Top 12 Immune Boosting Foods for Adults to Prevent Covid

Top 12 Immune Boosting Foods for Adults to Prevent Covid

The immune system is the only thing we can rely on at the moment. Boosting it and keeping your health at the optimal level is the way to fight the coronavirus. People are frantically looking for foods, ways, exercises, and home remedies to boost the immune system. COVID-19 has affected adults and older people the most. And so, there is an increase in demand to know the ways to boost immune system naturally. So, this article will help you clear your doubts and give you the best information to boost immune system quickly. We will not only focus on immune boosting foods for adults but also give you some natural ways to incorporate them into your daily regime. Read on, and you will know it all!

Immune boosting foods for adults

Even though it is not yet evident and said with a lot of research, adults are getting affected by the coronavirus the most. So, let us not waste any more time in finding out what the immune-boosting foods for adults are:

1. Citrus fruits

When talking about boosting the immune system quickly and naturally, citrus fruits had to top our list of immune-boosting foods for adults.

Citrus fruits contain loads of vitamin C, which works like a spell to boost up your immune system. It can keep you away from several ailments, especially people suffering from any respiratory infection.

Citrus fruits like oranges contain around 70 milligrams of vitamin C, which is not enough to meet your daily requirement. Similarly, other citrus fruits contain a similar content of vitamin C. So, it is advisable to always pair your citrus fruits with other foods that possess a high content of vitamin C in them. If you follow this, you only then meet up your daily requirement.

2. Almonds and sunflower seeds

Your body requires a good amount of vitamin C to boost up the immune system. But apart from that, you will also require a good amount of vitamin E. This nutrient helps in boosting the activities of the immune cells that help the body to fight off viruses and bacteria. When you consume only a quarter cup or an ounce of sunflower seeds, you will find your body meeting up the daily requirement. Also, a handful of almonds can supply you with around 45% of the daily body requirement. If you are wondering how to consume it, then let us tell you, you can add it to your smoothies or fresh fruits. Both almonds and sunflower seeds are great to supply you with essential nutrients.

Almonds in bowl

3. Carrots

Beta carotene converts itself into vitamin A in your body. And this is a crucial factor that helps in producing white blood cells, which is essential to boost the immune system to fight off pathogens. Moreover, it helps the respiratory tract in the formation of mucous membranes that behaves like protection.

Carrots contain loads of beta-carotene that helps you provide yourself more than the recommended intake only by having one cup. Apart from carrots, sweet potato is also a great source of beta-carotene. However, always keep in mind that excessive vitamin A intake may also cause side effects. So, only consume the amount that is required and not more than that.

4. Sardines

When you consume low amounts of selenium, you will find your immunity to have a delay in the response. But when you supply yourself with adequate amounts, your immunity gets boosted. Moreover, selenium is a powerful antioxidant that protects your cells from any damage.

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By having only three ounces of sardines, you can provide yourself with more than 80% of the daily required amount. You can even go for Brazilian nuts to provide yourself with a good amount of selenium.

Immunity boosting foods for adults

Sardines for immunity

5. Baked beans

How to boost immune system quickly? In order to do that, you can go for immune boosting foods for adults. And one of the potent ones is baked beans. It contains a relative content of zinc that can boost up your immune system.

In case you have a low zinc intake, your immune system will not function normally. But when you adequately supply yourself with zinc, you can level up the immune system functions and also have a development. Baked beans can supply you with more than half of your requirement by only having a cup of it.

6. Dried tart cherries

Dried tart cherries contain loads of antioxidants that not only boost the immune system but also reduces the chances of upper respiratory tract infections. Moreover, their natural melatonin presence makes them a great sleep inducer. Having a good amount of sleep can cure you and protect your body overall.

7. Turmeric

Turmeric contains a bright yellowish tint for the natural compound curcumin. It possesses all the anti-inflammatory properties that are responsible for boosting antibody responses and immune cell activity.

8. Garlic

Garlic contains properties that reduce the chances of cold and running nose. It works much better than many other placebos as well, suggests researchers. However, we would recommend you to consume garlic rather than consuming its supplements.



9. Walnuts

When you are searching for immune boosting foods for adults, let us tell you that one of the potent ones is walnuts. It possesses not only anti-inflammatory properties but also contains many more beneficial nutrients. Walnuts contain folate, vitamin B6 and E. Several types of research suggests that walnuts can potentially help in reducing your psychological stress, which in turn affects your immune system. So, you can pair up your walnut intake with yogurt or fruits and get a significant immunity boost up.

10. Pomegranate

Another superfood that can help to boost immune system quickly is pomegranate. It contains anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Side by side, it also contains antioxidants that can fight off the viruses at ease and also reduce the duration of your cold. You can consume pomegranate or its juice to avail of all its benefits and see how wonderfully it works in your body.

11. Poultry

Poultry like turkey and chicken are great suppliers of proteins and many more nutrients. It contains nutrients that you can replenish into your body when you are sick. If you happen to get a cold, drinking chicken soup can soothe your throat and also supply you with all the amino acids and many other nutrients your body requires.  It also helps in building up antibodies which help you fight off the infection quickly.

12. Green veggies

There is hardly anyone who does not know that green veggies are good for your health. So, how can they not make it to the list of immune boosting foods for adults? Consuming green veggies can supply you with the correct nutrients like folate, vitamins C and A, and much more. You can consume green veggies in multiple ways and supply yourself with the right dose of nutrients.

Green Juice

Green Juice

Foods that weaken immune system

As we have given you a list of immune boosting foods for adults, let us now check out some foods that weaken immune system. Here is a list of foods that are not right for you and your health overall. Check out the following:

1. Processed foods

If you want to boost your immune system, one of the foremost things you have to give up is processed foods. Grabbing a packet of potato chips or munching on those burgers is not the best go-to. Not only does it supply you with plenty of calories, but it also weakens the immune system as a whole.

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2. Soda

Another food that you must avoid if you want to boost your immune system quickly is soda. It contains loads of artificial sweeteners, flavors, and coloring agents that contribute to weight gain.

Apart from gaining weight, you can also get conditions like allergies, reduced brain functioning, suppressed immune system, and much more. Consuming soda can lead to cardiovascular problems, type 2 diabetes, and weight gain.

3. Refined carbohydrates

It is vital for you to know that good carbohydrate are great for your health. But there are bad ones as well. The bad carbohydrates are known as refined carbohydrates, which are basically the processed carbs. Consuming refined carbohydrates is harmful to your health overall and can contribute to several health problems.

White bread, flour, rice, sweets, and artificially sweetened breakfast cereals are processed carbohydrates. Consumption of all these can lead to heart, digestive, and kidney diseases. You also increase the chances of cancer and diabetes by consuming these refined carbohydrates.

4. Alcoholic beverages

Consumption of alcohol is injurious to health. Isn’t it a common thing you see in advertisements, movies, and magazines? So, let us also tell you that alcohol is not a great beverage, and it can affect you and your immune system massively. It destroys the gut barrier and allows excess bacteria to get into your bloodstream. Moreover, it may cause liver damage, hypertension, diabetes, and much more. So, it is always best to keep away from alcoholic beverages.

How to boost immune system naturally at home?

Now that you know well enough about the immune boosting foods for adults and the foods that weaken immune system let discuss some more ways that will help you. Check out the following:

1. Reduce stress levels

Apart from incorporating immune boosting foods for adults, reducing stress levels is extremely necessary. When you suffer from chronic stress, your immune system weakens and also increases the chances of many illnesses. Moreover, it also increases the levels of catecholamines which is a hormone in your body. Also, it increases the T cells in your body, which affects the immune system. And affecting this might increase chances of flu, colds, allergies, and much more. So, reducing your stress levels is one of the ways to boost your immune system.

2. Keep pets to boost your immune system

Pets work miraculously to boost your immune system. It is seen that several pet owners have a lowered cholesterol and blood pressure level in comparison to non-pet owners. All of which keeps your triglyceride levels in control and also reduces the chances of heart ailments. Moreover, when you have pets from a young age, you reduce the risk of being prone to allergies.

3. Exercise regularly

By exercising regularly, you can protect yourself from few cancers, heart ailments, and osteoporosis. Working out indeed acts as an immune system booster. You do not have to incorporate strenuous exercises. Only by incorporating simple ways like cycling, yoga, free-hand, brisk walking and running, you can boost up your immune system quickly.

4. Get enough sleep

Sleeping works like a medicine in the human body. By having good and proper sleep, you can combat several diseases and also boost up your immune system.

Many researchers conclude that a deficiency in sleep can lead to a weakened immune system. Generally, people require a minimum of seven to eight hours of proper sleep regularly. When you rest adequately, your white blood cells function well, and also you reduce the chances of colds, flu, and several respiratory infections.

So, start sleeping well and get up on time every day to remain healthy. Also, keep in mind that alcohol and caffeinated beverages interfere with your sleep.

So, you can create an atmosphere where you can relax and sleep well. Try playing some soothing music or keep the room cool to get a relaxing feeling and eventually sleep properly. Also, keep in mind to keep your gadgets away from you when you are going to sleep.

Final Thoughts

This brings us to the end of our blog today. Now you not only know the immune boosting foods for adults but also natural ways to incorporate them into your life to remain healthy. So, follow all the tips given above, and you will see how fit and healthy you stay. Always remember to consume the foods to supply yourself with the nutrients rather than having their supplements. However, if you do, always consult your doctor before that!

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