Substitute for Worcestershire Sauce and How to Make?

Substitute for Worcestershire Sauce and How to Make?

Bloody Mary dresses the best if adorned with Worcestershire sauce. Yes, that’s how grand the redness of Worcestershire sauce is. The pronunciation of this sauce might need a lot of confidence, but the amount of intensity it adds to whatever you are garnishing is beyond doubt. But, what to do if you run out of Worcestershire sauce and are still in dire need of it? You need not worry really, the list of substitute for Worcestershire sauce goes pretty long. Mind to have a look?

Worcestershire sauce and its origin

First, let’s know what this Worcestershire sauce is all about.

The sauce derives its name from Worcestershire in England, and chemists William Perrins and John Lea developed Worcestershire sauce. However, it has become a generic name presently, and several companies or retailers currently manufacture the sauce.


It’s not easy to identify the list of ingredients in this sauce by merely tasting it. No one can replace the omnipotence that vinegar has in this list. However, unfortunately, the sauce’s unique flavor isn’t the credit of vinegar; rather, that’s where tamarind intervenes. The version of Worcestershire sauce available in the USA has a list of ingredients as follows:

  • Anchovies
  • Garlic
  • White Vinegar( distilled)
  • onions
  • molasses
  • extract of chili pepper
  • cloves
  • Tamarind extracts
  • salt
  • sugar
  • water
  • Natural flavorings

However, the USA and the UK have different recipes. The American version is way sweeter and saltier than its UK and Canadian counterpart because the former uses at least three times more sodium and sugar.

substitute for Worcestershire sauce

How to make Worcestershire sauce?

If you run out of Worcestershire sauce and are not really ready for any substitute for it, you can even prepare it yourself at home.

Heat and sauté onions and olive oil in a pan. Add ginger, garlic, jalapenos, and tamarind paste to it. Continue cooking it over medium-low temperature for around five minutes.

Then add all other ingredients and boil it, then sim it while stirring it occasionally. Continue doing this for around five hours until the whole mixture thickens. Then put it in bottles and refrigerate it. Tada! You have your sauce ready.

What if you are not in a mood to remake the Worcestershire sauce only?

Also, did you know the health hazards that are associated with using Worcestershire sauce in its originality?

It has an excessive amount of amino acids and sodium. This can also lead to hypertension (high levels of blood pressure), renal calculi (blood coming out with urine), aminoaciduria (high levels of amino acid).

Substitute for Worcestershire sauce

But who stops you from having the pleasure of a similar delicious taste when you can recreate the taste of Worcestershire sauce with some new techniques.

You might actually try and make something new. Well, the taste won’t exactly be like Worcestershire sauce, but these will definitely win the race in the list of the substitute for Worcestershire sauce. Here is some Worcestershire sauce substitute recipe.

1. Balsamic Vinegar

The main component for making Worcestershire sauce is Balsamic Vinegar. This substitutes well for Worcestershire sauce.

Grape juice in its unfermented form is the main source of balsamic vinegar. This basically adds to the sauce’s intensity for unfermented grape is tart, tangy, acidic, sweet, and dark color.

Also, balsamic vinegar is good for health. It reduces high blood sugar, high blood pressure, acid reflux. It also reduces cholesterol levels.

If you want to use this vinegar as a substitute, mix an equal quantity of tamarind paste in balsamic vinegar. This will help thicken this mixture.

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2. Soy sauce

Many persons ask this question that can you substitute Worcestershire sauce for soy sauce? Well, the answer is a big yes. Soy sauce has a dark texture and a sweet flavor. You cannot give it to people who have high levels of blood pressure.

But it’s delicious to add this sauce to steaks, pies, or hamburgers. Add an equal quantity of Ketchup to it; you get a tangy tart flavor.

In fact, you can also use Worcestershire sauce as a replacement for soy sauce. But yes, you need to simplify the ingredients of Worcestershire sauce because soy sauce is way simpler than this.

3. Coconut aminos

If you are a vegetarian or not an ardent lover of fish, then go for coconut aminos as a substitute for Worcestershire sauce. This is a mix of fermented sea salt also coconut palm sap.

It’s absolutely gluten-free, free of soya, and made up of wheat. It’s normally used as dips or marinade. Also, for people on a low sodium food diet, this substitute is the best for you.

4. Fish sauce

Anchovies are another ingredient of Worcestershire sauce, and its fermented version is used mainly in fish sauce. However, it has more of a salty tinge than the sweetness of Worcestershire sauce. You can use equal amounts of fish sauce, tamarind concentrate, soy sauce, and half of rice vinegar and ketchup to get a similar taste to Worcestershire sauce.

4. Barbecue sauce

Worcestershire sauce loses the race in sweetness to barbecue sauce. You can marinate meat with this. Also, you can choose among various flavors, but the tangy and sweet flavors come closer to the Worcestershire taste.

Also, it’s a bit thicker than Worcestershire, and also its color texture is lighter. Store this in the refrigerator once you open the sauce.

5. Oyster sauce

It is less salty than Worcestershire sauce giving you the liberty to control the saltiness you want. Soy sauce, oyster juices caramelized make this sauce further thickened when you add corn starch. The sweetness and the umami flavor that it adds is mouth licking well.

6. Sherry vinegar

Made from mainly Sherry wine, as the origin suggests, it is way less spicy than what Worcestershire sauce is. But the flavor is similar to it.

How to make Worcestershire sauce by mixing ingredients?

You can try the mixture of two kinds of sauce from herein to get the desired taste of Worcestershire sauce.

1. Apple juice and soy sauce

These are best for garnishing. The type of food we see in the advertisements with rich colors and juices tingling over from the sides of the ice cream balls is the behind story of those desserts.

Add apple juice to soy sauce. Then add both of the two to dishes that have more flavor. Enjoy the sweetness, amigos.

2. Apple cider vinegar and hoisin sauce, and soy sauce

Hoisin sauce and soy sauce mixed in equal parts can give you a flavor similar to Worcestershire sauce. Apple cider vinegar helps in making the sauce thin.

3. Soy sauce, fish sauce, and brown sugar

Add half fish and half amount of soy sauce. Take a big lump of sugar and add to them. Mix everything well until the paste gets dissolved.

4. Water and anchovy paste

The easiest among all substitute for Worcestershire sauce is this recipe. Anchovies are already known as a great component of Worcestershire sauce. Add vinegar, olive oil, and sugar to anchovy fillets, and then add similar parts of water to get the exact Worcestershire taste.

5. Tamarind paste and red wine vinegar

Stir equal quantity of tamarind paste and red wine vinegar well. This tastes more sweet, tart, and tangy. So, use half of this paste.

6. Shaoxin cooking wine

The famous rice wine from China known by Shaoxin cooking wine tastes basically like dry sherry. Also, it is more salted. But it has an alcoholic flavor, so you would prefer to use it in all cooked dishes instead of on uncooked ones.

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7. Lemon juice and cranberry juice, and fish sauce

Even the name of the components sends a tangling watering sensation in the mouth. Add an equal quantity of all the components, and you can use it as a 1:1 substitute for the sauce made in Worcestershire.

8. A1 steak sauce

When mixed, Tomato puree, corn syrup, white vinegar, orange puree, raisin paste, and salt execute the same flavor as Worcestershire sauce.

SO, these are some of the equally delicious substitutes for Worcestershire sauce.

Most importantly, did you know the chemists actually gave up hope that they didn’t get the desired result after attempting to make Worcestershire sauce?

They had left the mixture in a jar. Only after many years it actually got the taste that they desired.

So, what lesson did we learn from here?

Never leave a recipe in the middle. Who can say you can be the next MasterChef in the country?

substitute for Worcestershire sauce

Vegan substitute for Worcestershire sauce

If you are a vegan, don’t worry, you too will not be deprived of the fantastic taste of Worcestershire sauce.

Normally, fish sauce or anchovies are an important constituent of Worcestershire sauce, for which Vegans have to discard the thought of using it. But, every law has a defect that you can use to your advantage. Worcestershire sauce is no exception.

Apple cider vinegar provides the salty and acidic taste of the Worcestershire sauce.

You can very well use the white distilled vinegar, but that’s up to the cook’s preference. You can even add soy sauce for a more salted texture. If you do not consume soy sauce, coconut aminos can very well replace it.

Obviously, you will need other components to make the sauce perfect. Pepper, mustard, onion, allspice, and garlic will give you the taste that you desire.

If you want to make the perfect Vegan Worcestershire sauce, then have the below constituents in the perfect amounts, and the sauce will pop up on your plate!

  • Half cup of soy sauce
  • one teaspoon of ground ginger
  • two cups containing apple cider vinegar
  • one minced clove garlic
  • half teaspoon ground black pepper
  • one-fourth teaspoon of paprika smoked.
  • one-fourth cup of brown sugar, light
  • one teaspoon of mustard powder
  • one teaspoon of onion powder
  • half teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • half teaspoon of nutmeg

Use a saucepan and put all of the components on it. Boil it. Keep the heat on the sim. Let it stay for twenty minutes or so. Then call all your vegan buddies and savor your foods with this delicious Worcestershire sauce without using any animal products.

Keto substitute for Worcestershire sauce

Diabetic patients have a great bar on food consumption. So, generally, they have a no-no for Worcestershire sauce. But if you are really into it, go for it.

The carbohydrate amount isn’t too far-fetched. Just remember to avoid the sugar in it and stay within the limits of permissible consumption.

Also, if your sugar levels are too high, then avoid the sweetness altogether. There also, you have a solution ready for yourself.

This keto-friendly recipe of Worcestershire sauce can be easily used in steaks and fried mushrooms. Also, you can use this to marinate your meat before cooking.

You can even add sweeteners to your prescribed limit if you want.

Garlic, paprika, and cinnamon are the main components of this version of the sauce. Cinnamon is a blood glucose regulator as well. So, if you do not have diabetes and still run high on the risk of getting any form of cardiovascular disease or type 2 diabetes, then cheer up friend, this recipe is made in heaven for you.

Prefer using fresh garlic to the powdered one. If you have high levels of blood pressure, garlic will help you out there. It even strengthens the immune system; hence, we were often forced to gulp down garlic paste in our childhoods.

Paprika has a high amount of antioxidants in it. They slow the process we fear the most; aging. Also, autoimmune diseases get a good check from paprika.

But, enough of health benefits of keto substitute of Worcestershire sauce. Let us come down to the earth of delicacies.

You can even add chili flakes all over it. It especially helps if you are using this in BBQ. Store it in the fridge. The flavor will develop with time.

Voila! Here are your details of Worcestershire sauce, along with a substitute for the Worcestershire sauce recipe. You don’t always have to worry and look in the kitchen or have finished bottles by your side. According to your health suitability, make it in your own will, and savor as if it was your last day on earth!

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