Highest Protein Vegan Foods for Meat and Dairy Alternatives

Highest Protein Vegan Foods for Meat and Dairy Alternatives

Are you someone who consumes a vegan diet? Do you worry about the amount of protein you consume? Undoubtedly, a vegan diet might lack an adequate supply of proteins. So, we thought of highlighting our space today with the highest protein vegan foods that can keep you away from deficiency and any other health problems. Besides, all the high protein foods mentioned below will provide you with the right amount of nutrients and is undoubtedly fantastic for your health overall. Indeed, let’s not waste a minute more in finding out all the wonderful high protein foods!

15 Best Highest Protein Vegan Foods

Since the vegan diet lacks the source of protein from animals, it’s crucial to supply essential amino acids to keep the people who are on vegan diets healthy. So, here is a list of the highest protein vegan foods that’ll give you the right amount of nutrients.

Here are the following highest protein vegan foods:

Chia Seeds

Don’t you add a tablespoon of chia seeds to your smoothie? Well, if you haven’t started it yet, then start today! Even though chia seeds do not contain much protein, but the amino acids it contains are massive. Chia seeds hold all the nine amino acids in them, helping you curb hunger and even lower blood sugar levels. It includes a ratio of fats, fibers, and of course, proteins that can keep the blood sugar levels regular. More so, the ALA present in chia seeds can curb the chances of heart diseases too. By consuming one tablespoon of chia seeds, you will get 2. 5 grams of protein.

You can quickly try out a vegan smoothie blend and add around two tablespoons of chia seeds to get a boost of 5 grams protein in it.

Soy Products and Soybeans

Soy has made its way to the high protein vegetarian diet for weight loss for the enormous nutrition. You can either try out steamed soybeans in your curries, salads, and more dishes, or consume the soy milk in your cereal every morning. More so, you can try out the tofu recipes to provide yourself with an adequate amount of protein and other nutrients. Only half a cup of tofu can supply you with 10 grams of protein. And if you try out the fermented form of soy that is an Indonesian delicacy, tempeh provides you with 21 grams of protein. So, you can easily vouch for soybeans and its products as one of the highest protein vegan foods.

Hemp Seed

When you’re making a vegan protein sources chart, hemp seeds are a must inclusion. Besides supplying you with a significant amount of protein, hemp seeds can also help fight off heart problems, metabolic syndrome, and obesity. All of these benefits are possible because of the omega-3 fatty acids and fiber present in hemp seeds. Are you wondering how to consume them? Well, you can try sprinkling them over your cereals, salads or blend them in your smoothie each morning. Also, they are a great inclusion if you consume protein powder after your workout session. With each tablespoon of hemp seeds, you will get more than 3 grams of protein content.


Quinoa has made its way successfully in several diets, especially the vegan and vegetarian diet. You will find more than 1200 products of quinoa that is readily available in the market. Quinoa is an exceptional grain that has its origin back in ancient times. And recent discoveries are proving amazing facts about the nutritional value of quinoa. It is power-packed with loads of protein and other nutrients. More so, healthy fats can keep your heart in good health. It is also among the fiber-rich foods as it supplies a significant amount of fiber too.

Interestingly, quinoa can supply you with amino acid L-arginine, which can help promote the growth of muscles. Some proven studies done on animals show this significant benefit. If you’re thinking about how you need to eat quinoa, well then, there numerous ways to include in your diet. Try out the quinoa bowl tofu recipes, which is exceptionally nutritious and delicious. More so, try out a veggie patty can be a great option too, for your burger. Only by consuming half a cup of quinoa you will get almost 4 grams of protein.

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Highest Protein Vegan Foods

Ezekiel Bread

The Ezekiel bread is one of the best inclusions to the highest protein vegan foods. It is made out of wheat, beans, barley, millet, lentils, sprouted grains, spelled flour, and wheat. This type of bread contains eighteen amino acids, making it highly nutritious. You can make different types of sandwiches using this bread to supply yourself with all the nutrients. By consuming two slices of Ezekiel bread, you will get eight grams of protein content from it.


Hummus is made out of garbanzo beans and tahini. When seen individually, they do not prove to be a complete source of protein. But when you mix both the tahini and garbanzo beans, it is a full protein source known as hummus. They are a great option if you’re thinking of a bread spread. With each tablespoon of hummus, you will be getting more than one gram of protein. So, next time you think of a spread, try out hummus! They prove to be a better spread than many mayo, cheese, or mustard spreads.


Buckwheat is a good source of protein, and it can be included in the high protein vegetarian diet for weight loss. More so, it supplies you with a substantial amount of magnesium, which is an essential mineral for muscle growth and carbohydrate metabolism. Studies show that when you supply yourself with large amounts of magnesium, you can lower the insulin and fasting glucose level, both of which are connected to weight gain and body fat. Just half a cup of buckwheat in its cooked form can supply you with three grams of protein.

Are you wondering how to consume buckwheat? Here’s help! You can try out the Japanese soba noodles made out of buckwheat and stir fry them with some veggies to provide yourself with a perfect high protein vegan meal.


Spinach is a crucial inclusion in all diets, whether it is a high protein vegetarian diet plan or a vegan food chart, or a non-vegetarian meal plan. A small cup of spinach can supply you with the amount of protein a boiled egg supply. But you can obtain its nutrition the maximum, by consuming it raw. Cooking the spinach might lose out on its nutritional value. More so, you can benefit from eating spinach raw as it can help in calcium absorption and can even remove all bloating effects it might cause. One cup of raw spinach can supply you with five grams of protein. Try incorporating spinach in numerous dishes like stir-fries, omelets, salads, soups, and more.

Highest Protein Vegan Foods

Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a chock-full source of lycopene, an antioxidant that can reduce stomach, skin, prostate, lung, and gall bladder cancer. More so, it can help you keep away from any coronary artery ailments too. It contains a significant amount of fiber and potassium that can meet the ¾ of the RDA, which can help repair body tissues and improve heart health. With one cup of sun-dried tomatoes, you can get almost six grams of protein. Add them to your burgers and sandwiches to stir your tastebuds. You can even try adding them to your homemade salsa too!


Fruits are one of the best inclusions for a healthy diet. And guava is one of the highest protein vegan foods that can provide other nutrients too.

One guava contains nine grams of fiber and just 112 calories. More so, it can supply you with more than 600% of the daily vitamin intake of vitamin C, which is almost comparable to 7 medium-sized oranges. One cup of guava can give you more than 4 grams of protein. So, don’t waste a minute more in adding this to your vegan protein sources chart.

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Artichokes count among the high protein foods and come with a lot of other nutrients too. It is an excellent source of fiber that can kill the body’s hunger hormones, which can result in you losing weight. Artichoke hearts contain more fiber than kale possesses. By consuming one medium-sized artichoke, you will be getting 4.2 grams of protein. More so, it can also meet 40% of the daily intake an average woman requires. How to cook artichoke can be a tricky question, but once you reveal that secret, it counts as one of the best high protein veggie inclusion.


Do you love eating those green pearls in your foods? Doesn’t that bring an appealing look to the dish you’re eating? It is a high protein food that can nourish you with more protein than a cup of spinach provides. Also, it contains a lot of vitamin C, which meets up to 100% of humans’ daily vitamin intake. So, with the ongoing pandemic and everyone trying to boost up their immune system, peas are a must inclusion. By adding one cup of peas to your dishes, you can get eight grams of protein content.

Peas are a versatile food that can easily fit into any of your dishes. They merge well with curries, pasta, noodles, soups, salads, or even tastes scrumptious by simply tossing them with salt and pepper. You can eat peas as a mid-day snack and be sure to provide yourself healthy food.


Lentils are a great option when thinking about a vegan or high protein vegetarian diet plan. With a massive supply of proteins and many more nutrients, lentils are touted as the best nutritious food. More so, you can drink lentil soup to remain full and speed up your weight loss process. Some researches show that consuming legumes can increase weight loss and even keep your cholesterol levels in control. By drinking a cup of lentil soup, you’ll be getting more than seventeen grams of protein. Isn’t that amazing? If you haven’t added lentils to your diet chart yet, add them right away!


Do you what triticale is? If not, then let us tell you! It is a whole grain that is a wheat and rye hybrid. It is power-packed with 12 grams of protein that can provide your brain with boosting iron, healthy heart fibers, and potassium and magnesium that can bust bloating. Once you start discovering the benefits of triticale, it’ll indeed become your all-time favorite.

You can try out a triticale recipe using its berries instead of rice with a toss of freshly cut ginger, shiitake mushrooms, cloves, and soy sauce. It’s an Asian dish prepared in an oven, but you can always bake it with the ingredients mentioned above. Also, triticale cereals are a new product that has made its way to numerous vegan diets. By consuming ¼ cup of triticale, you’re getting almost six grams of protein.


Think of a vegan diet plan, and you cannot miss out on nuts. Also, it acts like a natural pill that can help you with weight loss. More so, a study conducted on obese and overweight adults were given a restricted-calorie diet with ¼th cup of nuts regularly showed a significant decrease in weight. This study was done in comparison to adults given safflower oil and complex carbohydrates for two long weeks. More so, adults who consumed nuts for than 24weeks showed 62% more weight loss and BMI.

By consuming one ounce of almonds, you can get around six grams of protein. So, you can vouch on almonds to supply your body with protein and other nutrients too.

Highest Protein Vegan Foods

Final Thoughts

With all the best highest protein vegan foods, you indeed have several items to choose from. So, include all these high protein foods in your diet and supply your body with all the nutrients.

But always remember to consume them in the right amounts to avoid any of the side effects. More so, you can also consult a dietician to know the exact amounts your body requires daily.

All the foods mentioned above are versatile and can be made into several tasty recipes. So, try a new recipe each day and let us know how they turned out to be in the comment section below!

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