Here Is The Full List Of Fatz Menu With Different Categories

Here Is The Full List Of Fatz Menu With Different Categories

If you are thinking to go Fatz café in the future, you may be requiring a menu guide to know what kinds of categories and foods you can enjoy at Fatz café. If you want to know a detailed list of menu items available at Fatz Menu, read this article thoroughly. In this article, I have made the Fatz café menu simpler to understand. You will come to know about each item with its category. You will also know its prices that are latest updated and posted on the internet. So, without getting delayed, let us start with the overview of Fatz café.

Facts You Should Know About Fatz Café:

Most customers agree to the satisfactory services of Fatz café. They offer delicious and yummy homemade food dishes that you can enjoy at the café. It is a restaurant for casual dining and focuses on southern hospitality. It makes you feel like you are taking your meal at your home because the staff uses a different way to make you feel like that. Customers have never found a disrespectful atmosphere at this café. That’s another reason to know about Fatz Menu.

You can enjoy lunch and dinner with southern styles. In North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia, they have 48 current locations where you can enjoy its menu. Now, let us begin with the menu items you can see in Fatz Menu.

Fatz Café Menu: 

I have divided the full Fatz Menu into the categories of foods they offer. So you can better understand what type of foods you can enjoy at Fatz Café. Now, let’s start with general dishes.

  • General Food Items
  • You get Calabash Appetizer Trio at $9.99. It contains jumbo wings, cheese fries, fried green, tomatoes, Cajun firecrackers, calabash, popcorn, and shrimp. 
  • Cheese Fries at $7.49. It’s a classical potato fries topped with cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese.
  • Cajun Firecrackers at $10.49. It comes with tomato-basil tortilla stuffed and spicy shrimp. 
  • Green Fried Tomatoes at $6.49. It is like your grandmother used to make. They are delicious green tomatoes lightly fried and hand-breaded. 
  • You get Jumbo Bone-in at $12.29 and Jumbo Wings at $8.99. You can see it as chicken wings tossed in one homemade sauce.  
  • Sandwiches @ Fatz Café
  • Pepper Bacon and Turkey at $9.99. This sandwich is delicious, according to most visitors. 
  • Chicken Provolone at $8.99. It is Citrus marinated chicken breast with provolone cheese and other ingredients. 
  • Calabash Warp at $8.79. It is Tomato basil tortilla stuffed and calabash chicken. 
  • The Reuben at $9.49. It is one of the delicious items of Fatz Menu that you can enjoy at that place.
  • Soft Drinks @ Fatz Café
  • Diet Pepsi at $2.49.
  • Pepsi at $2.49.
  • Mountain Dew at $2.49.
  • Diet Twist at $2.49.
  • Dr. Pepper at $2.49.
  • Seafood @ Fatz Café
  • Triple Catch at $13.99. It is a hand-breaded white fish with large shrimp. It also has many other delicious ingredients. 
  • Low Country Shrimp and Grits at $13.49. It is a classic cheese recipe with chopped grits and Cajun.
  • You get Grilled Salmon With Herb Cream Sauce at $15.99. It is hand-cut Atlantic salmon, grilled and served with Jalapeno Cream.
  • Shrimp Boat Platter at $15.99. It is a large crispy and golden fried shrimp.
  • You get Garlic Shrimp Pasta at $10.99. They lightly season it on linguine tossed with sundried tomatoes, roasted garlic, and shredded parmesan. 
  • You get Fatz Famous Fish Platter at $12.99. It is white fish filets hand-breaded and fried to a Carolina sunset.
  • Side Featured @ Fatz Café
  • It offers french fries at $1.99.
  • It offers baked potato with sour cream and butter at $1.99.
  • It offers red-skinned mashed potatoes at $1.99.
  • IT offers sweet Vidalia onion coleslaw at $1.99.
  • It offers steamed broccoli at $1.99.
  • It offers cinnamon apples at $1.99.
  • Duos & Trios @ Fatz Café
  • You get Steak and Ribs at $18.49. You can say it is a perfect fire-grilled dish to enjoy in the category of duos. 
  • You get Steak and Calabash Chicken at $16.99. They serve this dish with your favorite soup to let you enjoy.
  • Steak, Calabash Chicken, and Shrimp, at $18.49. they serve this dish after preparing it as hand-breaded to make it even tastier.
  • You get the Original Fatz Sampler at $17.99. You get half of slow-cooked baby back ribs, Calabash Chicken, and Shrimp, with your favorite soups in this combo. 
  • You get Calabash Chicken and Ribs at $13.99. They slow cook baby back ribs, dry-rubbed, and basted with the best southern gold BBQ sauce.
  • You get Ribs, Shrimp, and Chicken at $15. They serve a trio of hand-breaded fried Shrimp Southern gold baby back ribs and grilled chicken.
  • Burgers @ Fatz Café
  • Onium Burger at $9.99. It comes with onion rings and lettuce, and tomatoes. 
  • Hometown Hero at $10.99. It has doubled stacked and comes with cheese. 
  • One Jammin’ Pimento $9.99. They topped with a heaping spoonful or Jammin’ bacon-infused.
  • Triple B at $9.49. it comes with barbeque sauce and bacon.
  • Old-fashioned at $8.99. It is a fire-grilled burger topped with red onions. 
  • Caroline is $10.49. It parties with American cheese and warm chili.
  • Salads @ Fatz
  • Chicken Bacon and Spinach Salad at $10.49. It is a citrus grilled chicken, applewood, bleu cheese, and many other ingredients.
  • The Chopped Salad at $10.99. it gives you a smoked turkey, ham, & bacon with mixed greens and cheese. It also has many delicious ingredients like onion and cucumbers. 
  • Asian Chicken at $9.99. it’s light and fresh and has a sweet and sour taste.
  • One Blackened Chicken Caesar at $9.49. it comes with chicken that is blackened and romaine lettuce with many other tasty ingredients.
  • Side House Salad at $3.99. This salad is crispy and has mixed with greens and shredded carrots, tomatoes, and other ingredients.
  • Soups @ Fatz Café
  • Loaded soup and Black Potato at $3.49 and $4.49. it’s a hearty and baked potato soup with Savory cheese and warm applewood. 
  • Soup Of The Day at $3.69. this soup changes every day. Every day you get different ingredients and tastes in this soup.
  • Sweets @Fatz Café
  • You get Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie at $ 5.99. This chip cookie comes with vanilla ice cream.
  • Classic cheesecake at $3.99. It offers this dish in new york style.
  • You get Carolina Peach Cobbler at $5.49. It is a sweet peach having brown sugar and walnuts. 
  • Sip Pages @ Fatz Café
  • Iced tea $2.49.
  • Arnold Palmer at $2.49.
  • Coffee at $2.49.
  • Chicken @ Fatz Café
  • Citrus Grilled Chicken at $10.49. it comes with tender chicken breasts marinated in the citrus blend. 
  • Old Fashioned Chicken Pot Pie at $9.99. it’s a white pulled meat chicken with garden peas and carrots. 
  • Calabash Chicken at $12.79. it is a half-pound of all chicken tenders that are gently seasoned and marinated.
  • Calabash Combo at $11.29. It is something good that you will surely enjoy. However, you will like each item in the Fatz Menu.
  • You get Blackened Chicken Pasta at $10.49. This blackened chicken is linguine tossed and has cheese and ciabatta garlic toast
  • Goodness Sake @ Fatz Café
  • You get Chile Lime Shrimp at $9.99. They season grilled-shrimp and serve on a bed of cilantro lime rice and citrus cream sauce.
  • Mediterranean Tilapia at $8.99. They season it with tilapia fillet in a light lemon mustard sauce.
  • You get Carolina Peach Chicken at $9.49. It is Citrus chicken fire-grilled with Caroline Peach. 
  • Center Cut Top Sirloin at $12.49. They serve it with steamed broccoli.
  • Side Premiums @ Fatz Café
  • It offers sweet potato fries at $2.79.
  • It offers cheese fries at $2.79.
  • It offers baked sweet potato at $2.79.
  • It offers loaded baked potato at $2.79
  • It offers sweet fried Brussels at $2.79.
  • It offers Homemade Mac N Cheese at $2.79.
  • Ribs And Chops @ Fatz Café
  • You get Premium Pork Chops at $12.49. They served its signature soup, and you can also choose your favorite soup. 
  • Baby Back Ribs at $14.99.  They slowly cook and prepare it in a home-style to bring a perfect taste and look.
  • Steaks @ Fatz Café
  • Ribeye Reserve at $19.99. It is full-flavored and having a perfect ribeye chargrilled with signature sidekick and soup of your choice.
  • Center Cut Top Sirloin at $12.99. It has two dishes with different ingredients. Another one has a price of 17.49$. 
  • You get one JP’S Pot Roast Pie at $10.99, and it is an example of home cooking. It is low roasted in jus and carrots.
  • Steakhouse Chop at $12.99. This chopped steak comes with mushrooms, peppers, and onions. 
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Final Thoughts:

Have you considered all the dishes included in Fatz Menu? What is your favorite dish from the above-discussed dishes? Let us know if this guide tutorial helped you find out your favorite dish at Fatz Café. If you have not visited one of their 48 outlets in the above-said states and cities, even if you live nearby, you should check out this place at least once. By doing so, you will enjoy your favorite dishes, prepared handmade and homemade with delicious and healthy ingredients. They also offer you to choose your favorite sauces with the food you order.

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