How to Make Taco Bell Grilled Cheese Burrito at Home?

How to Make Taco Bell Grilled Cheese Burrito at Home?

A grilled cheese burrito must be a go-to snack when you are hungry during supper. If you do not want to order in a Taco Bell grilled cheese burrito, you can always make some for yourself.


I will assist you to make the best grilled cheese burrito with this food blog.

A Taco Bell grilled cheese burrito has a perfect mix of cheese nacho sauce and three cheeses.

It is also the reason why I will stress on the similarity of the recipe and create something that reminds you the taste.

Everything that goes into this amazing burrito is available in your kitchen.

A grilled cheese burrito can replace boring breakfast on weekends. The best part about making them at home? You can use your choice of fillings and a different variety of cheese

You can make a basic grilled cheese burrito with tortilla and cheese. But if you want to add vegetables, sauces, and meats is your choice.

Preparing grilled cheese Burrito

There are three different ways to ace this grilled cheese burrito. However, let us first check the nutritional value (per serving):

  • Calories – 717
  • Fat – 30g
  • Cholesterol – 91mg
  • Sodium – 394mg
  • Carbohydrates – 82.6%
  • Protein – 27.3%


Get all your favorite ingredients to fill your tortillas. It could be veggies, meat, sauces, cheese (lots of it), and anything additionally you want in your burrito.

Now quickly put everything in the tortilla and wrap it tightly using plastic wrap. Grill it, and voila! You are done.

Another way is using the George Foreman grill. In whatever way you make it, just be sure the melted cheese is topped on the burrito rather than inside it.

One of the most important tips is you use the microwave to melt the cheese on your burrito. This will make things easier for you and the burst of cheese in your mouth will be to die for.

Why people love Taco Bell grilled cheese burrito?

If you are already a Taco Bell customer, you already know what it is all about. But if you are new to Taco Bell and struggling to figure out what is this grilled cheese burrito, let’s throw some light on it.

The Taco Bell grilled cheese burrito is filled with spicy ground beef, chipotle sour cream, and cheesy queso.

Let us find out all that things you will need if you want to replicate a similar recipe:

Ground beef

This ingredient is the base of this burrito. Seasoned with the right spices, it tastes heavenly and forms a major part of this dish.


Chili powder, granulated garlic, pepper, and salt are the 4 spices with which the meat is seasoned.

Chipotle chili sauce

The actual flavor is from this chipotle chili sauce.

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Spanish Ric

What’s a burrito with no rice? Taco Bell uses Spanish rice in this one.

Cayenne pepper

Adding a little more spice and the hot sauce, you can opt for cayenne pepper.

Hot tortilla strips

The crunchiness in the burrito comes from the tortilla chips.

Olive oil

To grill the tortillas, they use olive oil.

Cheddar cheese

This ingredient is what makes all the difference. Shredded cheddar cheese is present both inside and outside of the burrito.

Sour cream

This is where the creaminess of the burrito comes from.

Big tortillas

Lastly, the big tortillas in which they put in all the fillings.

How to Make Taco Bell Grilled Cheese Burrito at Home?

How to make Taco Bell burrito at home?

If you want to make your version, below are the few ingredients swaps you can go with:

  • Choice of meat: Instead of ground beef, you can use turkey, pork, or chicken
  • Sour cream: Do not have sour cream? Use Greek yogurt instead
  • Rice: Brown or which rice, whichever you prefer
  • Cheese: You can use any cheese

Tips to ace a Grilled Cheese Burrito at home

Making this burrito is easy, but a perfect one needs some pro tips. Let’s find out what those are:

Be prepared

Once you decide to make this grilled cheese burrito, ensure you have all the ingredients in your kitchen before starting. This will save up time and last-moment palpitation.

Cooking the meat

Deciding what meat, you want to go with also affects the cooking time. You must ensure the meat is cooked nicely with all the spices. Nobody likes raw meat.

Condiments and sauces

Mix all the sauces nicely along with cayenne pepper.


It becomes easy to fill in the tortillas once you assemble all the ingredients together. Also, you can mix all the fillings and add them to the tortillas.

Cheese Melting

This part is the most challenging part of this dish. Your burrito needs 1/4th cup of grated cheese right on top of it. Just take some olive oil, then put the cheese on it, and finally, the burrito. That is it!

Grilling the burrito

Now, grilling the burrito is also very important. Put your burrito on a skillet pan on it, then let the cheese melt into it. Now flip it slowly to make a nice crispy burrito. Remember, you are cooking the burrito in cheese! And that is the magic.

How to Make Taco Bell Grilled Cheese Burrito at Home?

Secret ingredient used in Taco Bell burritos

Did you know that Taco Bell’s cheese queso and chipotle sour cream makes all the difference in the grilled cheese burrito? The combination makes the burrito creamy and soft and makes the burrito melt in your mouth.

Though you can get sour chipotle cream from any good grocery store, the seasoned cream makes it yummy and creamy.

If you plan to make chipotle sour cream at home, use sour cream with tabasco chipotle hot sauce. It is important you have all the ingredients handy and in the right amount because it is all about getting the right taste.

If you do not have cheese queso, you can substitute it with shredded cheese. Just melt the cheese first and add it to your chipotle sour cream.

Authentic Taco Bell grilled cheese burrito recipe

Being a fan of Taco Bell and their grilled cheese burrito, you will love this easy-peasy recipe.

It will take about 15 minutes to prepare and 20 minutes to cook.

But first, let us see what ingredients you need to make the burrito.


Ground beef
½ tsp chili powder
1 tsp granulated garlic
½ tsp salt
½ tsp chili powder
¼ tsp pepper
Chipotle Sour Cream
sour cream – 1 cup
chipotle hot sauce – 1tbsp
cayenne pepper- ¼ tsp
Spanish rice – about a cup, cooked
cheddar jack cheese – 3 shredded cups
red tortilla strips - 1 cup
olive oil – 3tbsp
burrito tortillas – 4 XL
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Step 1

Take all the ingredients to season the beef first. Take a non-stick skillet.

On medium heat, cook the beef and add all the seasonings individually. Otherwise, you can mix it all together and then put it over the stove.

Let it cook nicely for about 7 minutes.

Step 2

Now start preparing chipotle sour cream. Here also, mix all the ingredients and set aside. You do not have to cook anything here.

Step 3

Now comes assembling the burrito with the fillings. All you must do is take everything together and then mix it well. Add this mixture to your tortillas and fold it nicely to make a burrito.

Step 4

Take olive oil and start grilling the burrito in a skillet pan. Now, start melting the cheese with some olive oil. Put the burrito over the cheese and let it sit for sometime for the cheese to turn brown.

Step 5

Flip it and check if both sides are nicely good. And you’re done! Serve it right away.

Is grilled cheese burrito safe to consume?

Though you love your grilled cheese burrito, you must know the health facts about it.

Usually, a burrito has Mexican fillings, but this one is mostly filled with cheese.

Since you already know cheese is high in fat and calories, this one cannot be called a healthy dish.

However, you can always make it your way and use low-fat cheese and lean meat.

Taco bell grilled cheese burrito has 720 calories, of which 351 calories from fat.

Imagine it has 50% just fat!

Do you still want to indulge in something like this regularly? Do you know a grilled cheese burrito box has about 1750 calories?

Let us break it down for more clarity:

  • Fountain drink – 280 calories
  • Grilled cheese burrito – 720 calories
  • Chalupa Supreme – 360 calories
  • Nachos cheese Doritos – 170 calories
  • Chips with nacho cheese sauce – 220 calories

If you pick the double steak grilled cheese burrito, which is something like a cheese quesadilla it will have about 920 calories. This one just has more steak and cheese.

As you already know the recipe, you can always choose to make it healthier in your way.

Use fresh ingredients right from your kitchen. You can add the appropriate amount of cheese, based on your liking.

But when you get it from the store, you do not have control over the fillings and the amount of cheese they add.

How to Make Taco Bell Grilled Cheese Burrito at Home?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can you make them at home?

Of course, you can! And you can copy Taco bell’s recipe right away.

2. Do you have to use meat in this recipe?

No, not necessarily. You can always use mushrooms or tofu if you do not wish to add ground beef, chicken, pork, or turkey. Anything and everything of your choice can be burrito filling.

You are making it at home so you have complete liberty on what you add. However, ensure the amount of spices you add alongside.

3. Can you store these burritos?

Yes, you can. Just keep them in an airtight box and refrigerate. It should be good enough until 3 days.

4. Can you freeze them for a longer period?

Yes! As you make the burritos, allow it to cool off completely. Then, wrap each of them in a foil. You can keep them in the freezer to use until 3 months.

To use these burritos, unwrap them and place them on butter paper with the cheese side on top. Add some olive oil, then bake it at 350 degree F for 30 minutes.

5. Can you use some other dip?

Usually, you get hot sauce with the burritos. But you can feel free to use salsa, mayo, or even cheese sauce as your dip.

6. Will you get a similar taste to Taco Bell?

It depends on how similar you make it. However, the way they process meat might be different compared to what you find readily available. The taste might differ, but it will be similar.

Final thoughts

You are all set to make grilled cheese burrito at home. Don’t stress about the perfection, just jump right into it and create healthier version of your favorite fast food.

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