20 Italian Drinks Non Alcoholic You Must Try

20 Italian Drinks Non Alcoholic You Must Try

When we think of Italian beverages, our minds often invoke images of rich wines, aromatic liqueurs, and vibrant cocktails. However, Italy’s culinary legacy extends beyond alcoholic indulgences, offering a treasure trove of Italian drinks non alcoholic that cater to every palate and occasion.

From leisurely afternoon picnics to celebratory gatherings, the classic Italian drinks are as diverse as the landscapes that inspire them. Join us as we explore a flavorful range of 20 Italian drinks non alcoholic, each brimming with the essence of Italy and tailored for a myriad of moments.

Italian drinks non alcoholic

Whether you’re seeking a refreshing respite from the summer sun or a comforting sip to accompany hearty meals, these classic Italian non alcoholic drinks are here to elevate your experience, sip by sip:

1. Frappé

Frappé is a fancy word for a cold, blended coffee drink. Imagine taking strong coffee, adding ice cubes, and mixing it all in a blender until it becomes a creamy and frothy drink.

Sometimes people also add flavors like chocolate, caramel, or vanilla to make it taste even better. It’s a refreshing and tasty way to enjoy coffee, especially on a hot day!

italian drinks non alcoholic

2. Caffè Americano

A Caffè Americano is a simple and mild coffee drink. By adding water to a shot of espresso, you can make this concentrated and strong coffee.

This dilutes the espresso and creates a milder flavor similar to regular brewed coffee. So, if you want a coffee that’s not as strong as espresso but still has a nice taste, you might enjoy a Caffè Americano.

italian drinks non alcoholic

3. Cedrata

Cedrata is among the popular Italian drinks non alcoholic made from the fruit called citron, specifically from its rind. The citron fruit is known for its large size and thick, aromatic rind. To make Cedrata, the rind is typically candied or preserved in a syrupy solution to extract its flavor and aroma.

Then, this flavorful syrup blends with carbonated water to create a fizzy and refreshing beverage. Cedrata has a unique and slightly sweet taste with a citrusy and floral aroma, making it a popular choice for a non-alcoholic drink in Italy and other places. It’s like enjoying a bubbly citrus treat!

4. Caffè d’Orzo

Caffè d’Orzo, often called “barley coffee,” is a beverage that resembles coffee but is made from roasted barley grains instead of coffee beans. It’s a popular alternative to traditional coffee, especially for those who want to avoid caffeine or a different flavor.

To make Caffè d’Orzo, barley grains are roasted to develop a rich, toasty flavor. These roasted grains are then ground and brewed, similarly to how coffee is prepared. The result is a warm drink that looks and somewhat tastes like coffee but has a milder and nuttier flavor profile.

5. Caffè Macchiato

A Caffè Macchiato is one of the Italian drinks non alcoholic that’s pretty simple and tasty. Imagine a cup of espresso, which is a strong and concentrated coffee. Now, add just a little bit of milk to it.

The word “macchiato” actually means “stained” or “spotted” in Italian. So, the name tells you that the milk is like a little spot in your espresso. The milk makes the coffee a bit milder and gives it a nice touch of creaminess.

6. Aranciata

It’s a fizzy and refreshing drink made from oranges. To prepare, you will need fresh, juicy oranges and squeeze out their tasty juice. Then, mix that juice with sparkling water to give it a bubbly and lively feeling.

The result is a delicious, bubbly orange-flavored drink perfect for quenching your thirst on a hot day. It’s like a bubbly orange soda with real oranges’ natural and fruity flavor.

7. Marocchino

A Marocchino is a cozy and flavorful coffee drink that comes from Italy. The preparation process is really simple. First, a layer of rich cocoa powder is sprinkled at the bottom, giving it a chocolatey base. Then, a shot of espresso, a strong and concentrated coffee, is poured over the cocoa powder. This creates a bold coffee layer on top of the chocolatey base.

To make it even more delicious, a small amount of frothy milk foam is added on top of the coffee. This creamy foam adds a nice touch of smoothness to the drink. So, when you take a sip, you’ll taste the strong coffee, the chocolatey goodness, and the creamy foam all in one sip.

8. Caffè Moka

Caffè Moka, known as Moka coffee, one of the Italian drinks non alcoholic, is a distinct method of brewing coffee using a Moka pot. This pot comprises three sections: a bottom chamber for water, a middle funnel for coffee grounds, and a top chamber for brewed coffee.

As the Moka pot is heated on a stove, the water in the bottom section transforms into steam, which is forced up through the coffee grounds, drawing out the flavors.

The resulting coffee, stronger than drip coffee but not exactly like espresso, gathers in the top chamber. Caffè Moka offers a concentrated and robust coffee flavor, differing from other brewing methods.

9. Fiorente

Fiorente is a type of aperitivo Italian drinks non alcoholic that you have before a meal. It’s made from natural things like herbs and fruits. When you drink it, it’s a mix of flavors – a bit sweet, flowery, and a little bitter.

People like it because it’s not too strong and prepares them for a tasty dinner. It’s like a treat that makes your taste buds excited for food!

10. Latté Freddo

Latté Freddo is a delightful and cooling coffee beverage that’s perfect for when you’re craving something refreshing on a warm day. It’s like a harmonious dance of bold coffee flavors and creamy milkiness. To create this enticing drink, baristas usually start by brewing a shot or two of espresso, a strong and concentrated coffee.

Then, they mix this rich espresso with cold milk, often over ice, creating a balanced and invigorating flavor profile. Sometimes, a sweetness, like a drizzle of simple syrup or a sprinkle of cocoa powder, enhances the experience. The result is a luscious and chilled coffee treat!

11. Capuccino

A cappuccino is among the fancy Italian drinks non alcoholic that’s made by mixing three main things: espresso (a strong coffee), steamed milk (milk that’s been heated with steam), and frothed milk (milk that’s been bubbly and light).

It’s like a delicious coffee potion with creamy and frothy milk on top. The taste is rich, and the texture is smooth. People enjoy cappuccinos as a treat or a pick-me-up in the morning, and it’s often served in small cups because it is so flavorful.

12. Tè Freddo

Tè freddo” is the Italian term for “iced tea.” It’s just like regular tea, but it’s served cold. You start by making tea like you normally would, steeping tea leaves or a tea bag in hot water. After the tea is brewed and cooled down, pour it over ice to chill it.

Sometimes, people add some sugar or sweetener to make it more refreshing and flavorful. It’s a great way to enjoy tea on a hot day or when you’re looking for a cold and tasty drink.

13. Barbajada

It’s one of the popular traditional Italian drinks non alcoholic made by mixing together hot chocolate, coffee, and milk. Sometimes, people also add a touch of cream or whipped cream to make it even richer and creamier.

The special thing about barbajada is that it’s not just a plain hot chocolate or coffee – it combines both! The result is a warm, comforting drink with chocolate and coffee flavors together. It’s often enjoyed during colder months as a cozy treat.

14. Chinotto

Chinotto is a drink made from a special bitter orange called “chinotto.” This orange has a unique and slightly bitter taste, different from the sweet oranges you might be used to.

People use chinotto oranges to make a fizzy and refreshing beverage. It’s like a soda but with a distinct bitter and citrusy flavor. Some people enjoy the bitterness, while others might find it an acquired taste because it’s not as sweet as typical sodas.

15. Caffè Latte

Caffè Latte is also among the top non alcoholic Italian drinks that’s made by mixing espresso (a strong and concentrated coffee) with a lot of milk. The word “latte” means “milk” in Italian, so this drink is named that way because it has a lot of milk.

Here’s how it’s prepared: First, a shot of espresso is brewed. Then, a good amount of steamed milk is added to the espresso. Thanks to the milk, the result is a creamy and smooth coffee drink that’s not as strong as pure espresso. Sometimes, baristas might add some foam on top for extra texture.

16. Espressino

An Espressino is a delightful coffee beverage that combines the rich taste of espresso with the creaminess of milk and a touch of chocolate flavor. It’s a small, indulgent treat that offers a balanced blend of strong coffee notes and a subtle sweetness from the milk and chocolate.

This combination creates a unique and satisfying drink that’s perfect if you enjoy a harmonious mix of coffee and dessert-like elements in your beverage.

17. Shakerato

A Shakerato is one of the most refreshing Italian drinks non alcoholic, that’s made by shaking espresso, ice, and a touch of simple syrup in a cocktail shaker until it becomes chilled and frothy. It’s then strained into a glass and served cold.

The shaking process creates a delightful froth on top of the coffee, and the cold temperature makes it a perfect choice for a hot day. It’s a simple yet elegant way to enjoy the strong flavor of espresso in a chilled and invigorating form.

18. Cioccolata Calda

Cioccolata Calda, or “hot chocolate” in Italian, is a cozy and rich beverage made from melted chocolate, milk, and sometimes a bit of sugar or other flavorings. It’s a comforting treat often enjoyed during colder months.

To make it, you heat milk and melt chocolate into it, creating a thick and velvety drink like a liquid version of chocolate. It’s often topped with whipped cream or a sprinkle of cocoa powder for an extra indulgent touch.

italian drinks non alcoholic

19. Bicerin

It has three main layers: espresso coffee, hot chocolate, and a creamy layer. The layers are carefully poured to create a visually appealing and delicious drink. The base layer is usually espresso, followed by a layer of rich hot chocolate and then a layer of lightly whipped cream or milk froth on top.

Each sip has a delightful combination of strong coffee, velvety chocolate, and creamy sweetness. People serve Bicerin in a small glass.

20. Limonata

Limonata is an Italian word that refers to “lemonade,” a refreshing and citrusy Italian drinks non alcoholic made from lemons, water, and sugar. It’s a simple yet delightful beverage people enjoy as a thirst quencher, especially during hot weather.

To make limonata, fresh lemon juice, water, and sweetened sugar come together to create a balanced combination of tangy and sweet flavors.


These classic Italian drinks non alcoholic recipes offer diverse flavors, from the bold intensity of coffee to the refreshing zest of citrus. Whether you’re in the mood for a comforting hot beverage or a cooling thirst-quencher, there’s an Italian drink tailored for every moment. So, indulge in these delightful mixtures and savor the taste of Italian drinks non alcoholic.


1. What is a popular non alcoholic drink in Italy?

Crodino is a popular non alcoholic drink in Italy.

2. Does Italy have non-alcoholic drinks?

Yes, Italy has many non alcoholic drinks.

3. What non alcoholic drink goes with Italian food?

Caffè d’orzo is a non alcoholic drink that goes well with Italian food.

4. What is Italy’s favorite drink?

Espresso is Italy’s favorite drink.

5. What is the traditional drink in Italy?

Wine is the traditional drink in Italy.

6. What do Italians drink at night?

Italians drink wine, beer, and cocktails at night.

7. What do Italians drink daily?

Italians drink coffee, water, and juice daily.

8. What do Italian drink after dinner?

Italians drink espresso, limoncello, and grappa after dinner.

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