Everything You Need To Know About Brow Lift Treatment

Everything You Need To Know About Brow Lift Treatment

Do you want to get your brow lift or forehead rejuvenation done? Do you know brow lift treatment is a cosmetic procedure done to raise your brow? Mainly, people get their brow lift treatment done to improve the appearance of the forehead and the area around the eyes lifted, but it involves raising the soft tissues, the skin of the forehead, and brow. In this article, I will explain how these procedures are done, the brow lift procedure types, and other essential points about this cosmetic procedure. Hence, read this article carefully if you try to do something with your eyebrows.

Why Do You Need Brow Lift Treatment?

Some people get brow lift done alone, but many try them with facial procedures like eyelid surgery, facelift, or other cosmetic surgery. 

The main reason to get a brow lift is ageing because it makes the brow down, and when it happens, your soft issues around the brows lose their elasticity, which leads the distance between eyebrows and eyelashes to shorten. 

People don’t like the lower position and eyebrows because it looks tired, sad, or angry. Hence when a brow lift is done, it restores the beauty, refreshes the looks, and gives a pleasuring appearance. Simple saying that if you have low or sagging eyebrows, you can try brow lift treatment and get it done.

The Types Of Eyebrows Lift Treatment:

If you undergo any of the following two types of forehead lift treatment, it will correct the Sagging in the skin around the upper eyelids, forehead, and eyebrows. You can also prefer it with other facial treatments.

The Classic Lift:

In this treatment, the surgery will make one continuous cut, starting from the ears levels and ending at the hairline. However, it depends on the hairline, and experts will ensure there won’t be any post-surgery scars visible.

The Endoscopic Lift:

It is not a continuous cut process, but this treatment involves small cuts on your scalp. The surgeon will insert a scope having a camera at the end. The surgeon also inserts another device from other cuts to make some changes to and lift the brows. The surgeon has small anchors that protect your soft tissues. Hence, this procedure is less invasive, and you don’t have to spend a long recovery time. 

Preparing For Brows Lift:

When you think you need to undergo eyebrow lift treatment, you can start talking to a plastic surgeon or someone expert in brows lifting. Get your first visit with the surgeon done and let them know your problems. I’m sure the surgeon will check the following.

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Medical History:

It would be best if you answered all the questions asked by a surgeon based on your current and past medical conditions. Also, let them know if you are suffering from any health issues or medications that you are regularly taking. Some patients might have undergone other surgeries, and if it is the case, tell your surgeon. Some patients have allergies to some medicines or food, and they must tell their surgeon. 


The surgeon will prefer a physical test to know the best treatment for your cosmetic treatment. Also, the surgeon needs to know and measure the parts of your face and the distance you have while opening and closing the eyes. 

The Expectations:

What you can expect after the eyebrows lift treatment will be the focal point of the surgeon. They will explain how the results occur and what else could happen. It would help if you talked to t your surgeon about the risks and benefits of the surgical treatment.

Brow Lift Treatment

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You Need To Do The Following:

Before undergoing the brows lift treatment, you must stop smoking for a few days because smoking causes the reduced blood flow in your skin, leading to a slow healing process. Hence, if you are addicted to smoking, tell your doctor, and they will suggest avoiding it till recovery.

Additionally, you must stop taking medications that can cause issues with the surgery, including anti-inflammatory drugs, Herbal Supplements, aspirin, and other medications like blood thinning. 

Take help from people others because you can’t drive yourself home. So, have someone that can take you home, but you must spend the first night at the hospital and get discharged on the second day, after a little recovery.

Things To Expect:

You will get treated in the hospital or a surgical facility, and the surgeon will use topical anaesthesia to make you comfortable for the treatment. Of course, you will be unconscious throughout the treatment.

Do not forget that the type of treatment varies, depending upon the results you need and your body’s response. Additionally, the exact locations of the small or single incision will depend upon the type of the treatment, but it also determines the possibility of scars. 

How Does The Surgeon Choose The Treatment?

If the surgeon thinks your body will better adjust to the small incisions, and if a perfect result is achievable, they will choose to treat your eyebrows with an endoscopic brow lift. It includes several small cuts made around the area that needs treatment, and you don’t need many days to recover.

The doctors also insert the treatment instrument through another cut to make corrections. Once the treatment is done, the surgeon will make some stitches to close the incisions.

If your surgeon thinks your face needs one single yet long cut that can give better results, they will prefer it. After cutting, the surgeon relocates the forehead and will close it with the stitches. The doctor removes the overlapping scalp in this treatment, and they sew with the stitches.

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This treatment suits well people with high hairlines. 

The surgeon sometimes uses hairline brow lift treatment and cuts the hairline’s starting point and the top point of the forehead.

What After The Procedure?

Once you have done the treatment, you will have a loosely wrapped forehead to ensure that the swelling is not much. Sometimes, surgeons use a small tube and insert it around the cuts to remove excess blood and fluids. 

Once the treatment is done, the surgeon will give you strict instructions to take care of your surgically treated part. It includes the following.

  • Take full rest and keep your head elevated. Also, take the medications as prescribed by your surgeon. 
  • Use cold compressions. It will reduce the swelling.
  • Do not expose your incisions. 
  • Avoid too much pressure and compression. 
  • Do not frequently touch on the treated part.

Healing Process Of Eyebrows:

While healing, you may experience some itching and numbness at the treated part. Of course, it will vanish in a few days. Depending on the recovery, the surgeon will remove the bandage within three days. Also, they will remove sutures within 10 days. 

What To Know?

You must know certain things from the doctor. For example, ask them by when you can rejoin your work. Also, drying the hair, washing the head, washing the face, and bathing also needs permission. So, you must know when it is possible to do all these again. 

If you have swelling, you can tell them about the time that heals the swelling. Mostly, the swelling may last up to several weeks, but it’s normal. So you don’t have to worry about it. 

Within a few months, you will see that the lines of cuts will fade, some patients use makeup to cover the rest of the visible lines, but it’s not needed lifelong. 

Brow Lift Treatment

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What Are The Risks Involved In Brows Lift Treatment?

You must know that any surgical treatment that includes incisions has some risks involved, and eyebrows lift treatment has some risks. Let’s discuss them.

  • You may see some scars or cuts.
  • Your skin sensation may change. 
  • You might have a temporary or permanent numbness around the brow lift area or forehead.
  • The brow position may have asymmetry, but it rarely happens. Either both the eyebrows appear too high. In some cases, it happens in the healing process
  • You might have a high hairline or have hair loss where the treatment has been done, but you can use hair grafting to treat it.
  • Of course, there are risks of bleeding, infection, and adverse effects of given anaesthesia.
  • The treatment takes up to one to two hours, and during that time, you must be given the proper dosage of anaesthesia. So, there are no chances of feeling pain while getting the surgery. 

Wrapping Up:

Did you understand how to get brow lift treatment done and what are the things to consider? We have discussed the types of eyebrows lift treatment, its possible results, risks, and the instructions. If you still have any questions about this cosmetic procedure, let us know. We will answer all your questions and solve your problems so that you can decide if you need this treatment or not. Share this article with others you want to educate about the eyebrows lift treatment, and share your opinions if you have undergone any of these treatments.

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