Chicken coating – the basis of crispy nuggets. Check which one to choose

Chicken coating – the basis of crispy nuggets. Check which one to choose

Coating for chicken is essential when you plan to prepare golden and crunchy nuggets. How to prepare it? Should you use cornflakes? Or is it better to dip the chicken in pancake batter? What is the proven way to make super crispy chicken pieces? Check it out and prepare crispy breaded chicken for a dinner.

Chicken coating – the key to culinary success

The recipe for nuggets seems extremely simple. Cut the chicken breast fillets into small, even pieces. Marinate in a mixture of spices. Add half a teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper, half a teaspoon of granulated garlic. Add a teaspoon of sweet paprika and two tablespoons of natural yogurt. Coat and deep fry. Voila!

Seemingly simple, yet the effect does not resemble golden, frayed pieces of chicken from a KFC commercial? Although the way to prepare this popular snack is not too long and bumpy, there are a few places on it where you can easily stumble. One of them is choosing the right fried chicken coating.

Different chicken coating mix

Coated chicken is enjoyed by everyone, all over the world. The crispy, fried chicken coating mix coating for nuggets has fans among adults, teens and children. Poultry dishes are popular both among those who watch their weight and those who like to eat quickly and tasty. As many cooks, as many recipes for chicken in fried chicken coating mix.

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Chicken Pieces in Classic Chicken Coating

The most classic chicken coating is based on breadcrumbs, wheat flour and egg. Salt and pepper are also added, of course. The pieces of meat are fried in fresh oil, and after frying the chicken is best drained off on a paper towel. Frying time is about 4-6 minutes depending on the size of the chicken pieces. The chicken pieces are golden, but still lack that characteristic jagged texture. We often wonder what to do to get that effect? A great idea is cornflakes.

Recipe for nuggets like from advertising

The cornflake fried chicken coating is very crunchy and similar in appearance to the coating on nuggets served at KFC restaurants. The recipe is easy to follow and the preparation time is very short. You can easily make the coating yourself at home.

The secret of home-made fried chicken coating

Ingredients: half a cup of wheat flour, a tablespoon of potato flour, a teaspoon of salt, chilli, half a cup of milk, two cups of cornflakes, ground in a food processor.

The breaded chicken can be baked in the oven, at high temperature. It is important to put it in the oven preheated to 200 degrees Celsius and turn it to the other side during baking. This gives the chicken a golden color and a deliciously crispy coating on each side.

Ready coating and crispy chicken

Crispy home-made breadcrumbs are a great solution when you want to prepare juicy chicken at home, in the comfort of your own kitchen. But when you run a catering business and chicken dishes reign supreme in its menu, you need professional solutions – dedicated to catering.

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On the market you will find ready mixes for marinating and coating chicken. Thanks to them your breaded chicken will always taste and look the same good. Prepared seasoning mixes provide the meat with aroma, flavor, and the breaded coat with golden appearance.

Crunchy coating for nuggets

Coating for gastronomy is perfectly crunchy and it adheres well to meat. It is convenient to use because it does not require any additional ingredients other than the ready mix and water. You will not even need salt, pepper and flour! The coating does not contain corn flakes.

It is a composition of several ingredients which, thanks to proper preparation of the meat for frying, will give the coating the desired crispiness. It is worth following the instructions. Thanks to this the breaded chicken will be perfect. It is extremely simple and delicious solution.

Coated chicken breasts – a favorite take-away dish

Especially since chicken dishes are very popular and great for take-out. Crispy-coated chicken pieces can become the basis on which you can build an entire, varied menu.

Juicy chicken in several variations

The golden coated chicken pieces go well with French fries, bread, and tortillas. You can serve the juicy chicken in a bucket with your favorite sauce, add it to salads, or create a delicious burger or wrap. Any dish with crispy breaded chicken in the lead role will be tasty and nutritious.

Whether you fancy a light snack or a hot lunch, breaded chicken is always the right choice. Your customers are sure to feel the same way. So find the perfect gastronomic coating, serve chicken dishes and enjoy a prosperous business.

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