Types of Cheese at Subway That Make Yummiest Sandwiches

Types of Cheese at Subway That Make Yummiest Sandwiches

We all love Subway. From the Oven Roasted Turkey to the Black Forest Ham – all of their sandwiches are equally delectable. The secret behind their appetizing sandwiches is their selection of cheese. Curious to know about the various types of cheese at Subway that make your sandwiches so flavorsome? Here’s a cheese fanatic’s guide to the best cheese types that Subway has to offer!

Subway Cheeses for Cheese Lovers

Your love for tasty, creamy, and delicious cheese is a never-ending affair. Be it melted, grated, or sliced – you find cheese irresistible in every form. And being an esteemed fast-food chain, Subway knows that the right cheese can make all the difference.

For instance, their freshly baked cookies are one-of-a-kind because of the cheddar cheese they use. Likewise, shredded feta with Subway’s fresh salad is a match made in heaven. What are the other types of cheese at Subway that enhance the taste of your favorite snacks? Let’s find out!

But we warn you that by the time you finish reading this, you’ll have a solid craving for something cheesy.

1. American Cheese

American Cheese is the popular cheese used by Subway to prepare a variety of mouth-watering sandwiches. It has a rich and creamy texture with a mild flavor that makes it an ideal choice for these sandwiches:

  • Meatball Marinara
  • Sweet Onion Teriyaki
  • Cheese and Steak

Hence, if you feel like eating an extra creamy sandwich to tantalize your taste buds, Subway won’t disappoint you. A wrap containing American Cheese is what you need to fulfill your cravings. A reason why fast-food chains like Subway prefer American cheese is that it melts quickly.

2. Feta Cheese

Do you want your sandwich to taste different than the usual ones? Then ask the Subway staff to replace the regular cheese with some feta cheese. However, feta cheese may not be available in all Subway outlets. So, before you place your order, ask beforehand if they have it there.

Wondering what type of Subway dishes can you have with feta cheese? Although you can add feta cheese to any sandwich, it is a satiating garnisher for eggs, salads, and pasta. As feta cheese has a tangy flavor, it will make your pizzas more enjoyable.

3. Swiss Cheese

Swiss cheese, a must-try yummy cheese, is easy to spot because of its extra-large holes. This is the cheese that Jerry always stole in the Tom and Jerry cartoon show. Swiss cheese is always in demand not only because of its appearance but also because of its rich taste.

The cheese is a harmonious blend of nuttiness and sweetness. Swiss cheese’s beauty lies in its flavor which is distinguishable but not powerful. So, you may put some Swiss cheese on sweeter or spicier options like teriyaki.

4. Mozzarella Cheese

Mozzarella is one of those types of cheese at Subway that has a subtle yet moderately sour taste. It is another cheese option Subway offers its customers, but not all stores will have it.

Although not one of the popular selections, accomplished chefs love to use mozzarella. That’s because it will not overpower the varied flavors of your palatable sandwich. Moreover, it pairs well with several veggies and meats and it is indubitably among the most versatile cheeses.

Types of Cheese at Subway

5. Monterey Cheddar

Subway’s Monterey cheddar cheese is not like regular cheddar cheese. It is tangier and sharper in taste than American cheese. As it is made from whole milk, the fat content in Monterey is also higher than American cheese. Subway’s chefs commonly use Monterey cheese in multiple preparations and you will find it in many locations.

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The special melting process makes this cheese the creamiest, making it a mandatory ingredient in turkey sandwiches at Subway. Curious to know what kind of taste you should expect? The light cheddar cheese is white and has a buttery flavor with a mild tang. If you become a fan of its subtle flavor, feel free to add some Monterey cheddar to other items from Subway’s menu.

6. Cheddar Cheese

One of the most widely used cheeses around the globe is cheddar cheese. It is even more popular in the United States where people use it for all kinds of sandwiches. From grilled cheese sandwiches to breakfast sandwiches – this cheese is an obvious choice. So, the cheese used in most Subway sandwiches is cheddar cheese.

As far as the taste is concerned, cheddar cheese is slightly tangy and generally sweet. It can easily accompany any meat or veggie with ease. So, be it a Cold Cut Combo or a Veggie Delight – this yum cheese is irreplaceable.

7. Pepper Jack Cheese

Is it one of those days when you want to have something spicy to spice up your evening? Then Subway is just one call away to send you a sandwich with pepper jack cheese. As the name suggests, pepper jack cheese has peppers and that’s where the spiciness comes from. It is this peppery taste that can transform the taste of any boring sandwich or wrap.

8. Provolone Cheese

Most cheeses described so far are known for their subtle flavors that can blend easily with any sandwich. But provolone is the one for those who require a robust cheese that’ll make every bite unforgettable.

A semi-hard type of cheese, provolone is sweet, sharp, and buttery. The distinct flavors in it ensure that the taste of the cheese stands out in any dish. However, it pairs so beautifully with Subway veggies and meats that you must relish it at least once.

Subway cheese price

The cost of cheese depends on the kind of food you buy at Subway. If you order a salad or sandwich, you won’t have to pay for the cheese separately. The price you pay for your sandwich already includes the cheese’s price in it.

This does not mean you can’t have more cheese if you feel like having it. You can request them to give an extra portion of cheese. Note that the cost will vary as per the location and therefore, you must ask before placing your order.

Another thing that determines the cost of cheese is the kind of cheese used in a recipe. In that case, different types of cheese at Subway will have diverse prices based on their availability. For example, cheddar and mozzarella cheeses are less expensive than the other options.

Tastiest Subway Breads

High-quality cheese, tender meat, crunchy veggies, fresh bread, and savory sauce together make a top-notch sandwich. No matter how much you stuff your sandwiches, it will taste ordinary if the bread isn’t great.

So, a leading international food chain operating in 30,000+ locations, Subway doesn’t take any chances with its bread. Find out all about Subway bread choices if you are a true foodie.

1. White bread

The white bread loaf served at Subway is nothing extraordinary. It is simple and plain without any added flavors. You will get freshly baked loaves in almost every Subway outlet and it goes with a variety of cuisines. From seafood to pepperoncini to pickles – you can add anything to this bread.

Hence, when you are confused about what to eat and you want something light, grab a white bread sandwich.

2. Multi-grain honey oat bread

The multi-grain honey oat bread is a bestseller at Subway that’s healthy and yummy at the same time. As it contains multi-grains, it comes in a rich and dark brown shade. The bread’s crust is embedded with various grains, making it a nutrient-rich food. The smooth texture and the sweetness of the bread are because of a layer of coating with pure honey.

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Types of bread at Subway

3. Parmesan oregano bread

As evident from the name, the Parmesan Oregano Bread is a classic white bread with a twist. It is garnished with oregano and parmesan on top. So, if you use this bread to make a sandwich, you won’t have to add too many ingredients to make it scrumptious.

4. Jalapeno cheddar

Jalapeno peppers are loaded with nutrients and they are a part of many cuisines in different parts of the world. From being anti-carcinogenic to aiding in weight loss to strengthening immunity – there are innumerable health benefits of having jalapeno. So, how can Subway not introduce bread that is enriched with the goodness of jalapenos?

The jalapeno cheddar bread has cheddar cheese and pickled jalapenos, making it edible even without Subway toppings and stuffings. It is a good option for people who like subtle tastes as the cheese used is minimal.

5. Italian herb and cheese

If you aren’t sure about which bun to pick from Subway, their Italian herb and cheese is simply wonderful. It is infused with so many flavors that it can add a zest to any drab sub.

There’s a mild umami presence to the Italian bread that you’ll notice the moment you take your first bite. It has a slight sweetness, some bitterness (because of the presence of yeast), the saltiness of cheese toppings, and the vibrancy of various dried herbs.

6. Wheat bread

When you order a cheeseburger or a pepperoni pizza, Subway usually prepares these with their iconic wheat bread. Whole wheat bread protects your heart health and is tastier than the other types of bread at Subway.

Know the Subway Sauces

When discussing Subway sandwiches, how can we forget their yummy sauces that can convert any boring sub into the yummiest sub? These are the eight best sauces and you must be familiar with some of these:

1. Mayonnaise

A sandwich without mayonnaise is something unimaginable. Also known as mayo, mayonnaise is a blend of egg yolk, vinegar, and oil. Mayo is among the most loved Subway sauces and is similar to Hollandaise. Thanks to its creaminess, it tastes heavenly with chicken, seafood, and tuna subs.

2. Chipotle South West

An authentic Mexican sauce comprising Chipotle pepper, Chipotle South West Sauce is creamy and tangy. It also has a smoky flavor because of the presence of smoked jalapenos.

3. Red Chilli

Red chilli sauce is an impressive condiment for several Subway bread options. The four key ingredients present in it are vinegar, olive oil, peppers, and red chilli.

4. Mini Mayonnaise

Subway is a pro when it comes to adapting to the culture of the country where it expands its business. Their mint mayonnaise sauce, for instance, is suitable for the Indian palette. It is green in color owing to the dominance of mint and it does not include curd.

5. Honey Mustard

The trick to getting the most delectable honey mustard sauce is to mix equal quantities of honey and mustard. It is not as tangy as traditional mustard and honey beautifully balances the taste with its sweetness.

6. Tandoori Mayonnaise

Tandoori Mayonnaise is a thick and creamy condiment found mainly in Indian outlets of Subway. Its Indian flavors make it an ideal condiment for Indian-style sandwiches like Tandoori Chicken Sandwich and Chicken Tikka Sub.

7. Marinara

A simple tomato sauce is the marinara sauce and it is majorly used in American and Italian cuisines. The sauce is made with garlic, onion, herbs, and tomatoes.

8. Sweet Onion

Sweet onion is among the newly introduced sauces that have quickly become a crowd favorite. This flavorful, low-fat, and sweet sauce is made from several herbs and onions. It pairs well with all any non-veg sub like turkey, tuna, or chicken subs.

Final thoughts

So, with such elaborate cheese talk, it’s understandable if you can’t wait to rush to the nearest Subway outlet. Moreover, with so many excellent types of cheese at Subway and unique Subway sauces, how can you say no to a quick bite? And why shouldn’t your snacks be extra cheesy when cheese is an incredible source of calcium and protein?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which cheese is best for Subway?

A Subway sandwich is incomplete without some cheese. While Subway uses various kinds of cheese, the semi-soft American cheese is the best option for their sandwiches. It has a subtle deliciousness and is extremely creamy.

2. What kinds of cheese does Subway has?

Subway sandwiches and other snacks are extra delicious because of their carefully chosen cheese. Mozzarella, Provolone, Swiss, Pepperjack, American Cheese, Monterey Cheddar, and Cheddar are the cheese options at Subway.

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