How to Clean Paint Brushes easily

How to Clean Paint Brushes easily

If you are the type of person who enjoys drawing and painting, you’ve probably tried to clean your paintbrush but failed to do that. Unfortunately, paintbrushes are a little costly, and you won’t be able to buy new ones very often. Therefore, by reading this post, you will get to know how to clean paint brushes efficiently by following some simple steps.

So, there are two different kinds of paint: water-based paints, such as watercolours and acrylics, which easily get washed with water, and another one is oil-based paint, such as alkyd paint, which does not readily come off when rinsed with water. 

Both oil paint and water paint can be removed in different ways:

For water-based paint

Water-based paints are simple to clean up with soap or mild detergent. Consequently, the steps that we need to take are as follows:

1. Try to remove excess paint from the brush.

Try to remove the paint from the brush as much as you can; you can do that:

  • With the help of a newspaper. So, paint can be rubbed off by pressing the bristles of the brush on the newspaper. 
  • It’s also possible to do it with the help of a towel. To remove the extra paint, you can use a tiny bit of water on a towel.
  • You could also try using tissues to remove the excess paint from the brush.

By doing any of the steps mentioned above, you can get rid of the extra paint from the paintbrush easily. Move on to the next step if the paintbrush gets dry.

2. Clean up the brush with water.

  • Put some water in a bowl or other container, and then dip the paintbrush into the water. Put the paintbrush in the container for a minute. And repeat until the paint is no longer opaque in the bristles of the paintbrush.
  • You can also hold a paintbrush under running water and wait for the colour to become more transparent.
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Put the brush in hot water for an hour if the paint has dried on the bristles of the paintbrush. And then follow the above step again.

3. Use detergent or soap to clean the brush.

  • So, it’s time to clean the brush well. To do this, put some mild dish soap or detergent in a glass or bowl of hot water. Place the brushes in the container and stir them in the water until they were clean. Also, thoroughly immerse the paintbrush in the solution, allowing it to soak.
  • You can also wash the paintbrush by putting some detergent on it and putting the brush under running water. 

If the paint didn’t come off completely, repeat any of the above steps until the brush was thoroughly cleaned.

4. Dry your brush properly.

  • Make sure the brush is dry by using your fingertips to pat it down. Always keep in mind to put on some hand gloves. Squeezing the paintbrush’s bristles helps release the water more effectively and ensures that all of the water is evaporated.
  • We can also make use of a towel to dry the bristles of the paintbrush.

 Put the brush away in a secure location until it has completely dried off, if it has not already been done so.

5. Store the paintbrush safely.

Place the paintbrush back in its package so that it maintains the initial shape that it had. If you don’t have the packet, you can cover the brush with a towel or some newspaper, so the bristles come in their original form.

Now, your paintbrush is ready to use again.

how to clean paint brushes

Oil-based paints

Oil-based paint is more difficult to remove from a paintbrush than water-based paint. So, to clean oil-based paint, you need to do all the steps mentioned above, but instead of dish soap or detergent, you should use a cleaning solvent. Because oil-based paint is tough to remove, so for that, we have to use cleaning solvents like:

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1) Paint thinner

2) Mineral spirits: 

3) Citrus-based solvent

4) Soy-Based Gel Paint Removers

5) Petroleum

After washing the paintbrush, you should always make sure to properly dispose of the solution, since it could potentially cause harm.

If there is any paint still left on the bristles of the paintbrush, then you should use the soap or detergent and proceed to the next procedure that was mentioned above.

how to clean paint brushes1

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

1) How often do we need to clean our paintbrushes?

Every time we use our paintbrush, we should wash it right away and let it dry.

2) When it is appropriate to dispose of your paintbrush?

It is entirely dependent on how you care for your paintbrush. If any of the bristles on the brush got broken or if the shape of the brush has been altered, then it is time to replace the brush with a new one.

3) How many times we can use the paintbrush?

Any paintbrush should last at least a year, but that also depends on how well you take care of it. If you don’t wash it in the right way, it might break before it should or the bristles become hard to paint.

4) What can happen if we don’t wash the paintbrush before we use it again?

If you don’t wash your paintbrush right after each use, the bristles will dry out and make it hard for anyone to get the paint off the brush properly or for painting purposes.

5) Can we wash off the oil-based paint brushes and colour-based paint brushes together?

So, the answer is no. Try to wash it separately as oil-based paint is hard in material and it gets even tougher for you to remove the paint from the brushes.

6) If some of the paint is still left in the bristles of the paintbrush, what to do?

If the colour is still left, put the paintbrush in a hot water and add some detergent drop in it. Keep this for a day and your brush gets cleaned properly.

how to clean paint brushes1

So, in this post, you can read how to clean paintbrushes easily. Yes, this is important for anybody who enjoys painting or wants to learn how to paint furniture and doors, as doing things correctly is helpful for everyone.


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