Is Bai Good for You? Exploring the Healthiness of Bai Beverages

Is Bai Good for You? Exploring the Healthiness of Bai Beverages

We feel tempted to have cold drinks when we spend time under the sun or have fast food. However, drinking sugary drinks frequently increases the chances of fatty liver ailments, weight gain, and diabetes. Hence, finding healthier alternatives to soft drinks is crucial for our well-being. So, is bai water good for you or does it have the same harmful effects as sugary drinks? Let’s find out why Bai beverages resonate with health-conscious consumers.

Bai drinks

Infused with antioxidants, bai drinks are well-known for being low in calories. Everyone loves these beverages as they are flavorful. Blueberry, cherry, and watermelon are some of the most impressive flavors. Apart from being available in delicious flavors, the drinks are devoid of preservatives or sweeteners.

Ever since it hit the market in 2009, Bai drinks have become popular among people who want to avoid sugary drinks. Unlike soda, these drinks do not contain exorbitant amounts of calories or sugar.

In fact, the amount of sugar present in a 16-ounce bottle is 2 grams. But only because the sugar and calorie content in a drink is low, it doesn’t automatically become a healthy drink.

So, can you really make these drinks your go-to beverage or should you drink them in moderation? Is Bai drink good for you as does not have much sugar? From the nutritional content to the types, read on to learn everything about Bai drinks.

Types of beverages

You will find a wide variety of Bai drinks to relish whenever you are in need of hydration. Other than the original antioxidant infusion beverages, the company produces other kinds of interesting products. The ‘Bubbles’ drinks, for instance, contain sparkling water. The newly introduced ‘Cocofusions’ is a line of products that use coconut water.

‘Supertea’ is another well-known line of products featuring aromatic brewed teas. The ‘Black’ drinks resemble the taste of common soda flavors.

One of the popular flavors are:

  • Brasilia Blueberry
  • Ipanema Pomegranate
  • Costa Rica Clementine
  • Kula Watermelon
  • Panama Beach
  • Dominica Dragon Passion
  • Sumatra Dragonfruit
  • Malawi Mango

The sparkling range includes other unique flavors such as:

  • Peru Pineapple
  • Waikiki Coconut Lime
  • Bolivia Black Cherry
  • Bogota Blackberry Lime
  • Lambari Watermelon Lime
  • Gimbi Pink Grapefruit
  • Jamaica Blood Orange

While the nutritional profiles of all these products are similar, we will focus on the classic Bai Antioxidant Infusion drinks.

Nutrition facts of Bai drinks

Available in 16-ounce bottles, the antioxidant infusion drink has enough fluid for two servings. Now have a look at the nutritional facts for a Bai Brasilia Blueberry bottle.

Every bottle of 16 ounces has 10 calories, 12 grams of carbohydrates, sugar of 2 grams, no protein, 20% vitamin C, and 10 mg of sodium.

The drink is not a major source of calories from saturated fat, dietary fiber, vitamin A, iron, calcium, trans fat, or cholesterol.

A 16-ounce bottle also includes chlorogenic acid and polyphenols derived from white tea extract and coffee fruit extract.

Key ingredients in Bai water

The Antioxidant Infusion range has ingredients like filtered water, fruit juice concentrate, citric acid, malic acid, erythritol, vegetable, Stevia Leaf Extract, sodium citrate, vitamin C/ascorbic acid, tea extract, and coffee fruit extract.

Stevia leaf extract

Wondering what’s the secret behind the sweet taste you get when drinking a Brasilia Blueberry?

Stevia leaf extract is a non-nutritive sweetener and its sweetness is 400 times more than the sweetness produced by sugar.

On the plus side, it has multiple health benefits like lowering cholesterol.

Research has shown that it can reduce the risk of developing different types of cancer. However, if you are allergic to sugar alcohol, you should stay away from stevia leaf extract.

Even a small dosage of it can lead to digestive distress if you are sensitive to it.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is another vital nutrient found in the drink. As the human body needs vitamin C for repair and growth of tissues, it serves as a powerful antioxidant.

It can minimize the damage free radicals causes. So, vitamin C plays a significant role in combating conditions like cancer, arthritis, and heart disease. As far as the caffeine content is concerned, the amount of caffeine in one bottle is nearly 35 mg.


Erythritol is a kind of sugar alcohol that has zero calories. It has zero nutritional value and does not have any effect on your glucose or insulin levels. It is a by-product of fermented beer, cheese, and wine that occurs naturally in these foods.

Be watchful:

If you are sensitive to sugar alcohol, you may suffer from digestive problems after drinking beverages infused with it. Mannitol, Sorbitol, and Xylitol are other examples of sugar alcohol that you should avoid.

Tea extract

The nutritional label of the drink does not specify the kind of tea extract present in it. However, studies have revealed that all types of tea (black, white, and green) contain polyphenols. Hence, they have anti-carcinogenic properties.

Coffee fruit extract

A kind of berry or cherry, coffee fruit has several health benefits and is a rich source of caffeine. It is present in adequate amounts in Bai water and has anti-ageing properties that retain the elasticity of your skin.

Various studies have proved that having caffeine in limited portions is necessary for a variety of reasons. There is evidence that shows that moderate intake of caffeine improves a person’s heart health and also boosts brain health.

It also decreases the risk of getting affected by Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Fruit juice concentrate

A concentrated form of fruit juice is the fruit extract after removing the water present in it. It also means peeling the skin of the fruit, thus being left with an extract that doesn’t have fiber. It is again a form of natural sugar that won’t harm the health of people with diabetes.

Although natural, fruit juice extract is processed and has no calories. So, it cannot offer the benefits you get after eating unprocessed fruits. But as it is a natural sweetener, diabetics can have it without noticing a spike in their blood sugar levels.

Bai drinks you must try

Blueberry Brasilia Label

An energy drink with a yummy flavor is Blueberry Brasilia Label. It has hints of strawberry and blackberry and the antioxidant drink does not have sugar. Its sweetness comes from stevia. No wonder it is a suitable choice for people who are dieting and don’t like spending money on unhealthy foods.

One bottle of it has 55 mg of caffeine which is enough to make you feel energetic and active for a few hours. However, the main ingredient in it is cherry juice extract. It is blueberry juice concentrate sourced after extracting water from ripe blueberries.

Additionally, there is ascorbic acid that strengthens your immune system. The dark color of the drink is not any artificial color. It is the original color of strawberry juice and blackberry juice concentrate.

Ipanema Pomegranate

If you enjoy the aroma and flavor of white tea, Ipanema Pomegranate will not disappoint you. The drink has a refreshing tart flavor, pomegranate juice, and coffee berries. They package it in cute plastic bottles, making it easy for consumers to carry the lightweight beverage everywhere.

Costa Rica Clementine

An all-natural drink, Costa Rica Clementine has pure orange juice along with filtered water. The presence of natural sweeteners gives a mild sweet taste to the drink. So, the healthy and replenishing drink will not raise your blood sugar levels.

Dominica Dragon Passion Fruit

Feeling fatigued and need a delicious drink to refuel yourself? Dominica Dragon Passion Fruit is a gluten-free and low-calorie beverage. The fruit concentrate present in it is 100% natural. The taste of passion fruit is the most dominating taste in this juicy drink and it has no extra sugar.

Kula Watermelon

Made with natural watermelon juice and other antioxidant-rich ingredients, Kula Watermelon is a refreshing drink. It has just 1 gram of sugar and 10 kcal. The taste of watermelon will keep you hydrated for a long time.

Malawi Mango

The list of most popular Bai drinks is incomplete without mentioning Malawi Mango. It is an excellent energy drink containing the blend of coffee extract, tropical mangoes, and tea extract. The juiciness of it will satiate your taste buds and the antioxidants present in it will look after your health.

Are Bai drinks vegan?

If you are a vegan, you will be thrilled to know that you can have Kula Watermelon, Sumatra Dragonfruit, and other drinks. All their products are vegan, which means they do not even contain honey or milk.

Is bai coconut water good for you?

Bai coconut water has coconut juice in addition to the must-have ingredients in the other flavors. So, it is the best summer drink to keep your body cool from the inside.

Is Bai good for you?

By now you have already learned that Bai drinks contain natural ingredients and no artificial sweeteners or added colors. It has less sugar than most of the commercially produced soft drinks people commonly savor. So, compared to the sugar-laden and unnaturally flavored drinks you consume, it is a healthier alternative.

Can Bai promote weight loss?

Other than wondering ‘is bai water good for you?’ One more question that pops up in our minds, ‘is Bai keto?’

So, does this drink qualify as keto or will it make you gain weight?

Although the brand has various products, the Bai antioxidant infusion is their bestseller. Nutrition facts and ingredients vary from one flavor to another, but the variations are minor. So, let us take the antioxidant infusion as a reference to understand if it can be part of your keto diet.

Every 18 oz. plastic bottle of the brand’s antioxidant infusion beverages has 11 grams of carbs. Out of the 11 grams, 10 grams consist of sugar alcohols. If we subtract the amount of sugar alcohol from the carb, we are left with just 1 gram of carb in a bottle.

To answer the query ‘is Bai good for you?’, we can say yes as per its carb content.

So, if you are struggling to lose weight, you can drink it occasionally without feeling guilty.

Can you replace water with Bai drinks?

Is bai antioxidant infusion good for you? The answer is yes. But can you see it as a replacement for whole fruits and water?

As Bai is enriched with beneficial ingredients, it is not harmful like soda or other high-calorie drinks. But this does not mean you can have it instead of drinking water.

Natural food items are the most nutritious. For example, your body needs 4-5 liters of water daily for your overall well-being. Similarly, fresh vegetables and fruits are irreplaceable as they contain a range of minerals and vitamins.

So, when you want to feel refreshed, having pure green tea will be more effective than sipping a drink containing green tea extracts. But when you are outdoors you feel dehydrated, Bai drinks can come to your rescue.

As it includes coffee fruit extract and tea extract, it won’t have any ill effects like your high-calorie beverages.

Wrapping Up

So, when you feel like enjoying a tasty drink, try to avoid high-sugar beverages and upgrade to a healthy drink. And now that you know the answer to ‘Is Bai good for you?’, you can choose your beverages wisely.

Then what are you waiting for? Rejuvenate yourself with their antioxidant infusion drink and keep dehydration at bay.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the side effects of drinking Bai?

If you drink it in large amounts (exceeding 50 grams), you may notice a laxative effect, leading to bloating, diarrhea, and intestinal gas.

2. Does Bai drinks give you energy?

If you are looking for a drink that will boost your energy, bai water is the perfect solution. The exotic fruity drinks like Watamu Strawberry Watermelon, Togo Tangerine Citrus, and Buka Black Raspberry will keep you charged up.

3. How many Bai waters can you drink a day?

Although better than sugary drinks, overconsumption of Bai water is not a good idea. So, do not have more than two bottles of it a day.

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