Top 15 Immunity Booster Fruits for Covid Prevention

Top 15 Immunity Booster Fruits for Covid Prevention

Boosting your immunity is one of the most vital things to combat the deadly virus. Doctors and several experts are advising people to increase the intake of all the nutritious foods to boost up their immunity. So, if you are also in search of the best immunity boosting foods for COVID, read our blog. We will give you a vivid description of immunity booster fruits, veggies, and much more. Moreover, we have covered ways on how to increase immunity power at home naturally! Start scrolling to know it all!

Why do you need immunity boosting foods for COVID?

The boundary wall of the human body is immunity as it restricts viruses, bacteria, and other diseases. Immunity booster fruits and veggies provide strong immunity to the human body. It helps to develop immunity to specific standards to provide you with good health. When people often have health troubles, it is because of a lack of strong immunity. Some nutritious foods help to fill the potholes in the immunity of the human body. During this pandemic, immunity booster fruits and veggies are necessary for every person to hold up their health.

According to the report, COVID-19 causes a lack of vitamins in the human body. Immunity booster fruits provide such vitamins and other nutrients to cure and fight against the disease.

Our body cannot adjust to the sudden change in weather that occurs in our environment. As a result, cough and cold are a common phenomenon during this period. However, people having a good and steady immune system resists the human body from this disease. And this virus generally attacks people having low immunity. Immunity booster fruits and veggies are essential in such cases too.

In ancient times, when there were no medicines, people only depended upon the plants for medication. And this helped them know about the medicinal value of plants. Now that you know why you require immunity booster foods let us check out what you must include in your diet.

Top 15 Immunity Booster Fruits for Covid Prevention

Immunity boosting fruits for COVID prevention

Immunity Booster Fruits

Here is a list of all the immunity booster fruits that you must include in your diet:

1. Apple

Polyphenols and cellulose are the most important organic compounds found in apples. So, these contents help to build good immunity.

2. Mango

Mango is one of the essential immunity booster fruits as it contains potassium, vitamins A, K, B6, and many more nutrients.

3. Pineapple

Pineapples contain manganese which provides good metabolism. You can obtain antioxidants by having pineapple.

4. Banana

You can get loads of vitamin B6, magnesium, and many more nutrients from bananas.

5. Oranges

Immunity booster fruit like oranges provides a huge amount of nutrients and antioxidants.

6. Guava

Guavas count among one of the highest sources of vitamin C. All of which provide a strong impact to get a good immunity.

7. Avocados

Vitamin E and protein are the main contents of avocado. These two things support the immunity system to get stronger.

8. Watermelon

Lycopene is the main content of watermelon. This lycopene is essential for the heart and health overall.

9. Grapes

Resveratrol is present in grapes which helps to control blood pressure.

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10. Lychee

Potassium and fiber are the main contents of lychee. It helps in immunity development growth.

11. Strawberries

Strawberries are high in proanthocyanin, which helps to resist chronic disease.

12. Pomegranates

Due to various beneficial plant compounds in pomegranates, it is always rich in minerals and nutrients. Thus, it helps to build strong immunity against chronic diseases.

13. Peaches

Peaches contain loads of fiber and vitamins. Even the outer skin of this fruit is also nutritious and healthy.

14. Kiwis

Kiwis are one of the richest sources of vitamin C, fiber, vitamin E, and potassium. This fruit helps in indigestion.

15. Jackfruit

This fruit is full of nutrients that help control cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and cancer.

Fruit salad for immunity boosting

Immunity boosting foods for COVID

Immunity boosting foods for COVID-19 also includes the above-mentioned immunity booster fruits. Now let us check out some other foods you can include in your diet:

Protein-rich foods

Foods containing protein such as chicken, fish, mushroom, etc., can also be consumed as immunity booster foods for COVID-19.


Muesli is one the best immunity boosting food which can be considered as a meal. You can add even fruits to muesli. After 8 hours of sleep in the night, muesli is the ideal meal for breakfast. It provides enormous energy to the human body, which helps the immune system to be strong.

Muesli with fruits

Oats, baby corn, cornflakes

Oats, cornflakes, baby corn, are also good food for immunity development. Fruits can also add to these food items. It can be considered as a perfect meal. People doing regular workouts also add protein and dry fruits into their meals. This ends up adding good calories to the human body, which very good for body immunity.

Olive oil

Doctors generally prescribe olive oil for a healthy heart. People having high-fat content food mostly have heart problems. Thus, they have low immunity power. People should always have a healthy diet with low fat and medium carbohydrate and protein according to body weight.

Dry fruits

Dry fruits play a vital part in building the immunity of the human body. Dates, raisins, nuts, cashew, almonds come under this category. They provide a massive amount of energy which stimulates the nerves to do hard work. This dry fruit should be taken as food in a limited quantity according to the requirement.

Consume fatty fishes, dark chocolates, and cheese

Having healthy fat like cheese, fatty fish oil, dark chocolates, etc., also makes our immunity stronger, but the amount should be within limits.

Yogurt and curd

Fermented food like curds and yogurt can be consumed for increasing immunity naturally. During summer, curd or yogurt is very necessary to keep balance with the environment. Curd also acts as an antacid, and it can be taken during severe acidity.

How to increase immunity power in body naturally?

There are various ways to increase immunity power naturally. Having immunity booster fruits and other foods properly, anyone can increase immunity power naturally. Patients suffering from COVID-19 should always have this kind of food under the doctor’s supervision. Here are some natural ways to increase immunity:

Sleep well

Our sleep is one of the crucial aspects in the case of immunity. Sleeping for at least 8 hours a day will help to increase body immunity.

Drink plenty of water

Daily 2 to 3 liters of water are required by the human body, which must be fulfilled to get a good immune system.

Morning walks

Doctors always recommend a morning walk. Early morning the environment around us is comparatively pure—no air pollution, no sound pollution, only fresh air. Taking deep breathe with fresh air helps the lungs to expand and contract properly. This reduces breathing troubles as they build a good immunity.

Exhaustion occurs while working on the road in a humid summer noon. It is essential to provide more amount of food and water is required. If such nutrients are not provided, immunity will be hampered.

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Time is the most significant factor here for immunity. Taking food at the proper time helps to grow immunity stronger. Once a meal is consumed, it takes at least 2 hours to digest. That means after 2 hours of a meal, the stomach is empty. Keeping the stomach empty for a longer time leads to acidity and gas formation, which ultimately leads to stomach ache. So, it is essential you keep yourself full every two hours.

How to increase immunity home remedies?

Check out ways to boost immunity using home remedies:


Exercise is the most relevant home remedy to increase immunity. Freehand exercise along with cardio needs to be done daily. This exercise helps to burn calories that are obtained from food. Thus, it increases hunger which leads to consuming a healthy diet at a proper time. Some people also go on for hard workouts with weights. But they should have the proper amount of food to revive their burnt calories during exercise.

Avoid junk food

Having homemade food instead of junk food always helps to increase body immunity. A healthy diet needs to be maintained every day to keep diseases away. Above mentioned immunity booster fruits and foods are the right ingredients for a healthy diet.


Yoga is one most ancient forms of medication. Practicing yoga and pranayama regularly always leads to good health and immunity. One should know all the reliable positions and processes of performing yoga.  Due to this pandemic, many online courses are there that teach you yoga. From there, anyone can get an idea and start their practice at home. Initially, it takes time to be in the right position or posture, but practicing regularly makes it easier.

Drink honey and warm water

Having honey with warm water in the early morning is very good to get a good immune system. It protects you from cough and cold.

Take vapor

Taking vapor with nigella seeds also copes with the influenza virus.


Meditation also helps the human body to get immune. Mental stress also affects immunity. Likewise, if someone is mentally weak for any circumstances, the immune system will fall apart, and various diseases like influenzas attack the human body.

Brush your teeth after each meal

Brushing your teeth after every meal is one of the best home remedies to increase immunity.  After each meal, our teeth hold all the small extracts of food we eat. If you do not clear it immediately, it stays and decomposes, which is very harmful to the immune system. Brushing the teeth just after a meal clears the food extracts from teeth.

How to increase white blood cells?

White blood cells, also known as leukocytes, are an essential part of the human body’s immune system. This white blood cell is the harder wall of the immune system that protects the human body from bacteria and viruses. And the white blood cell originates from bone marrow. Leukopenia is a disease that occurs when there is a low white blood cell.

Medicinal side effects are one of the causes of this infectious disease, and it may cause lowering of blood pressure also. Weight loss and fatigue are two common symptoms of leukopenia. If such happens, consulting a doctor is the only option.

COVID-19 is preceding the lowering of white blood cells. Thus COVID-19 breaks the immune system of the human body. Regular washing of hands and staying in isolation is one of the remedies. Immunity boosting fruits can help in this situation.

If you are looking for supplements to increase white blood cells, then vitamin C can be the best option. This is because the main requirement for increasing white blood cells is vitamin C. Fruits rich in the vitamin can be taken as a supplement for increasing white blood cells.

Citrus fruits, turmeric, papaya, spinach, and almonds are some of the foods you can consume to increase white blood cells. Proteins like poultry, chicken, crab also help in increasing white blood cells. Green tea, yogurt also precedes increasing white blood cells.

Final Thoughts

Doctors are trying hard to cure COVID-19 affected patients. But we also need to adapt food habits and exercises that will boost up our immunity. And to do that, all the foods, practices, and natural remedies given above will help.

The immunity booster fruits mentioned above are great and will help you boost your immune system in no time. Apart from boosting up the immunity, always wear masks and maintain social distancing to avoid getting infected. Our safety is on our hands now. Vaccines are out in the market. So, we can hope to get over this very soon.

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