Chicken Soup Potatoes for the Ultimate Comfort Food

Chicken Soup Potatoes for the Ultimate Comfort Food

What happens when you start searching for real comfort food which would give you some satisfaction and that too without providing much effort? Well, chicken soup with potatoes is one such comfort food option!

We can tell you one thing for sure that a quick chicken recipe could save you from every kind of trouble. Suppose you are going somewhere and want something healthy to eat within a few minutes.  That’s when a tasteful chicken soup potatoes recipe comes to mind.

But again, not all people’s tastes are the same. Not all of us like chicken as our comfort food. But a good chicken soup with potatoes is that kind of recipe which you can customize according to your taste.

Chicken soup with potatoes

The chicken soup tastes better whenever potatoes are added. We all love potatoes, don’t we? They give us warmth like none other and easily blend in different dishes.

The fact is chicken soup potatoes not only satisfy your hunger but also do something good to your overall health. You can get enough vitamins and minerals from it, and also, it’s a low-fat recipe. You don’t need to worry about maintaining your body weight.

Making chicken soup potatoes is relatively easy, even for a beginner. Use a stove pod if you run out of time, or a crockpot will also do the job. No matter how you prepare it, the recipe will be mouthwatering, and you cannot resist.

So, in this article, we will talk about some delicious chicken soup with potatoes and how you can mix and match it with some other ingredients. Read the report from the beginning to the end and know everything necessary about chicken soup with potatoes.

Let’s start the journey.

Chicken soup with potatoes and carrots

In this section, we decided to teach you a special recipe to make chicken soup with potatoes and carrots. But not just carrots. There are parsley leaves and peas too.

The mandatory thing is that you must use chicken breasts for this one. The potatoes and the chicken get along so nicely that by the end of the day, you’d become a fan if you are not already one.

Just relax if you are new to the field and have never made any recipe like this before. You can’t make it bad even if you want to. It’s unique, tasty, healthy, and delicious comfort food that will bring out your inner chef.

So how do you make this recipe? Which ingredients do you need to use? Does the recipe require anything special?

Hell no, there’s nothing complicated about the recipe. You don’t even have to go shopping before you try it. The necessary things you need to prepare can find them in your very own kitchen cabinet.

Chicken Soup Potatoes for the Ultimate Comfort Food


First of all, you need fresh peas and chicken breasts to make the soup. Grab some onions, potatoes and of course some carrots. Make sure to ready some chicken stock before you begin the process.

The fun fact is that deciding the perfect amount of ingredients is not a problem here. If you want to use a decent amount of any component, that’s okay. Also adding a less quantity should give no troubles.

What matters here is that you have to adjust the amounts according to your taste. No matter how much you use, the final result won’t disappoint you. In case you don’t want to add peas, you can add broccoli or cauliflower.

Here’s a significant one that would come in handy. This chicken soup tastes best when you use stock made at home. Also, you can use readymade chicken stock, but check the quality before using it.

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The cooking process

First, take some onions and chop them fine into pieces. Then slice the carrots and cut the potatoes into cubes.

Put some olive oil or any vegetable oil in a vessel and lightly fry the onions. Then include the potatoes, carrots with it and fry them for a few minutes. Now mix the stock you prepared earlier and the spices if you want to add any.

Cover the vessel with a lid and let the whole thing come to a boil. Reduce the heat and give it ten minutes or so before it is mainly prepared. After ten minutes, put the chicken breasts into it and wait for five minutes.

Now it’s time to add the peas and sim the heat to a minimum. Give it five minutes and then check if the vegetables are properly cooked or not. If cooked, mix black pepper, salt, and vinegar according to your choice.

Enjoy this hot and delicious chicken soup with bread. In cold and chilly weather, this recipe will almost lift your mood in no time.

Chicken Soup Potatoes for the Ultimate Comfort Food

Chicken soup with potatoes and tomatoes

Now chicken soup with potatoes and tomatoes has all the abilities to win you over on a chilly winter evening. The most important thing about this recipe is that you can make great use of the leftovers by making this recipe. This is easy to prepare and hassle-free.

This particular soup has a specialty. Unlike the other soup recipes, you will get a spicy flavor when you get to taste it. That’s because of certain herbs added to the recipe, and this is what makes it unique.

Now without any further ado, let’s directly go to the good parts where we tell you how to make this simple yet delicious recipe.


Here again, all you need is fresh chicken breast with skin, boiled potatoes, green chilies, tomatoes, tomato sauce, garlic, macaroni, and cumin.

The cooking process

First, boil the chicken and the potatoes in a vessel full of water. When both the potatoes and chicken are cooked perfectly, please wait for some time so that they cool down completely. Drain the remaining water, but save it for later use.

Cut the onions into pieces and fry them using olive oil. Put tomato sauce, tomato pieces, and the chicken stock into it, and after that, include the chicken pieces and the potatoes.

Add the spices like pepper, salt, chili, etc., but exclude the macaroni. You can adjust the amount of water which depends on how much soup you want. For 15 minutes, it will boil, and then you need to include the macaroni.

After adding macaroni, boil it for 15 minutes more. And then your delicious and mouthwatering chicken soup is prepared.

Chicken soup with potatoes and rice

If you are craving some tasty chicken soup, but there’s not much time to prepare it, don’t worry. We have a magic recipe to share with you, and it will solve your problem in no time. Chicken soup with potatoes and rice is your savior in need of desperate times.

This soup is tasty, but don’t think for one second that it’s not good for your health. It is devoid of any gluten that can cause some health issues. So it’s also very, very safe to eat.

Now, you can use chicken thighs for this one. You can have plenty of options here. You can boil them first and slice later, or you can boil them sliced.


If you have some leftover sliced chicken in your refrigerator, you can make it to good use. Peel the outer skin and separate the bones. Take a vessel and put the whole meat into it.

Of course, you need potatoes and rice for this as well. Do not forget the onions, spices, and black pepper as well.

The cooking process

To prepare the recipe, you must gather the ingredients together and a moderate vessel. First, lightly fry the onions, chicken, and spices for a minute. Then include the rice, put it on the lid, and add a decent quantity of water.

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Let the whole soup come to a boil, and then simmer the heat. Displace the cover and give it around ten to fifteen minutes to completely process. Check if the rice and the chicken have been thoroughly cooked.

Season the soup with some black pepper powder and eat.

Here is some advice for you. If you choose the sliced chicken to make the soup, fry the onions lightly at the start. This will enhance the aroma of the dish, and this is quite a necessary step.

Or, in case there is enough time in your hands, you can first boil the chicken and then slice it. Therefore the water can be used as chicken stock to enhance the taste.

But here is another essential aspect. Don’t overwater the vessel, or else the stock would be too thin. That can spoil the overall taste of this tasty recipe.

Just because we wrote down the whole recipe for you doesn’t mean you cannot add anything on your own. You can add some vegetables or spices as you wish. Mint is a perfect option.

Creamy potato chicken soup

Well, the very name itself has its appeal. Creamy potato chicken soup is a super tasty recipe. Indeed you will get lost in the world of this creamy texture, soft potatoes, and the juicy chicken.

There’s absolutely nothing in this world better than enjoying creamy potato chicken soup in chilly weather. The mood gets even better when you are underneath your blanket and watching Netflix. Heaven, isn’t it?

It is that kind of dish no one can resist. You want to keep this recipe as simple as possible so that the authenticity remains intact. Read further to get the full recipe.


Like the other chicken soup recipes, this one also is healthy and tasty. It’s effortless to prepare this particular dish. But the fun fact is it tastes like you spent an entire day preparing it, or it took a great effort to get this much taste.

But the answer is a simple no. No matter what it tastes like, you can fool them if you know the proper cooking techniques.

The potatoes are so mushy, and the chicken is equally juicy. And that too with tasty bacon, garlic, and thyme. Then not to forget the perfect combination of different aromas, all in one place.

The cooking process

Like we said, preparing this recipe with perfection is a piece of cake. First, all you need is to prepare the bacon properly. Then saute the vegetables and the chicken using olive oil.

When you see the vegetables and the chicken are boiling, keep the heat down. Wait until the potatoes get mushy enough. Then include the chicken and fresh cream.

Continue mixing the things while on the stove and when it’s done, relish the taste.

Here you have to keep one thing in mind; do not overcook the soup. Once it starts to boil, make sure to simmer the stove. In case you accidentally overcook it, the taste won’t be the same.

Tips to follow for this recipe

This particular chicken soup potatoes can be cooked with your leftover meats. You can include whichever vegetable you prefer. There’s no limitation here.

The only downside of this recipe is that you cannot keep it in the freezer for that long.  The ingredients will never remain the same after you store them for a long time.

But again, here’s the silver lining. You can’t store it for long, which means you have to finish the meal very quickly. And we are pretty sure that should cause no problem to you.

Chicken Soup Potatoes for the Ultimate Comfort Food

Final thoughts

So, now we covered all the necessary things to prepare chicken soup potatoes without any problem. Next time you crave chicken soup potatoes, of course, you will want to look at this article.

One significant advantage of cooking this recipe is that you don’t always need a large vessel or pot to make it.

Do you know what actual comfort food looks like? Well, after reading this article about chicken soup potatoes, you have found one. Now stop overthinking and start cooking.

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