15 Different Types of Bread You Must Try Baking Once

15 Different Types of Bread You Must Try Baking Once

There are many types of bread in the world you may never even heard of. To help you know more about the bread types, we have decided to develop an article based on 15 different types of bread in the world.

But first, before diving into the 15 different types of bread, let’s take a look at the history of bread. Then we will discuss different types of bread.

All kinds of bread are a type of wet flour, finely molded, and usually prepared by baking. It is that type of food that existed in the period before people found written records! Moreover, the process of bread-making went through changes ever since.

The first instance of bread goes way back to the Neolithic times around 12,000 years ago. As per research, powdered crops made the first bread meddled with water and eventually became a thick and malleable mixture.

The Egyptians discovered that if they could fret dough anyhow, it should form the shape of a fluffy loaf. That’s not all; the Egyptians were the first to invent ovens used for baking things.

The first form of bread was flatbread and is consumed even today in larger parts of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Corn, Berley, Millet, and Buckwheat are the primary ingredients required to prepare bread. Moreover, these are gluten-free bread types. Corn is the main ingredient to prepare Tortillas which are smaller bread immensely famous across Latin America.

We know that Asian people are actually more addicted to rice than bread. But being a vast part of the extended British Colony, the Asian people started accepting bread as a main eating ingredient, not as the only source of food, as one of the main sources of sustenance.

15 different types of bread

Now you have known the origin story of bread making; it is time to discuss the 15 different types of bread:

1. Banana bread and Zucchini bread

The first type of bread that earned its place at the top of our list is Banana bread. While many people like to make only banana bread, many also like to mix Zucchini. So, such a bread type is called Banana and Zucchini bread.

It is assumed that Banana bread and Zucchini bread first came into use in the United States of America in the 18th century. The bakers took hold of pearlash, a purified form of potash, so that they can generate carbon dioxide in the loaf.

Today, the bakers in America widely make this form of bread.  Its popularity has now peaked, and they celebrate February 23 as the national Banana bread day.

15 Different Types of Bread You Must Try Baking Once

2. French bread

Baguette or French bread is appropriate for generally every purpose. If you have set your foot at a French restaurant once in your life, we bet that you are quite familiar with a Baguette. So what is French bread or Baguette?

It is a loaf made of flour, salt, and water and looks almost like a stick. It is the practical embodiment of everything that is pure French. Its masticable exterior and the soft inside truly separates this kind of bread from several other types.

A Baguette is prepared with easy ingredients that are easy to use and can also be prepared at home without molding.

3. Breadstick

Now, from France, let’s go to Italy to see what they have in store for us. We can’t imagine any Italian lunch without pasta, and there are so many types of them. Similarly, a perfect Italian dinner is completely incomplete without this sapless and pencil-like bread.

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In recent times, the Americans have adopted this recipe from the Italians, and now they make them nice and hot, seasoned with garlic and salt used as a dessert. Soups and breadsticks are perfect to go together. They are the perfect crunchy delights you need to munch on with hot soup.


4. Brioche

We need to be forever grateful to the French people as they are the creator of Brioche. It is a kind of yeast bread traditionally filled with eggs and butter. Moreover, this Brioche goes way back into 1404, and now we notice its vast use in making hamburgers.

5. Challah

Now, Challah is related to Jewish belief, and it almost looks like a braid prepared with eggs. It is generally eaten by the Jew people on Sabbath or other special days. It went by the name of berches in the middle ages before the name Challah came in.

Challah seasoning is great with sesame seeds and poppy seeds which symbolize a specific food from God. Its origin goes back to Eastern Europe, and it is a part of the Ashkenazi Jewish cuisine.

6. Ciabatta

Again thanks to Italy, we got this amazing type of bread named Ciabatta, which indicates Slipper in the Italian language. Don’t be surprised by the name; it actually is a plane and wide type of bread which contributes to making sandwiches. It is new to the party and was invented in the 1980s.

7. Cornbread

Cornbread is bread formed with nicely crushed corn, wheat flour, eggs, and buttermilk. The Americans first invented this kind of bread. Another form of cornbread is formed in a skillet without yeast.

This crunchy and easily broken bread has one disadvantage. It should be consumed early as you cannot preserve it well.

8. Focaccia

Focaccia, too, is that kind of bread invented by the Italians. Its proper roots are not known, but it is assumed that the first instance may have been found in ancient Rome. It almost looks like a pizza. It is a plain yeast bread baked in ovens.

This bread is usually seasoned with rosemary, olive oil, and salt. They got the name Focaccia from the Latin word panis focacius, meaning ‘fireplace bread.’ Now it is available in various forms seasoned with olive, tomato, and mushroom.

9. Multigrain bread

This kind of bread is exactly what it means by the actual name. Different types of crops are required to process the multigrain bread. Barley, flax, millet, oats, wheat, and whole wheat flour are needed to create this amazing bread, along with others.

10. Pita bread

Pita bread is a kind of plain bread that is nice and fluffy. The first instance of this Pita bread goes way back into the Middle East, give or take 4000 years ago.

While baked in high heat, its inside fills with air, creating a chasm, generally filled with falafel and other things.

Pita bread

11. Pumpernickel

Now it’s time to say thanks to the Germans as they gave us the Pumpernickel bread. Generally, it is prepared with harshly chopped rye berries. Most people find the original recipe bothersome as the bread takes 24 hours to bake at a moderate temperature.

12. Rye bread

Rye bread is that type of bread that originated from rye crops. Usually, Rye has a mundane scent. Molasses and cocoa powder can greatly enhance the color and the scent.

You can also add Caraway seeds to get a more distinguished scent. A bun that is made from pure rye crops generally gets thick and bulky. So, if you want an easy bun, use bread flour along with rye crops.

13. Soda bread

Soda bread is that kind of bread that is directly related to St Patrick’s Day. This recipe is immensely popular across Ireland and the United States of America. The original soda bread has wheat flour, buttermilk, baking soda, and salt in it. In the states, they like to include raisins.

14. Sourdough

Its first instance was found in ancient Egypt in 1500 BC. This bread is formed with a lengthy fermentation technique with yeasts and lactobacilli, parts of the natural process. Moreover, this produces lactic acid, which provides its authenticity.

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Sourdough bread is immensely popular in the San Francisco bay area. It helps to digest foods and maintains blood sugar within range.

15. Whole Wheat

Whole Wheat bread is that kind of bread that causes no harm to your body. Unlike the other bread, it has fiber, protein, and vitamins in a large proportion. It contains a great deal of scent and fragrance.

Types of exotic bread in the world

In this article 15 different types of bread, we will now discuss some of the most exotic bread to try:

1. Arepa bread

This kind of bread people mainly consumes in Venezuela and Columbia.  Moreover, the main ingredient is cornmeal, and it is circular and plain in shape. You can prepare this bread as you like.

You can use beef and black beans as stuffing. Further, it is also healthy for your body as it is devoid of any gluten.

2. Bagels

Bagels are a slightly different kind of bread you need to boil in the water at first before baking. They almost look like donuts, circular, and have a dent in the middle. Moreover, there are various kinds of Bagels available in the market. Salmon fish or cream cheese goes best with Bagels. So, you must try such combinations and impress your tastebuds.

3. Chapati bread

Chapati bread is a type of Indian plain bread that is quite famous across the different states of India. It is generally fried and consumed along with curry. It is generally oil-free, but you can experiment with it by adding butter or ghee.

4. Damper bread

Damper bread is originally from Australia and generally contains flour, water, salt, and milk. They taste best when consumed with stew or meat.

Once, a group of people prepared it in an open-air fire in a camp. Moreover, it really is great in taste and you can use it with several accompaniments.

Most popular types of bread

In the article, 15 different types of bread, we will now inform you about the most popular types of bread around the world:

1. Texas Toast

The name may include toast, but actually, it is a diced and fat kind of bread. When we say fat, we mean a double kind of fat, unlike the other types of bread.

Usually, you need to dazzle the toast with butter until a golden color appears. Next, you must consume it with pork and garlic. This recipe is famous at barbeque parties. So, if you plan one soon, make sure you add this!

Moreover, restaurant owner Royce Hailey first invented the popular bread in Beaumont, Texas, in 1941.

15 Different Types of Bread You Must Try Baking Once

2. Roosterkoek

Roosterkoek is a South African dish that means grilled cake. It contains flour, salt, sugar, oil, and water. Further, these rounded balls of bread buns need butter battered and dazzled until burned just a little.

Roosterkoek tastes best when consumed boiling and battered with extra amounts of butter. Braai, a South African barbeque, is incomplete without this.

3. English Muffin

We bet that you may never even heard of the list of bread we told you about, but you definitely have heard of the English Muffins. This is a small, circular, and plain type of bread. Moreover, it is a great part of a typical English breakfast.

They get their rounded shapes manually or by the crumpet rings. After browned with moderate heat, you must cut them into pieces and eat for breakfast with butter.

You need English Muffins to make Egg Benedict. We recommend that you not cut these muffins into pieces with a knife. So, rather use a fork to do the same and have it just like the royals do.

4. Vasilopita

Vasilopita is a Greek dish which they consume on New Year’s Eve and what is unusual is that they insert a coin in it while baking. After cutting the bread, the man who discovers the coin gets great luck throughout the year!

Final thoughts

Now, you know about 15 different types of bread that people commonly consume and exotic ones. It is time you look for some of their recipes online and give them an authentic culinary touch to bake them. You can also look for the nearest bread bakers near you and order some online. Lastly, note that bread comes with quite an amount of carbs, and you must count your calories and add the best accompaniments to match it with.

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