Where to Find Chemdog Strains in 2021

Where to Find Chemdog Strains in 2021

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“You really should get to know Chemdog.”

“OK, is Chemdog a strain or a guy?”


You’d be surprised how frequently this conversation occurs. One of the more amazing aspects of legal weed in Massachusetts is the duality of Chemdog. For those of you new to cannabis in the commonwealth, Chemdog is a strain and it’s also a person.

Chemdog, The Person

The person is none other than Greg Krzanowski, a longtime grower and cannabis enthusiast who somewhere along the line picked up the nickname “Chemdog.”

Chemdog, the human, first ran across the plant at a Grateful Dead concert in 1991 in Indiana. He was told it was from a strain called “Dogbud.” He fell in love with the flavor, brought more, and came back home to Massachusetts. He planted 13 seeds, one became Chem 91. Also known as Chemdog.

He later focused on cultivating and crossbreeding other Chem strains from the original plant as well as Smash Hits, coming up with all sorts of combos such as Chem D and Lemon Strain, Kushmints and Purple Chem Smalls.

Chemdog, The Strain

Chemdog OG is the Sativa-dominant hybrid strain he’s kept alive and cultivated for more than 30 years, including stashing the mother plant in closets, apartments, and other places as he moved around the country. He always made sure the plant survived federal drug raids, and has made a variety of clones of it.

If you’re specifically searching out Chemdog, the strain, get ready for a wonderful blend of flavors and a satisfying experience. The various Chemdog OG strains are known to have smooth, distinct aromas and give a boost of creativity. It genetically is believed to have OG Kush and Sour Diesel in its parentage.

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Where to Find Chemdog Strains in 2021

Today, Chemdog is an important part of the Massachusetts legal cannabis marketplace. His OG Chemdog strains are available exclusively at Canna Provisions dispensaries in Lee and Holyoke, as well as other strains he’s developed in the Smash Hits family. Nicknamed “The Father of Kind Bud,” Chemdog serves as Canna Provisions’ Director of Cultivation, happily offering advice to fellow growers entering the market as well as customers eager to learn more about this new legal commodity.

Canna Provisions Dispensary in Lee, MA

Shoppers seeking Chemdog and Smash Hits products can visit the Canna Provisions dispensary in Lee. The location is at 220 Housatonic Street, off of the Massachusetts Turnpike.

If you don’t know what type of cannabis you want or need, the dispensary’s budtenders will be happy to provide info for a strain for you based on what you want to experience.

Currently the store is open! When it gets too busy, such as on the weekends, customers are asked to wait outside or in their cars. They can place online orders and the Canna Provisions staff will bring them to your car.

Canna Provisions Dispensary in Holyoke, MA

Canna Provisions Holyoke can be found in the downtown area. It’s a 380 Dwight Street between the first and second level canal, by the Hadley Falls Company Housing District.

Shoppers can peruse a wide selection of Smash Hits strains and Chemdog strains in pre-rolls, flower, concentrate, and more.

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