What Makes A Truly Weekend Bag? Things You Should Know

What Makes A Truly Weekend Bag? Things You Should Know

Your weekender bag is something it says from the name. It helps you keep all the essential things at the weekend. Do you want to know what makes a truly weekend bag? You can have a weekender bag packed wisely to help you by providing all the required things that you may need at certain times. Therefore, in this article, I will help you understanding about weekender bag, its examples, things to know about the weekender bag, what makes a truly weekender bag, and how to pack it smartly. Thus, this guide tutorial will help you understanding everything about your weekend. 

What Is Meant By A Weekend Bag?

Your weekend bag is the right size of a weekend gateway to carry toiletries, clothes, and all essentials for a few days to make you enjoy your weekend. It must have a long and adjustable strap to carry-on at the crossbody, over the shoulder, or shorter handles for quick grabs. Your weekend bags must be soft and have a top zippered closure. If you fully unzip it, it must have a wide opening that is enough to give easy access to all your stored things. 

The Exact Definition Of Weekend Bag:

Here is the exact definition of your weekend bag. If you don’t travel light or if you like to go only long vacation, that means you might have never used a weekend bag. But the following examples or definitions will help you understand this type of bag.

A Few Examples Of Weekenders:

  • As I have said. Your weekender is aimed to last two or three days. They are unisex styling, and both men and women can use them. They come in various style options. 
  • They are not similar to duffel bags or rucksack bags, or athletic bags. Weekend bags size 1 ft. X 1 ft. X 2 ft. This dimension makes a good enough use as a carry-on if you want to keep it with you on a flight. It becomes your better luggage option for two to three days.
  • The body of your truly weekend bag is soft to let you pack as much as you can. It comes in a rectangular shape. You can carry these, like a briefcase or a shoulder strap.
  • Most weekenders are made up of leather, canvas, nylon, or a combination of some materials. They are highly durable and last for years. But if you use them roughly, they may not last long. 
  • These bags don’t have wheels. But if your weekender has wheels, it is not your truly weekender bag.
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Things You Should Know About Your Weekender Bags:

  • You can pack anything you want in it but do not pack much more things in weekenders. You can use it for light traveling and moderate weight.
  • Most weekend bags can be carry-on. But you need to keep in mind the cabin capacity of your selected airlines.
  • Your weekenders should be appropriate in size that you can carry with you on the flight. If it is too big, you can not keep it with you, and you have to put it with other luggage.

What Makes A Truly Weekend bag?

You have now understood that what is a weekend bag and what things you should consider about it. 

A truly weekender bag means that it should be good enough to give you a stylish look, enough space to carry essentials and have a smaller size. The following points make one of the better weekender bags.

  • It is durable and can meet all your demands of traveling.
  • It lasts long and doesn’t wear on the first few trips.
  • They include two carry handles and longer carrying straps, but you should be careful about the nylon handles. They may cramp your style if you keep heavyweight.
  • It will provide you a roomy interior and have one pocket smaller in size for smaller items. It doesn’t have many organizational compartments. 
  • A true weekender will be stylish, good-looking, and pretty cool, but if you carry too much weight, you may make it a supermarket bag.
  • Its material should be waterproof, and zippers should be strong enough to be used roughly.

Who Needs A Truly Weekender Bag?

When you like to travel unencumbered and are ready to do anything, a weekend bag can be beneficial. It’s larger than your backpack but smaller than your suitcase. Thus, it is ideal for a person going to enjoy the weekend. If you want to keep your bag with you on the flights, it is a better option. If you would like to have a roomy and oversized weekend bag, it is a better option to select.

How To Smartly Pack Your Truly Weekender Bag?

When you have a busy schedule, you might not have time to take a lengthy vacation. Right? Yes! That’s the reason most people choose a weekend to enjoy and relax. Weekends quickly come and gives you two to three days, but you can not spend more time packing your bags for a few days. But a truly weekend bag will help you quickly pack essentials for the weekends. Here are things you should consider to pack your weekender wisely.

  • The maximum number of shoes is three, but you can prefer formal shoes, flop or sandals, flat shoes, or comfortable shoes. You can also select boots for the cold weather. 
  • Similar to shoes, keep three pairs of underwear and socks.
  • Pack a maximum of four shirts for different temperatures and one light jacket or sweater.
  • Keep primary toiletries like floss, toothpaste, toothbrush, hairbrush, skincare products, or essential medication.
  • Pack two shorts or pants.
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A Detailed Explanation Of Things You Can Pack:

If you have still confused and don’t have ideas about what you can pack in your truly weekender bag, here I have explained it in detail. 

Your Devices & Gadgets:

 Nowadays, almost everyone who uses bags to travel has a smartphone, computer or tablet, or laptop. Additionally, one has smartwatches, cameras, and other tech devices. They are expensive and need to have a primary place in your weekender to keep them in front of your eyes. It’s essential because you would not like to see damaged or cracked devices when keeping them with luggage.

Essential Toiletries:

Though hotels give mini soaps, shampoos, conditioners, bottles, toilet papers, towels, but you can not guess what may be missing. Thus, you have to keep floss, hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, and essential toiletries.

Medicines & Skincare Products:

You should always keep medicines and skincare products with you whenever you are at weekends. Primary medication is essential to keep yourself protected. Thus, pack them with your luggage.

Shoes & Socks:

You require one pair of formal shoes, one pair of casual and comfortable shoes, and traveling shoes, each with their socks. Thus, at least or a maximum of three pairs of shoes and three pairs of socks are advisable.


If you plan to swim at weekends, you should pack on swimwear. No one forgets to keep innerwear and underwear. So, keep them ready too according to your comfort. Shirts, shorts, and pants are essential clothing. You must have multiple options according to the weather and temperature. Also, keep on a lightweight jacket ready.

Pro Tips To Wisely Pack Your Truly Weekender Bag:

You have now understood that what things you can carry with you. Now, I will share some pro tips to pack your weekend bag wisely. Here are the pro tips.

  • You may use one pouch for your lingerie while considering a romantic weekend. You may not like to expose these items while traveling. Thus, a cloth pouch is advisable.
  • Use foldable and reusable smaller bags to get truly convenient in your trip. You can use these items for your daytime while going to mountains or beaches.
  • You can use some small containers to keep your toiletries. It can separately keep your toiletries so that you can use them anytime.
  • Do not forget to roll up outfits together that you are about to wear together. It helps to avoid inconvenience and wastage of time. You can also make some pouches of different clothing.
  • Keep your shoes separate from all the things. You can use plastic grocery bags to keep all types of shoes. The reason is to avoid shoes damaging your essentials.
  • You can put your flat shoes in the deepest place of your bag. Your sandals, flip-flops, and shoes can be settled aside.
  • You can not forget to keep extra bags for your wet clothes. While jumping to your hotel rooms or sea, you don’t want to think about your wet clothes. Also, keep some sealing bags for your socks and underwear and decompress the air.

Final Thoughts:

Did you understand what makes a truly weekend bag? If you have never heard of weekend bags, I hope this article was informative and helpful to get information about weekenders. If you have understood how wisely you can use weekenders to make it your quite useful bag, let me know.

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