Benefit of Black Tea: Is Black Tea Good for Health?

Benefit of Black Tea: Is Black Tea Good for Health?

A common and preferable beverage across the globe is black tea. Some people have an exceptional fascination with the kind, flavor, and aroma of black tea. But do you know that this extraordinarily favorite beverage can provide you with health benefits too? Yes, you read that correctly! Not only will you give your soul relief by sipping into your black tea, but you will also enjoy its goodness. So, today we will tell you each benefit of black tea, and you’ll be in complete awe to see how great black tea is as a beverage! Hang in there to know it all!

Benefit of Black Tea

Black tea comes with a lot of beneficial ingredients that are good for your health overall. So, you need to consume tea without sugar and milk to enjoy all its benefits.

Here is a list of every potential benefit of black tea:

Keeps heart healthy

Black tea contains flavones that keep your heart healthy. Several experts suggest that consuming three cups of black tea a day helps in reducing the chances of heart ailments.

More so, the benefit of black tea over cardiovascular mortality, myocardial infarction, and ischemia is highly effective.

benefits of black tea

Lowers the chances of ovarian cancer

Black tea contains theaflavins that help in preventing the production of cancer cells in the ovary. The Roswell Park Cancer Institute, USA, conducted a study on a few women participants. They were given 2 cups of black tea every day and saw a decline in chances of having ovarian cancer cell production by 30%.

Lowers the chances of diabetes

Are you wondering what is black tea good for? Well, you can enjoy the benefit of black tea to lower the chances of type 2 diabetes.

You should know that black tea possesses high amounts of theaflavins and catechins. These ingredients help your body boost beta cell production that can regulate the levels of blood glucose. More so, it also helps in increasing insulin sensitivity. Both of these benefits help in lowering the chances of diabetes.

 Helps in Boosting your immune system

With the ongoing pandemic and all of us having to boost our immune system, black tea can help tremendously.

Black tea is high in antioxidants that can fight off free radicals. You should know that free radicals destroy normal cell functioning and mutate DNA. All of which can cause stress and increase inflammation.

So, you can consume black tea to boost up your immune system and restore the cells in your body.

benefits of black tea

 Helps in Lowering Blood Pressure

Black tea contains ingredients that work wonderfully to reduce blood pressure levels. Several studies show that consuming black tea can help in reducing both diastolic and systolic reading.

So, you can enjoy the benefit of black tea to reduce high blood pressure levels. However, to avoid black tea disadvantages, you should consume the beverage in moderate amounts.

Increases Mental Alertness

Generally, teas contain I-theanine that helps in modulating mental alertness and improves brain functioning. Moreover, the caffeine content in black tea also helps to improve your mental alertness.

Several studies show that people who consumed black tea for a while had improved visual alertness, increase attention span, and improved auditory attention.


Keeps your bone healthy

Your bones start to decline as you keep putting on age. Some scientists suggest that drinking black tea can helps in restoring bone density.

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So, you reduce the chances of bone fracture and also curb the chances of osteoporosis.

Some studies done on rats showed an increase in bone density. So, if you have made it to your 30s, start incorporating black tea into your daily diet.

You will see a reduced chance of fractures, prevent osteoporosis, and preserves the bone density. More so, you can reduce the chances of hip fracture by consuming black tea.

Reduces the chances of Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative problem. It mostly happens to older adults.

Experts say that the polyphenols present in black tea can provide you with a neuroprotective effect on your brain.

However, black tea contains caffeine that leaves an inverse effect on people with Parkinson’s disease.

Keeps the Digestive System Healthy

Keeping your gut healthy can save you from several health disorders and diseases. So, you can get the benefit of black tea to keep your gut in good health.

Black tea contains polyphenols that act as prebiotics that help to feed the good bacteria. Moreover, polyphenols help in preventing the growth of any harmful bacteria.

Black tea also helps in reducing the chances of stomach cancer, esophageal cancer and also cures stomach ulcers. However, there are more evidential studies required in humans.

benefits of black tea

Helps in lowering Cholesterol Levels

If you follow an unhealthy food habit, then you can increase the levels of bad cholesterol in your blood. More so, this increase in bad cholesterol can create a plaque buildup in your artery walls. All of which can cause strokes, ischemic attacks, and heart attacks.

So, studies show that you can reduce the level of bad cholesterol by 11.1% by consuming black tea.

Also, you will find studies to show that black tea is beneficial for people who are obese and have high chances of heart ailments.

Helps in Weight Loss

Is black tea good for weight loss? Well, yes! Obesity can lead to multiple health problems such as PCOS, heart ailments, diabetes, high cholesterol, and much more.

So, you can enjoy the benefit of black tea to reduce weight to reduce the chances of any health ailments.

Studies show that black tea can be beneficial to burn off the visceral fat. You can enjoy this benefit of black tea because it helps to reduce the inflammation-inducing genes.

More so, you can regulate your triglyceride levels too by consuming black tea. So, start introducing black tea in the correct dosage to enjoy its weight loss benefits.

Curbs the chances of kidney stones

Kidney stones can indeed be very painful. You can get kidney stones due to the accumulation of uric acid, oxalate, and calcium deposition. When your body starts to have an increase in these substances, you get kidney stones.

Black tea contains a lower level of oxalate in comparison to any herbal tea. Moreover, relevant studies show that you reduce the chances of kidney stones by having black. But the research is limited and requires more evidential study. So, you should consult your doctor before consuming black tea to treat kidney stones.

Keeps skin healthy

The black tea benefits for skin are immense. You can fight off blemishes and pimples by consuming black tea.

Moreover, it also helps to prevent your skin from aging. The presence of tannins and polyphenols in the black tea helps new skin cells to form.

You can consume black tea to prevent any skin infections for its microbial properties. Also, you can reduce any eye puffiness by having black tea. So, start incorporating black tea into your daily diet to keep your skin in good health.

Keeps hair healthy

Black tea naturally contains antioxidative properties and caffeine. Both these contents in black tea can keep your hair healthy overall.

It helps in promoting hair growth, preventing hair fall, and also curbing the chances of dandruff. Black tea contains properties that make it a perfect natural conditioner. You can either drink or apply this beverage to your hair to enjoy the benefit of black tea.

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Black Tea Vs. White Tea vs Green Tea

Tea sellers harvest the white tea leaves at a much younger age in comparison to black tea leaves. The leaves of black tea are oxidized completely, while the green tea leaves are slightly more processed than the white ones.

Since processing can destroy the antioxidative power of the tea leaves, the benefits of green tea are higher than black tea. The white tea leaves contain the most amount of antioxidative properties. However, you can always consume these three kinds of tea leaves to enjoy each of their benefits.

If you wish to know about the taste, then you should keep in mind that the white tea has a sweeter and subtle flavor in comparison to black and green leaves.

The black tea leaves contain the most amount of caffeine in comparison to green and white tea leaves.

black tea benefits

How to Choose Black tea?

Now that you know the benefits of black tea and how different it is from the white and green tea leaves. Let us check out the quick tips to select the best black tea:

  • The leaves of the black tea must not contain moisture
  • Try selecting the black tea leaves that are long and have golden or silver tips
  • If you prefer a strong taste in your black tea, go for the Assam or Darjeeling tea leaves. Otherwise, if you like a subtle flavor, choose the Chinese black tea leaves
  • You should check out the color of your black tea. It must have a lovely aroma and a bright tint
  • If you want to enjoy the benefits of black tea with milk, select the crush-tear-curl black tea leaves

How to Store Black tea?

Once you are done choosing your favorite black tea, it is time you know how to store them. So, let us check the tips to keep in mind to store the black tea leaves well:

  • One of the most crucial tips to store the black tea leaves well is to keep them far from air and moisture. If you expose the leaves to extreme temperatures, the black tea leaves are bound to lose their flavor and aroma
  • Please keep them in containers that are made of tin
  • If you wish to store the black tea leaves for more than one year, then place them in a zip lock bag. Then put the leaves into a tin container and keep it in the refrigerator
  • Also, you can keep the black tea leaves for a long time in any flask that is vacuum tight
  • Another way that keeps your tea leaves fresh is to try to keep a small charcoal piece and place it in the tea leaves container. By doing this, you can be sure to absorb any moisture in the tin container
  • You can even store the black tea leaves in an earthen pot. Then place some lime powder to allow it to absorb the moisture.

How to Prepare Black Tea?

Let us now check out the way to prepare black tea:

  1. First, take around one cup of water and allow it to boil. The water measurement should be one cup for each person
  2. In the meantime, take about 1/4th teaspoon of black tea leaves and put it into the tea infuser
  3. Now put the tea infuser inside your teapot
  4. Then pour out the boiling water into the teapot and place the lid
  5. Let it steep for about five to six minutes
  6. Take the tea infuser out of the pot and cover it for another steep
  7. Wait for a minute, and then serve it in your favorite cup.

Quick Tips to Use Black Tea

Here are five quick tips to keep in mind before preparing the best tea:

  • Try to use half or 1/4th teaspoon of the black tea leaves for each person to enjoy its flavor and aroma
  • To enjoy all the black tea benefits, try to drink it without any sugar or milk
  • Try to steep your black tea for around five to six
  • Always use a lid to cover the tea when you are steeping
  • Never boil the black tea leaves

Final Thoughts

Black tea can provide you with each of its benefits. But it would help if you consumed it in moderate amounts to avoid the black tea disadvantages.

Always keep in mind to buy black tea leaves lose but from trusted brands. Only then you will enjoy the aroma and flavor of black tea. So, start ordering your black tea leaves today to avail its vast benefits.

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