How Long Can Chicken Stay in the Fridge

How Long Can Chicken Stay in the Fridge

Chicken is such an innocuous part of most people’s diets that it is surprising how taken for granted we take it as a food item. Chicken has been a part of our diet for many centuries. Meat recipes are some of the most readily available items on a menu. It is also tremendously commercially viable. So, you might wonder how long chicken can stay in the fridge?

It depends on various factors. Freshly cut chicken can last between 2-3 days in the refrigerator, while cooked chicken can last between 4-5 days. Pre-packaged chicken has reduced longevity in the fridge, and it is better to use them up as soon as possible.

Chicken is a versatile item that is rich in nutrients and proteins. It also has many ways to cook chicken, ranging from hassle-free to complicated. Different types of chicken can last in the fridge for various amounts.

Chicken as a part of recipes

Chicken is a variation of junglefowl that humans domesticated many centuries ago. They are the most common type of poultry you can find. The chicken was originally native to South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Initially, people did not keep the chicken for food but for entertainment. Around the Hellenistic period, chickens were considered for their meat and eggs. Now, chickens are raised predominantly as a food source.

An interesting fact about chickens is that there are more chickens than any birds on earth. These fluffy and often colorful birds have a rich mythological and folklore presence across many cultures.

Chickens are omnivores and can live up to over ten years in the wild. You can also keep chickens as your feathery pets. In the wild, chickens are capable of short-distance flight. In domesticity, they have mostly lost that ability but can still manage a sort of flight-lunges.

Chickens are social creatures and prefer to stay in flocks. They communally incubate eggs, and there is a pecking system of hierarchy between a group of chickens. A male chicken is called a rooster, and a female hen is called a hen.


Mostly, domesticated chickens are farmed in factory farms, where they are raised and bred for consumption. Around 50 billion chickens are farmed for their meat and eggs worldwide annually. There is another method of raising chickens. That technique is called free-range farming.

There are some frictions regarding the way chickens are farmed and slaughtered. Ethical concerns about intensive chicken farming have caused some changes in how they are raised and kept.

It is also argued that such large-scale farming of chickens causes environmental harm, and the methods used are inhumane.

Broilers are poultry that is commonly farmed for their meat. They do not have a long life expectancy and are only around for 5-6 years. These chickens attain the size for slaughter around six weeks.

Layer hens are chickens that are farmed for their eggs. Hens usually lose their ability to produce eggs around a year.

How long can chicken stay in the fridge?

You have found your answer if you want to know how long chicken can stay in the fridge. Raw chicken remains fresh for 2-3 days. Please clean the chicken properly.

Keep the chopped chicken in a clean container and refrigerate it as soon as possible. Spoiled meat has an unmistakable stench, and it will be slightly discolored. It would help if you did not keep any meat ridge for a prolonged period.

Even though it is true that the cold can prevent the growth of bacteria, it does not stop it altogether. Any food exposed to surrounding or air is susceptible to bacterial growth.

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So it is wise only to take the required portions and cook them as soon as possible. How long can chicken stay in the fridge? Not for many days, and it is best to cook it within a couple of days.

How Long Can Chicken Stay in the Fridge

How long can cooked chicken stay in the fridge

Cooked chicken can stay in the fridge for up to two days without becoming stale or spoiled. It is good that you cook the meat as soon as you purchase it from the market.

Cooking adds other ingredients like vegetables or sauces, which accelerates the chance of the food getting spoiled.

There is a high likelihood of food spoiling because of bacterial spread. Leftovers are a great way of helping yourself and avoiding wastage. But the practice is not very healthy.

This is why you don’t refrigerate your food for a long time. You must cook only the portions you know you can eat without leaving any leftovers.

You can eat a chicken leftover in your fridge for a day or two. Two days is pushing it, but you can consume it.

But after more than a few days, the leftover is no longer safe for consumption. Related to this is the question of how long chicken can stay in the fridge. Chicken is suitable for a couple of days.

How long can thawed chicken stay in the fridge

 Frozen chicken is called thawed chicken. You can also melt chicken at home.

You can put the clean raw chicken into the freezer instead of the fridge. Thawed chicken takes a lot of time to unfreeze completely. It can take up to a day for it to happen correctly.

But after you dethaw it, you need to consume the chicken within the same day or the next. So, thawed chicken can stay in the fridge for the fridge maximum, but it is wise to finish it sooner.

How long can uncooked chicken stay in the fridge?

Raw chicken can stay in the fridge for approximately 3-4 days. If the meat is packaged or frozen, you must consume it within a day or two.

Cooked dishes are ideal because bacteria prefer warm and moist conditions to spread. So, chicken has the very best shelf time. If you are refrigerating the chicken, ensure it is appropriately cleaned beforehand.

Chicken Preparations 

Chickens are a prevalent poultry item. You can boil, fry, bake, grill, and barbeque chicken meat.

Chicken is also a good source of protein and is a better option than red meat. This is low on cholesterol and fats. You can consume almost all chicken in many dishes across different regions. Chickens also have many by-products that are equally versatile as meat. How long can chicken stay in the fridge after cooking? Almost two days.

You can cook chicken using various techniques. Stir-frying, pan-frying, baking, and grilling are some of the best ways to eat a hearty chicken dish.


Chicken is one of the most uncomplicated ingredients, and there are so many ways you can prepare it. Chicken tastes great in soups, curries, rice, snacks, and the main course. Here are some beautiful ways to prepare chicken for yourself or others to enjoy and savor.


To pan-fry chicken, use chicken breast, thigh fillets, or tenderloins. Cut them into small or medium pieces. Boneless chicken pieces are the best for this recipe. You will need a frying pan; heat it with oil or a dash of butter.

Place the marinated pieces of chicken and fry them until golden brown. You can add any sauce that floats your boat. Sprinkle some green veggies, green onion, shallots, and herbs; add salt and pepper to taste and mix them well.

 Cook them until the gravy thickens and dries up a little. There are many variations of pan-frying chicken with different spices and additional ingredients. But pan-fried chicken, no matter its iterations, tastes lovely!

How long can chicken stay in the fridge after preparing a pan-fry? A day or two at most. So enjoy it while it is fresh and hot!

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For making stir-fries, it is best to use breast or thigh fillets. The pieces must be in clean thin slices so the frying process is easy and the flesh is crisp. It would help if you had a wok for this dish.

Heat the wok with oil until smoke comes out, add the pieces into the oil and fry until brown. Reduce the heat and let the meat cook slowly over the flames. This will tender the flesh underneath the surface while the outer portion remains crisp.

You can marinate the chicken beforehand with spices or vinegar and salt. You can also use veggies along with the chicken to make the meal more wholesome. There are many variations of stir-frying chicken.


Roasting and baking require you to use similar techniques. Whole chicken, drumsticks, chicken breasts, and thigh cutlets are some of your best pieces. Cooking chicken with the bones will add a juicy and more potent flavor to the food.

The methods and ingredients you can use for roasting or baking chicken will differ from recipe to recipe. Roasts are good finger food, and baking or roasting whole chicken is perfect for a large gathering or festive occasion. How long can chicken stay in the fridge after roasting? A day or two at most.

Chicken Recipes

One can enjoy chicken recipes on any occasion and anytime. If you are into rich and spicy food, there are spicy chicken recipes suitable for your palette.

How long can chicken stay in the fridge before getting spoiled? A couple of days at most.

Do you like something simple and wholesome, preferably with less oil? There are mouth-watering soups, stew, and soups. There is something for everyone when it comes to cooking with chicken.

Creamy Chicken

This stew is easy to make, delicious has veggies, and is the most heart-warming meal for a family meal!

It would be best if you had two leeks, some olive oil, butter, cream, peas, chicken stock, and chicken thighs. To make the food, you will fry the leeks in a buttered pan until they are soft. Then fry the chicken thighs in butter until golden brown and add the leeks.

Pour the stock and let it simmer for half an hour. Add salt to taste. Then add the cream and peas and let it cook for another 20 minutes. You can add some fresh thymes such as garnish and parmesan cheese if you like. Serve the food hot with soft garlic bread.

Chicken Curry

There are many variations of chicken curry that vary according to the region. Some of the famous ones are Indian, Chinese, and Thai curries. This recipe is a Chinese variation of chicken curry.

You will need two chicken breasts, cornflour, onion, garlic, turmeric powder, curry powder, ginger, vegetable oil, soy sauce, chicken stock, peas, and rice cooked separately. Season the chicken with salt and pepper and dip them properly in the cornflour.

Take a pan and pour some oil. Cut the onions into thin pieces and fry them until they soften for five minutes. Then add crushed garlic, ginger, half a tablespoon of turmeric, and one tablespoon of curry powder and mix them well.

Add the stock and a pinch of sugar. Add some salt and stir until the gravy thickens. Cook for 15 minutes and add soy sauce. Then fry the chicken pieces in oil until they are golden brown on every side for 10-15 minutes on medium heat. Add the fried pieces into the gravy and stir for 5 minutes. Serve with some garnishing. How long can chicken stay in the fridge? You can keep it for a day or two.

How Long Can Chicken Stay in the Fridge

Final Thoughts

Chicken is a great food item that is easy to make, delicious, and readily available at the market. There are thousands of recipes with variations across regions.

You can never go wrong when making chicken. At the same time, there is something you must know about the ethical consumption of meat. Please source your chicken from local and trusted farmers who raise and process chicken ethically and humanely.

It would help if you consumed responsibly. Enjoy the delicious dishes mentioned and make your day a happy one!

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