What is Gianduja? How to Find the Best Gianduja in India?

What is Gianduja? How to Find the Best Gianduja in India?

Gianduja, pronounced as (Jan-doo-yeah) is a famous Italian confectionary item from the Napoleon Era. It is a creation made from chocolate and at least 30% Hazelnut paste. Gianduja is so popular that you can often find it in many delicacies such as chocolate truffles, chocolate bar etc. Gianduja can be made with all kinds of chocolate like milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate and ruby chocolate.

Named after a beloved character in a play at the time, the story of how Gianduja came to be is quite fascinating! Here’s how it goes: In the 1860s while the Italian government tried to handle the new nation after the Napoleonic wars, they levied high import taxes on several goods, including cocoa beans. This created huge panic among chocolatiers, which then pushed chocolatier Pier Paul Caffarel to create new recipes and experiment with chocolate and many ingredients like Hazelnuts. And thus, Gianduja was born.

Fabelle Exquisite Chocolates is a luxury chocolate brand that brings Gianduja to India with a selection of delicious Gianduja creations made with the most premium chocolate sourced from Ghana. Fabelle Gianduja products are a modern take on the Italian delicacy, packed in elegant boxes that make indulgent gifts too. Here are a few Fabelle Gianduja creations you should try.

Fabelle Milk Gianduja

Fabelle Milk Gianduja is a nutty and delightful Gianduja creation made with fine Ghana chocolate and roasted Turkish Hazelnuts. This delight melts in your mouth to give you a nutty surprise with a dash of creamy milk chocolate. If you love milk chocolates and hazelnuts, then this is the perfect Gianduja creation for you to try.

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Fabelle Dark Milk Gianduja

As the name suggests, this decadent Gianduja creation is made with the enticing blend of dark chocolate and milk chocolate and roasted Turkish Hazelnut. Fabelle Dark Milk Gianduja uses the finest chocolate sourced from Ghana and offers a rich and exciting experience like no other. If you enjoy the intensity of dark chocolate along with a drizzle of sweetness and nuts, then this is a must-try for you.

Fabelle Ruby Gianduja

Made with the unique new Ruby chocolate, Fabelle Ruby Gianduja is a mix of creamy deliciousness and the nutty delight of roasted Hazelnuts from Turkey. Ruby chocolate is naturally pink chocolate that is one of the most premium ingredients in the world. The fruity flavour of ruby chocolate goes extremely well with the roasted richness of Turkish Hazelnuts to give your tastebuds a unique chocolate experience.

Fabelle Gianduja Trilogy

Fabelle Gianduja Trilogy is a luxurious assortment of all three Fabelle Gianduja types: Milk, Dark Milk and Ruby Gianduja. This chocolate box is the best to indulge in a variety of Gianduja types and enjoy. Perfect for gifting and sharing with loved ones, Fabelle Gianduja Trilogy is a great product to buy if you love the Italian confection.

Along with these fantastical delights, Fabelle also makes available two exhilarating desserts inspired by Gianduja: Fabelle Signature Gianduja Torte and Fabelle Signature Gianduja Torte.

Gianduja at home

If you enjoy baking and making sweet chocolatey treats at home, you can also try making Gianduja as a chocolate and hazelnut spread. This can be used on bread, cakes, and much more and make every moment wonderful. All you need is dark chocolate, hazelnut butter, sugar, vanilla extract, salt and 15 minutes to enjoy this delicious Italian creation at home too!

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