Dry White Wine Types, Best Brands, Features, and Foods to Pair With

Dry White Wine Types, Best Brands, Features, and Foods to Pair With

Are you looking for dry white wine types to soothe yourself during the summer months? Do the vast variety of white wines confuse you? Are you always in the dilemma that you would end up choosing the wrong dry white wine brands? Well, then, start scrolling down!

Selecting the best dry white wine types for people who are fussy about their palate can be challenging. Apart from choosing the best brand of white wine, one must also pair the foods along with it perfectly. Only then can you get the perfect flavor to give your palate the taste you were looking for.

And to know that, all you would have to do is read this space! Here we have not only given you an idea about the driest white wine, but we have also covered many more things. Once you finish, we’re sure you won’t be in any more confusion about getting yourself the best dry wine!

Defining driest white wine

You will find a variety of grapes available. And this variety of wine grapes vary greatly depending on the presence of juice concentration, when and how late they were harvested, and the type of grapes.

When fermentation occurs, the yeast easily starts converting the sugar present in grape juice into alcohol. The moment most of the sugar present in the grape juice turns into alcohol, a minimum of less than 1% residue sugar is present. And the ratio is like each liter of wine contains four grams of sugar. At this stage, the wine is said to be dry!

Wines that are medium-dry possess approximately 12 gms of sugar in one liter of wine. The more the sugar level present in wine, it becomes sweet, medium, or off-dry wines.

Wine terminology – fruity & sweet

Do you think that fruity and sweet are the same? Well, no! A wine with a fruity flavor doesn’t need to be sweet. You may find even the driest white wine to have hints of fruity notes.

The term fruity is referred to the fruit notes present in the wine and not its sweetness.

Dry White Wine Types

Now that you know what the driest white wine might taste like, let us have an in-depth look at the types below!

Very Dry White Wines

Very dry white wines are the ones that contain less than four grams of residual sugar in one liter of wine. So, you can vouch for these wines to have the perfect crispiness and exact characteristics that you were searching for. Check out the list below:


Are you wondering how to pronounce this name? Well, Spanish is a lovely language, and you call this wine ‘aal-buhh-reen-yoo.’ The wine has the perfect blend of slightly salty, citrus, and bright acidic notes.

The ‘Albarino’ wine goes well with seafood. However, you must know when you’re in Portugal; you would have to call this wine ‘Alvarinho.’

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is one of the best dry white wine types you must try. It goes well in several dishes and works as a cooking wine. You will find the taste to have an underlying fruity note, with an herbaceous flavor and the perfect acidic balance.

Even though Sauvignon Blanc is found all around the globe, some regions are major producers of this wine. The places that top the list of producing this wine are Washington, California, South Africa, the Loire Valley, Bordeaux, and New Zealand.


Anyone who is quite a veteran in the world of wine knows that people pronounce Muscadet as ‘musk-auh-day. However, you must not confuse Muscadet with Moscato or Muscat wines, which fall under sweet wines.

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Muscadet is known to have a light body and is very dry. A sip of this wine will give you the perfect balance of tangy, sharp with mineral and citrus notes. Loire Valley is the producer of this wine type.


Chardonnay is not unknown to all the wine lovers out there! The wine is aromatic with the perfect flavor of citrus, tropical fruits, and apples. Chardonnays made in Washington State and California are new oak-aged and have a toasty flavor with hints of vanilla.

If there is an absence of oak present in Chardonnay, it will affect the flavor of the wine majorly. When there is an absence of oak, the tropical notes become the dominant flavor of the wine. But when oak is present, the toasty vanilla flavor is more prominent.


One of the major dry white wine types that are gaining immense popularity is Torrontes. The wine will give your palate the perfect balance of floral, bright acidity, and citrus notes. Moreover, you’ll notice that Torrontes has a lovely aroma making it perfect for dry white wine lovers!

There is a good bottle of wine for every mood

Medium Dry White Wine Types

Wines with more than 12 grams of residual sugar present in one liter of wine are known to be medium dry white wines. And of course, it is needless to say this is much sweeter than the very dry wines. However, you must not categorize them as a dessert wine also because it is not extremely sweet.

Check out the list below that fall under the category of medium-dry white wine types:

Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio

Even though this wine is made up of the same grapes, but different places call this wine by separate names. It is known as Pinot Gris in France and Oregon, while Italians know it as Pinot Grigio. And when you go to Germany, you would have to the same wine, Grauburgunder.

Since this wine has a sweet taste to it and people refer as a dessert wine, it is not apt for a dry white wine category. However, you will find the wine to have the perfect balance of fruity, crisp, light taste with citrus and mineral notes.

You will notice that the French-made Pinot Gris to have a much drier and fruity taste. But on the other hand, Italians make it so that it has a crispy and mineral-ly taste.

Pinot Blanc

The Pinot Blanc is made from grapes grown primarily in Alsace, Italy, Germany, and Austria. You will find the taste to be quite similar to Chardonnay! The wine has almond and apple notes with a perfect zippy acidity present in it!

Grüner Veltliner

Gruner Veltliner wine manufactures in Austria. And you can describe the taste of this wine as peachy with undertones of spice and pepper. The grapes of this wine are harvested when it is citrus and less ripe. You can say that it has a lime flavor that dominates this wine.

When the grapes are ripe, they tend to give the wine a peachy flavor. But if it is harvested early, you will find lesser citrus notes present in the wine.


Are you wondering is Riesling a dry wine? Well, Riesling is a wine that can fall under the category of sweet and dry wine. The grapes of this wine are taken from places like Alsace and Germany, where the climate is much cooler.

You will find the taste of this wine to be mineral-ly with tones of apples and stone fruits. California, Washington, and Oregon also produce some great dry Riesling wines.


We were surprised how Champagne has made it our list? Let us inform you that several sparkling wines that the world produces except France and Champagne make their way to the list of dry white wine types.

Even though most of the Champagnes are dry wines, however, many are available that are sweet. But that depends a lot on the region they are produced.

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What foods pair best with dry wines?

Are you eager to know what foods pair best with dry white wines? Well, indeed, there isn’t a fixed rule about pairing your wines with food, but still, you can try some of them we have mentioned below.

The list below will only enhance the flavor of your favorite wine. So, let us check out the list below:

  • White wines such as Sauvignon Blanc will pair great with bright and light foods like halibut and lemon. Also, you can have veggies, salads, and dishes that have basil, dill, and the presence of other herbs.
  • The oaked Chardonnay tastes perfect with Alfredo or a cheesy buttery sauce with lobster. The rich and creamy flavor in these foods complements the taste of Chardonnay quite well.
  • Wines like Viognier, Riesling, or Torrontes have an acidic flavor. And these wines go well with the spicy Asian cuisine.
  • Albarino will complement the taste of raw fish. So, you can have it with sashimi.
  • Finally, Pinot Grigio will pair well with foods that have a delicate taste. So, go for shellfish! It will complement the taste and bring out the flavor of the white wine.

Wine and cheese

What wine is best for cooking?

Cooking with wine has become extremely prevalent these days. So, if you want to know which dry white wine will enhance the flavor of your dishes, read ahead!

Here is a list of white wines you can choose from to cook the following dishes:

  • When you’re thinking of making a vegetable risotto or a beurre blanc sauce, choose wines with a light flavor. In this case, you can select Chablis!
  • If you’re an ardent lover of seafood, then choose dry wines that have the presence of citrus notes is wise. So, in this case, we would suggest you go for Albarino.
  • Any cheesy Alfredo or creamy sauce lovers out there? Well, the wine for you is the oaked Chardonnay!
  • Finally, if you wish to make a dish that has a light herbal flavor or something subtle, go for Sauvignon Blanc. That is the best choice!

Dry White Wine Brands

Now you know what the types of dry white wines are, what foods complement the foods best and what are recipes you can try with these wines. So, we have made a list of some potent brands that you can try. Check out the following:

Far Niente’s Chardonnay

Approximate price: $70

The Far Niente’s Chardonnay is an oaked wine. It has all the flavors of creamy, stone, and citrus fruits. And this Chardonnay is the perfect wine that we have described above!

Clos Henri Petit Clos’s Sauvignon Blanc

Approximate price: $19

This wine is the perfect example of a Sauvignon Blanc we have described above. It has a mixture of bright citrus fruits notes with green pepper notes. The taste of this wine is fresh and is perfect for someone who is looking for Sauvignon Blanc.

Donnhoff Hollenpfad im Muhlenberg’s Riesling

Approximate price: $77

Is Riesling a dry wine or sweet? This is a question that people keep searching for! Well, you know this wine can be sweet as well as dry. However, this confuses people.

But if you’re searching for the dry white wine types, the Riesling can be a great choice for you. It has the perfect balance of acidic, saline, and aromatic essence that dry white lovers look for.

Abbazia di Novacella’s Pinot Grigio

Approximate price: $27

This brand is the perfect example of a dry white Pinot Grigio you were looking for. It has a hint of bitterness, but the taste is fresh. The acidic flavor makes it a perfect drink to accompany your meals.

Do Ferreiro Cepas Vellas’s Albarino

Approximate price: $58

This brand is a great choice if you’re looking for Albarino. It goes quite well with seafood and is the perfect example of dry white wine.

How to choose the perfect dry white wine?

The word ‘dry’ can be intimidating for people who are new to the world of wine. Dry wines are indeed slightly sweet, but the way you drink them leaves a great effect on the flavor and taste.

You have to serve the wine at the perfect temperature and the right foods to enhance the aroma and flavor. So, you should take help from the wine shop or restaurant staff before you order. If you’re new, you have to take proper advice!

Dry White Wine Types, Best Brands, Features, and Foods to Pair With

Choose the best dry white wine type

Final Thoughts

Now haven’t we given you all the answers that you were searching for? Well, if we have, please let us know in the comment section below!

And also, don’t miss out on letting us know which wine in the list above you loved tasting!

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