How to get Annual Passes to Disney World?

How to get Annual Passes to Disney World?

Getting an annual pass for Walt Disney World is probably the greatest choice a Disney explorer can confront. You’re taking a gander at generally $1300 a year first thing; in addition to the expense of the get-aways, you’ll need to plan to get an incentive out of the pass. In this post, we audit the significant sorts of annual passes to Disney World, talk about whether a Disney World annual pass is “great,” and examine all the different advantages you require to realize while thinking about a Disney annual pass. 

What is the latest news on the Reopening? 

With Disney World experiencing a staged return, there is some information to think about annual passes. Annual passes to Disney are available to be purchased to individuals who either dropped their passes since March 2021 or whose passes have lapsed from that point forward. 

Assumptions For Next Year

We’re trusting Disney brings back annual pass deals in 2021. While there has been some worry Disney would end the annual pass holder program; the progressing reestablishments recommend that—in Florida, at any rate—the program will live on. For park tickets in 2021, Disney raised costs by around 5%. For annual passes (valued at around $1000), that implies about a $50 increment. Obviously, pass choices may change, or pass advantages may change so that Disney may change the valuing. 

There’s also a possibility cost lower due to the recreation center reservation prerequisite (however, we’re not wagering on that). This entire post looks at “is a Disney World annual pass awesome?” and that question will probably be messier in 2021. We anticipate exploring all the elements when subtleties of future pass choices are reported, yet up to that point, we’ll investigate dependent on the 2021 subtleties. 

All the details about Discounts

Except for Premier Passholders (those are the passes that cover both Disneyland and Walt Disney World), all pass holders ought to either have gotten a discount at this point or had their pass broadened. If you’re uncertain about your pass status, check on the official website using your application number. Head Passholders (like me) stay in an ill-defined situation. Our passes have been expanded; however, the waiting Disneyland conclusion leaves the fate of the passes dubious. I don’t have any news on these passes; however, I’m enthusiastically holding up with most of you. 

Passholder Reservation Limit Set At 3 Guest Included

Passholders can hold three reservations all at once under the new Disney park reservation framework. Passholders who also have Disney (and select accomplice) inn reservations will want to book park reservations for their visit length. The three days are currently notwithstanding the length-of-lodging stay days. So if you have a pass and a four-night lodging stay, you can book the five days during your inn stay and three different days. 

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Park Hopping With Annual Pass to Disney

At the point when Park Hopping returns in January 2021, pass holders can again stop bounce. Likewise, with all park bouncing, they’ll require to: 

  • Make a parks pass booking for the afternoon. 
  • Visit the recreation center with the booking first. 
  • Park jump after 2 PM 

Different Kinds Of ANNUAL PASSES To DISNEY and Their PRICES 

To start with, we’ll talk about the significant sorts of Disney annual passes. The costs for these are current as of the February 2021 cost increment. If event details changed, we would update you about it by communicating with you.

Disney Platinum Plus Pass 

The Disney Platinum Plus Pass is the broadest Walt Disney World annual pass accessible. You get: 

  • access to each of the four amusement parks (Magic Kingdom, Disney Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom) and both water stops all year long 
  • access to Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course (no green expenses) and ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex (occasion days as it were) 
  • access to all your Photopass downloads during the life of the annual pass (photographs accessible for as long as 365 days) 
  • up to 20% rebate on select eating and product 
  • free standard amusement park stopping 

The Disney Platinum Plus Pass costs $1,379.18 (incorporates charge) for grown-ups and kids. You can buy all the Walt Disney World annual passes at Guest Services or online at Walt Disney World’s site. 

Disney Platinum Pass 

The Disney Platinum Pass is fundamentally the same as the Platinum Plus Pass, yet without water park, Oak Trail Golf Course, and ESPN Wide World of Sports access. The Disney Platinum Pass costs $1,272.68 (incorporates charge) for grown-ups and kids. That value difference is generally $107, so we can run some speedy math to check whether the move up to “in addition to” is great. The significant difference here will be water park access. Single-day water park tickets cost $73 for grown-ups. 

It implies a simple single visit to every one of the two water parks (on different days) in a year is barely enough to justify the Platinum Plus pass. Oak Trail Golf Course Green Fees cost somewhere in the range of $20 and $40. Also, truly, I don’t see how the ESPN Wide World of Sports access perk works; however, if you go there consistently and pay to be there, maybe the Platinum Plus Pass would save you on that. 

Florida Resident And Disney Vacation Club Annual Passes and Discounts 

Florida occupants and DVC individuals get limits on both the Platinum Pass and Platinum Plus Pass. Likewise, there is a breeze scope of passes—including the mainstream Gold Pass—accessible only to Florida occupants (and at times Disney Vacation Club individuals). We’re not going to separate these. There are seven of them, and whether they bode well for a given Florida occupant will be so conditional it simply does not merit the space to run all the numbers. 

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You can learn all you require to think about these passes (especially their blackout dates, which are the main component) over the Disney annual pass page. Florida inhabitants likewise can pay for certain passes utilizing a regularly scheduled installment plan. We will not discuss section passes accessible to Cast Members (Walt Disney Company representatives) in this post. 

Walt Disney World Annual Pass Renewal Discount 

Recharging your annual pass ordinarily accompanies a rebate of about 15%. For the Platinum Pass, the restoration cost is around $1081 (about $191 off). For the Platinum Plus Pass, the restoration cost is around $1172 (about $207 off). Much of the time, it will bode well to hold onto the reestablishment rebate, particularly given the recurrence of cost increments. All things considered, if your timetable permits you to push your excursions a couple of months every year, you may do without the restoration and get another annual pass. However, this requires careful arranging, however perhaps no more than is needed to guarantee you get an incentive out of your annual pass. 

Ticket Bridging To Save On Your Walt Disney World Annual Pass 

Ticket connecting is the way toward overhauling a limited Disney World ticket to an annual pass to get a good deal on the annual pass. The interaction fundamentally works this way: 

  • Purchase a limited Walt Disney World ticket 
  • Go to visitor administrations during your outing to overhaul your ticket to an annual pass. 
  • Guest administrations will do something amazing, and they’ll “credit” your annual pass buy with the pre-limited cost of your ticket. 
  • Pay the difference between the full estimation of your ticket and your annual pass. 

Suppose you didn’t accept a limited ticket. Also, suppose you paid $300 for a ticket, and an annual pass costs $1300. You can go to visitor administrations anytime during your visit and pay $1000 to move up to an annual pass. 

Presently, suppose you rather got that $300 ticket for $250. When you go to move up to an annual pass, Disney visitor administrations will give you acknowledgment at the full $300 cost of the ticket. So you’ll pay an extra $1000 to overhaul, getting an annual pass for a sum of $1250, or $50 off.  Your annual pass will be dated retroactively to the principal date you utilized your park ticket; however, your Photopass advantage won’t be retroactive. I whined to Disney about this, and they gave me admittance to my Photopass photographs from my outing. We connected in June 2018 effectively with no difficulty


First of all, we should clarify this post isn’t about whether “Walt Disney World is great?” Here we’re simply looking at the cost of Walt Disney World park tickets to the expense of an annual pass. We leave it to you whether the experience is simple or not worth it.


After finishing this blog, one can easily plan for his annual passes to Disney. We have tried to provide every small article in this blog. We hope we were able to help you in some ways. We wish you to have amazing fun in Disney World, and you must have thousands of memories that you will never want to forget in any case. This is the reason people call it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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