different from the other mushrooms? Here are the reasons.

Enoki mushrooms have a specialty in their aroma, which makes them different. These mushrooms smell like fruits, but the scent is not that intense.

You can easily identify them by their pure white appearance. You have to be careful while purchasing from the markets.

But why should you pick enoki mushrooms? Do they have an extraordinary ability?

We must say that enoki mushrooms have some nutritional value for your diet.

They contain a certain amount of antioxidants as well as dietary fiber. Different types of vitamins such as vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5 are also available in the enoki mushrooms.

If you need iron in your body, enoki mushrooms should cover that part. Amino acids, phosphorus, and copper can also be found inside the enoki mushrooms.

They also help lose belly fat which is a very difficult task these days. Enoki mushrooms can also be a replacement for meat. Enoki rice is also a thing in Japan, and that recipe is quite famous there.

How to Cook Enoki Mushrooms for Ramen

How to Cook Enoki Mushrooms for Ramen

Now that we properly introduced you to the enoki mushrooms, it’s time to talk about how to cook enoki mushrooms for ramen.

We have presented a new recipe that you have to check out in the following. The dish is mouthwatering, and in case you miss that, don’t say that we didn’t warn you!

Beef and Ramen Noodles Soup with Enoki Mushrooms

The recipe we are about to teach you is originally Japanese. But the cooking method is Chinese, to be specific. This dish is perfect for dinner, and we recommend you try it without further ado.

The ingredients you need for this recipe

First of all, you need some good quality enoki mushrooms and of course ramen noodles. Then it would help if you had flank steak, scallions, Hoisin sauce, soy sauce, choy sum, garlic, ginger, beef Demi-glace, and white miso paste.

The cooking method

Take a big vessel and put some water into it. Let it come to a boil. Now it’s time to cut the soy chum properly. The stems need to be tiny ones, but you have to cut the leaves into moderate sizes.

Chop the onions and garlic cloves. Now shred the scallions, and lastly, prepare the enoki mushrooms so that the cooking part goes smoothly.

Drizzle some pepper powder and salt on the flank steak. Then take a moderately-sized vessel and pour some olive oil into it. When the oil is heated enough, put the steaks into it and prepare them for three to four minutes.

Now that the steak is prepared, put them into a dish. Let it be for at least five minutes. You can also cover the dish with aluminum foil.

Now that the extra melted fat is already in that big vessel pour some olive oil and heat it. Then put the scallion whites, garlic, ginger and prepare them for a minute or so. Include the soy chum along with salt and pepper.

When you see that the soy chum is getting tender, it is unnecessary to prepare them further.

Now it’s time to turn the heat up and include beef Demi-glace, enoki mushrooms, soy sauce, miso paste, and water.

This whole thing will start boiling. Then it would help if you decreased the heat and sim the stove. Cook it for five minutes, and the aroma will be nice.

Now comes the important part: you have to do the slicing of flank steak. It would help if you did it while the main soup was being prepared.

Do the slicing properly and include the juice in the main soup. This will enhance the overall taste.

Then place the slices into a tiny vessel and coat with Hoisin sauce.

Now you need to prepare the ramen noodles. Boil the noodles for a minute or two and eliminate the remaining water. Then put them into the main soup and turn off the stove.

Put the noodles into one pot and soup into another. Place the steaks on the surface of the two pots. Do some garnishing if you wish with the scallion greens.

Now your Beef Ramen Noodles Soup with Enoki mushrooms is ready.

Though the main discussion is about how to cook enoki mushrooms for ramen, we must look at some other aspects.

In the next few sections, we will talk about cooking enoki mushrooms. But we have to leave the ramen part for now.

Don’t go anywhere. Stay with us to get more new recipes.

How to Cook Enoki Mushrooms for Ramen

How long to cook enoki mushrooms

This article is about how to cook enoki mushrooms for ramen. But in this section, you will get to know how long to cook enoki mushrooms using different methods.

As you already saw, the enoki mushrooms are different from the others. They have plenty of nutrients and vitamins.

Various kinds of recipes you can prepare with these enoki mushrooms. There is absolutely no doubt about it.

But still, before getting into the cooking part, you must know about the timing. In the following, we have written about that in detail. Check this out before you enter the kitchen.

The most amazing thing about enoki mushrooms is that they don’t make you wait for too long. You don’t need to spend too much time preparing these mushrooms. This is why people are choosing this kind of mushroom over others these days.

Now, you can prepare Enoki mushrooms on a stove, microwave, or in oven. But before that, check out how much time you will need for that.

How long to cook enoki mushrooms using an oven

If you decide to bake the enoki mushrooms in an oven, you have to read this. We are telling you what you need to do.

Dip the mushrooms into a sauce. You can choose whichever sauce you normally prefer. Now wrap them with aluminum foil and place them into the oven.

Bake the foil-wrapped mushrooms for about fifteen minutes. Set the temperature to 400 degrees. Your baked Enoki mushrooms are ready to relish.

How long to cook enoki mushrooms while stir-fry ing

When you are frying other vegetables, including the enoki mushrooms at the very last moment. They need two to three minutes tops to fry well. Then you can coat them with a sauce according to choice.

How long to cook enoki mushrooms using a microwave

For the microwaving part, you need to wash the enoki mushrooms properly. Also, it would help if you cut them.

Then transfer the enoki mushrooms to a pot that is suitable for microwaving. Get the pit covered with a lid and do the microwaving for a minute or two. Then do the seasoning and enjoy.

How long to saute Enoki mushrooms

Place a frying pan into the oven and put some vegetable oil into the pan. Let it heat for a minute, and then include the enoki mushrooms. Stir the mushrooms for two to three minutes, and they are ready in no time!

So you saw that enoki mushrooms take very little time to cook. So don’t wait anymore. Start cooking!

How to cook enoki mushrooms for soup

We have already taught you how to cook enoki mushrooms for ramen. But Enoki mushroom recipes don’t end with ramen. You have to know the proper ways to cook them.

This particular section is about how to cook enoki mushrooms for soup. Soups are all-time winners. There is always time to enjoy a bowl of hot soup.

Below we have written two delicious enoki mushrooms soup recipes which you must try at least once.

Here’s the first recipe for you.

Chinese Enoki Mushroom Soup

The ingredients you need for this recipe

Some good quality enoki mushrooms will do good for the cooking. Along with these, you need chopped garlic, ketchup, very little sesame oil, Thai chili pepper, cooking oil, salt, coriander, and water.

The cooking method

Prepare the enoki mushrooms by trimming them and therefore cleaning them properly. Take a frying pan normally seen in Chinese cuisine and pour some cooking oil. Then include garlic and cook it until you smell a fine scent.

Now include ketchup and continue frying. Add water and let the whole thing come to a boil. Then include the enoki mushrooms and cook them for a minute.

Now that the cooking procedure is done, it’s time to garnish. Drizzle some coriander leaves along with sesame oil, and your Chinese Enoki Mushroom Soup is ready.

Now it’s time that we teach you another recipe about enoki mushroom soup. Read below to find out what the recipe is.

How to Cook Enoki Mushrooms for Ramen

Enoki Mushroom Soup with Vegetables and Bok Choy

The ingredients you need for this recipe

For this particular soup recipe, you need precooked stock, packaged enoki mushrooms, ginger, green onion, brown mushrooms, sliced baby bok choy, carrots, radishes, sea salt, lime, tamari, and snap peas.

The cooking instruction

For starters, take a big vessel and fill it with stock, onions, ginger, salt, carrots, and brown mushrooms. When it starts boiling, cook it for five minutes.

Add enoki mushrooms, snap peas, radishes, and bok choy into the vessel. Whip the whole thing, and within a minute, the vegetables will start cooking. Include tamari and lime juice.

Whip these ingredients together and when the cooking process is done, transfer the entire soup into small pots. Drizzle some sesame seeds and sprouts for garnishing.

We hope that you will love these two enoki mushrooms soup recipes. First, you learned how to cook enoki mushrooms for ramen. Then we told you about the soup recipes.

But we must say that only reading about how to cook enoki mushrooms for ramen is not enough. It would help if you cooked it yourself to know what they taste like.

What we can do is to encourage you to get into the kitchen. We can also provide you with several mouthwatering recipes. But the rest is entirely up to you!

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