Want To Know About Vincent’s Pizza?  Profile, Review, Menu, Food Delivery & Everything!

Want To Know About Vincent’s Pizza? Profile, Review, Menu, Food Delivery & Everything!

Have you been a pizza lover? If you are looking for the best and premium quality pizzas in Shirley, New York, United States, do not forget to taste Vincent’s Pizza. Since 1978, Vincent’s family had been involving in serving pizzas in Italian style. However, the story did not start in 1978, and we will discuss it in detail. You can taste one of the best combinations of the traditional Italian pizzas by choosing from a wide variety of favorites and fresh pizzas. This family guarantees for quality and freshness of pizzas that it serves to its customers. Therefore, in this article, I will give a piece of detailed information on Vincent’s Pizzeria.

How It All Started? Vincent’s Profile:

In 1962, Vincent’s family operated and owned a Pizzeria business in Lynbrook. The aim was to provide the best quality Italian pizzas covering the tastes of pasta, chicken, fish, veal, and steaks. Vincent Caruzone, with his brother, started a pizzeria restaurant business in 1962. But in 1978, Vincent realized that it was his dream to open Vincent’s Pizzeria and restaurant. Therefore, his wife, Guiseppina, helped him do that. After some years of starting, both sons of this couple, Joseph and Steven, started working with them from time to time. To date, Joseph is with Vincent to run a restaurant. Vincent had brought some old recipes from Italy. However, some recipes are developed by him throughout his working experience. Vincent’s family guarantees that nothing has changed about quality and freshness. Today, anyone who eats at Vincent’s gets the fresh, high quality, and incredible pizza dishes for sure.

What Makes Vincent’s Family Best In Pizza Making?

If you have eaten pizzas at Vincent’s restaurant, you must agree this family gives a standard quality pizza at reasonable prices. Therefore, to know more about how what makes Vincent’s Family best, let’s discuss its services and offers. 

Vincent’s family says that if you are looking for the best quality pizzas in Shirley, New York, United States, don’t hesitate to visit Vincent’s Pizza. There is no compromise with the quality and freshness of ingredients and vegetables we use to make yummy pizzas. 

Vincent’s restaurant offers the following services and offers.

  1. In Premises Lunch/Dinner:- at Vincent’s, you can eat fresh and healthy pizzas with tasty and delicious sauces and your favorite wine. This restaurant offers its services from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM (Sunday to Thursday) and from 10:00 AM to 11:PM on Friday and Saturday.
  2. Pick Up Parcel:- from Vincent’s restaurant, the customers like you can pick up your order to take your pizzas at your home. If you have ordered Vincent’s pizzas, they will wrap pizzas in the paper, and they take orders by hand on sheets of computer paper. 
  3. Catering Services:- people, who have interests in off-premise catering services, can contact Vincent’s restaurant to order. Thanks to their partnership with Knights Of Columbus, and they can offer their customers banquets, halls, and places for their occasions like weddings, birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, christenings, showers, or any of parties.
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What Do People Say About Vincent’s Pizza?

In this section, I will share honest reviews. These reviews are given by people who got satisfied with Vincent’s restaurant. This section is informative by sourcing public reviews. 

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How Is Work Ethics?

Customers and people who have seen Vincent’s struggle and services say that he works whole week hustling for many years. Whenever they tried to employ peoples, they faced many issues in teaching them to prepare the same pizzas, which could meet their quality. It shows that this family works for the customers.

Commitment For Quality:

To make things clear about the commitment, you need to understand their quality and preparation for pizzas. To maintain the quality and taste of the restaurant, they focus on two things pizza and salad. 

Dough Of Pizza:

For satisfaction (that they don’t serve unhealthy foods that are not fresh), they prepare dough every day. They don’t keep anything frozen for the next day. 


This restaurant has its sauce recipe. Vincent had learned a few tweaks for the recipe from his uncle in California.

How It Became Famous?

You may have seen Vincent’s restaurant, and taste mean a lot to people in that area. It happened because they prepared pizzas for everyone, from kids, steel mills workers, young couples, for everyone.

When it all started, there were a few restaurants. Therefore, people used to be there. There were so many stories of people who had been there for their first date.

Control Over Quality:
  • Whatever you eat at Vincent’s pizzeria, like pizzas, salad, pasta, or sauces, are made fresh and served on their premises. So, there is a guarantee for freshness. 
  • At Vincent’s pizzeria, they use extra virgin olive oil to make pizzas cholesterol-free. They allow everyone to know what they added to make delicious dishes. 
  • They use real mozzarella cheese that guarantees 100% part-skim.
  • They use freshly packed tomatoes, imported fresh pecorino cheese.
Homemade Menu:

Like, I have already discussed sauce and other recipes that they have prepared on their premises, the whole menu of Vincent’s restaurant is homemade. They have prepared a homemade menu for pizzas and traditional Italian dishes.

What Is Sweet Pizza?

When you order a thin crust pizza, it comes with a little filo pastry roll around the crust. These pizzas are sweet because they use sweet potatoes inside. It must be interesting for you. Isn’t it?

What Is The Secret Of Success Of Vincent’s Pizzeria?

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Vincent says there is only one way to see success in this business, and it is the best quality of food. They have committed to providing quality food in a professional and friendly atmosphere. They are waiting to hear your complaint if you think the pizza was not, as per the standardized taste and quality. When customers can’t find foods according to their expectations, they can let this family know about the quality. Therefore, to keep everything in their control, they have hired friendly staff members that help you make your dining experience memorable and enjoyable.

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Why Their Pizzas Are Best?

Their pizzas are tasty, delicious, and yummy because they prepare each pizza with love and loyalty to serve their customers. Their pizzas, like individual hand-tossed, crust, and stuffed, have won awards. 

If you have entered Vincent’s Pizza, you don’t have to worry about the quality and quantity. Because of their handcrafted pizzas, they have got a fan-base.

Menu Items At Vincent’s Pizzeria:

The list of menu items is quite long. Here, in this section, I have given categories of foods that you can order and eat at Vincent’s Pizzeria. However, each category includes dozens of recipes and dishes that you can order there. When you think to order Vincent’s pizza, you must consider the following food categories and menu of this cuisine. 

  1. Pizza
  2. Specialty Pizza
  3. Stuffed Pizza
  4. Calzone
  5. Stromboli
  6. Steaks Sandwiches
  7. Hot Sandwiches
  8. Specialty Sandwiches
  9. Hodges
  10. Gyros
  11. Wraps
  12. Burgers
  13. Kids Meal
  14. Appetizers
  15. Salads
  16. Entrees
  17. Pasta Entrees
  18. Deserts
  19. Beverages
  20. Catering Menu

What Is Serving Time At Vincent’s Pizzeria?

When I said this restaurant has a wide range of menu categories, each category has many dishes, that does not mean it takes a long time to serve you your ordered foods. For example, if you order a large pizza with backed pasta, it will take approximately 30 minutes for them to give your pizzas to you.

What Is Fund Raiser @ Vincent’s Pizzeria?

Have you ever thought about planning a fundraiser at any restaurant? It is what you can know more about Vincent’s pizzeria.

Being a neighbor means helping each other, and it is what Vincent’s family believes. It serves two fundraising programs for school, music programs, sports team equipment, and people working to cure the diseases. They host this fundraiser, and one has to promote it. They donate back 15% of sales generated to the organization. All you need to do is to let others know about enjoying delicious Italian cuisine. So, you can help yourself in generating funds for yourself. You can tell your groups to present their flyer or phone so that cashier does accordingly. In simple words, when you bring more people, you receive more funds.

Vincent’s Pizzeria:

You can contact this family restaurant on its official contact number 215 – 721 – 7949 for fast pick up. You can also contact the restaurant for catering services if you require one in your community. Vincent’s pizzeria is one of the best places to take dinner and lunch in Shirley, New York, United States.

Final Thoughts:

Have you tasted Vincent’s Pizza? If you live in Shirley, New York, United States, but still have not visited Vincent’s Pizzeria, you must try once. Have you ever heard of sweet pizza? If not, then you must try this delicious dish offered by Vincent’s family. This restaurant offers catering services so that you can manage your occasions without getting delayed in preparing tasty foods in a short time. Do not forget to share your experiences with people when this restaurant meets your expectations.

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