A Diet Plan for Losing Weight for Both Men and Women

A Diet Plan for Losing Weight for Both Men and Women

Do you want to lose some extra pounds? Selecting a diet plan for losing weight can be puzzling because of the number of diets available today. But here have curated the best three-step diet plan and much more that’ll help you lose weight quickly.

All the steps we have mentioned below are scientifically proven and also approved by numerous doctors. It would help if you kept in mind that losing around one to two pounds of weight in one week is safe and effective for the long-term. So, let us check out what ideally a diet plan for losing weight should look like. Please scroll down to reveal the secret of your weight loss process!

A Diet Plan for Losing Weight

Choosing a suitable diet plan for yourself can be a difficult task. You can decide upon losing weight and select any diet plan. But to stick to a particular diet chart that suits your regime and bodily needs can be challenging.

Here we have come with three steps that are effective in losing weight and can be termed as a quick diet plan. Please scroll down to know what the three effective steps for losing weight are:

Reduce consuming refined carbs

When looking for a diet for weight loss for female and male, the primary step is to cut down on your carbs consumption. All you need to do is stop consuming any starches, sugars, or badcarbohydrates.

You can try choosing a diet plan that involves a low amount of carb consumption, or you can easily replace the refined carbs with whole grains.

This happens to be an easy way to keep your hunger level low and eventually to have a low-calorie intake.

When you follow a diet plan that is low in carbs, your body is using up the fat stored in your body.

While choosing a diet plan for losing weight, keep in mind to always consume complex carbs. That’s because when you consume whole grains, they are rich in fiber and yet have a low-calorie count. This helps you to keep yourself full and yet remain satisfied for really long.

A study done in 2020 concluded that a deficient carb diet effectively affected older adults for losing weight.

Some more researches also conclude that by consuming a low carbohydrate diet, you can keep your appetite in check, which results in you consuming very low calories. Further, not worrying much about the calorie you are consuming or the feeling of hunger.

But it would help if you kept in mind that being on a low carb diet for a very long time needs more research. That’s because certain evidence shows that it might result in a yo-yo diet when you’re consuming a low-carb diet. Wondering what a yo-yo diet is? Well, it is a diet plan that is not successful in maintaining a healthy weight.

Consume veggies, lean protein, and fat

It would help if you keep your meals supplied with

  • One protein source
  • One fat source
  • Plenty of veggies
  • One tiny portion of complex carbs like whole grains.

Now that we have given you a glimpse of how your quick weight loss diet plan should look. Let’s check out in detail about all these inclusions in your diet.


It would help if you had a significant protein intake daily to keep your muscle mass intact and ensure a healthy weight loss.

Researchers say that if you consume a significant amount of protein daily, you may have improved body weight, cardiometabolic risks, and appetite.

Below we have given you the exact amounts of protein intake that’ll help you not consume a lot. Your body needs might indeed differ from another person, but here we have given you a general idea of what an average healthy person requires:

  • An average male requires around 56 to 91 grams of protein in a day;
  • And an average healthy female requires 46 to 75 grams of protein in one day.
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Some of the other advantages of consuming a sufficient amount of protein are:

  • Can curb obsessive thoughts and cravings of foods by a massive percentage of 60,
  • Helps to keep you full for a long time
  • It helps to reduce late-night cravings by more than half.

It was seen in a study that people who were maintaining a high protein diet had consumed 441 calories lesser.

A Diet Plan for Losing Weight

A few healthy sources of protein are:

  • Meat Sources: Lamb, chicken, beef, and pork
  • Seafood and Fishes Sources: You can consume shrimp, salmon, and trout.
  • Egg: You need to consume eggs with its yolk.
  • Plant-based protein Sources: Some of the healthy plant-based protein sources are tofu, quinoa, legumes, tempeh, and beans.
  • Green Leafy Veggies

When you’re on a diet plan for losing weight, don’t forget to load it up with many veggies. Most green veggies are power-packed with essential nutrients that are good for you. More so, if you plan to make a simple meal plan to lose weight consuming lots of veggies will keep you full and yet supply you with a low-calorie count.

Some of the low-carb veggies to include in a diet plan for losing weight are:

  • Cauliflower
  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Tomatoes
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Swiss chard
  • Cabbage
  • Cucumber
  • Lettuce

As we finish all the healthy veggies that you can consume to remain healthy, let us check out the healthy fats you should eat.

Healthy fats

Consuming healthy fats is also essential when thinking of following a detailed or straightforward diet plan to lose weight.

Your body requires everything, including fats too. But it would help if you watched the amounts of healthy fats you’re consuming. Avocado oil and olive oil are some great healthy options you can try out on a weight loss diet plan.

Some more healthy fats you can consume are coconut oil and butter. But be sure to have them in moderate amounts as they contain a very high amount of saturated fat.

Include Exercise

Numerous diet plans to lose do not encourage the inclusion of exercise. But since we are focusing on a diet plan for losing weight, that is the best and most effective. So, we highly recommend you to include exercise along with dietary changes you make.

Lifting a few weights and following a balanced diet will help you in weight loss and have other health benefits.

When you’re lifting weights, you’re undoubtedly losing out on a lot of calories. You are helping your metabolism boost up, which is a common phenomenon when you’re on a weight loss diet.

Ideally, visiting the gym thrice or five times in one week is best. But if you’re a new gym-goer, try to take the advice of your trainer. That’s because you might try out some exercises which may cause harm to you. Also, remember to keep your dietician informed about the activities you’re trying out at the gym.

If you’re not a weight lifting person, trying out some cardio exercises can also prove to be very useful. Some of the cardio exercises you can try out are swimming, running, cycling, jogging, and brisk walking. Apart from providing you with weight loss benefits, it keeps your body healthy overall.

How many calories to consume?

As you now know the three most effective steps, you must follow when on a weight loss process, let us check out how you need to control portions and calories.

If you’re looking for a full-prove weight loss diet plan, then you need to keep a check on the number of calories you’re consuming in each meal. However, when you’re on a low-carb diet plan, counting your calorie intake isn’t that necessary. That’s because when you’re on a low carb diet, your intake specifies low-calorie foods and mostly contains healthy fats and lots of protein.

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But it’s always best you speak to a dietician to check out the ideal calorie intake for you. He/she will check your sex, age, height, weight, BMI, and other factors and determine your ideal calorie intake.

It’s always safe not to try out the seven-day diet plan for weight loss or any other plan all by yourself. Your doctor is the best person who can tell you what the right amount of consumption is and also what is a healthy weight for your body.

Always keep in mind when you’re going on an extremely low-calorie diet, you might have other health problems. So, do not risk yourself by trying out any plan alone.

9 Effective Weight Loss Tips

When you plan on a diet plan for losing weight, you need to keep specific points in mind. Wondering what they are? Here we have brought you nine useful weight loss tips that’ll keep you healthy and encourage weight loss.

Here are the following tips for weight loss:

Include lots of protein in breakfast

Since morning shows the day and you need lots of energy to perform all your daily activities, you should have a high protein breakfast. When you consume a breakfast that rich in protein content, your calorie intake reduces overall in the entire day. More so, you can get the perfect boost and energy until lunchtime.

Avoid fruit juice and sugary drinks

If you’re on a simple meal plan for weight loss or a rigid process of losing weight, you need to avoid drinking any sugary drinks and fruit juice. That’s because these are full of sugar and preservatives, which are harmful to your weight loss process. More so, they have other side effects too.

Consume water before any meal

A study review concluded that if you consume water just before any meal, the calorie consumption reducing, which is useful when you’re on a weight loss process.

 Select low-calorie foods

Always choose the foods that are low in calories and do not contain artificial fats. You can also go for the weight loss foods that are healthy and beneficial for a weight loss program.

Consume soluble fibers

Soluble fibers are effective for weight loss. So, include lots of fiber in your diet to help you lose weight faster. But always remember to consume foods that are rich in fiber rather than consuming the supplements of fibers.

Avoid drinking tea or coffee

Caffeine is not a healthy option to maintain good health. Caffeinated drinks like coffee indeed have help boosting up your metabolism, but it’s best you keep away from these drinks as much as possible.

Consume whole foods

Always fill your meals with all the whole foods. Try to avoid processed and packaged foods as much as possible. That’s because processed foods contain artificial foods and are not a healthy option for you.

 Chew slowly

Always remember to consume your meals with time. When you eat fast, you might end up gaining a lot of weight during a time. Whereas, consuming your foods slowly and chewing them well will make sure you’re full for longer and boost your weight-reducing hormones.

Sleep Well

Having a good sleep is essential for your health. If you do not have a proper sleep, you might have several health problems and obesity being one of the greatest.

This brings us to the end of all the easy and simple tips for effective and healthy weight loss. Remember to follow all these meticulously to ensure a healthy weight loss process.

Final Thoughts

One of the best and quickest ways to lose weight is by replacing all the refined carbs with complex carbs. You’ll find yourself full for long and not feel hungry too soon. By implying this into your simple meal plan to lose weight, you will eradicate the significant reasons that often make it difficult to follow a diet plan.  More so, by consuming lots of protein, healthy fats, low carb veggies, and foods, you can lose excess fat. Besides making the necessary changes in your diet plan, remember to include exercise to speed up the weight loss process.

As we conclude how ideally a diet plan for losing weight should look like, follow all these tips above to have a healthy weight loss process. Remember to keep your doctor informed about your whereabouts to ensure your weight loss regime is correct and apt for your health!

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