Does Sonic Have All Day Breakfast? All You Need to Know

Does Sonic Have All Day Breakfast? All You Need to Know

As someone who craves brekkie at any time of the day, does Sonic have all day breakfast is a common query. The good news is that you will find them open daily. So, whether you want a filling breakfast or fuel for your late-night cravings, Sonic has your back!

Sonic is one of the most popular drive-in food chains in the United States, serving excellent breakfast items. This is the right place if you love their lip-smacking burritos, BLTs, and more. In this post, you will find everything you want about Sonic breakfast menu, working hours, and their most popular food items.

For many of us, breakfast is the complete game changer or deal breaker, so that you will want a perfect one. At Sonic, you are in for a delightful experience with their culinary delights, including burritos, loaded sandwiches and toasties, finger fries, and baked goodies.

Does Sonic have all day breakfast for customers?

Presently, we are all looking for the finest combination of cravings meets convenience, and the Sonic breakfast menu checks every box. So, if you are a breakfast enthusiast, you may crave fluffy scrambled eggs and caramelized bacon anytime.

However, the question is, does Sonic have all day breakfast because a lot of eateries don’t? The good news is that not only Sonic but several other popular eatery chains are now part of this food revolution. Therefore, you can order all the items from the breakfast menu even beyond those morning hours.

To find answers to does Sonic serve breakfast all day, you must check out their opening hours, menu details, happy hour deals, and more. Before that, let’s get an idea of what customers love the most from the breakfast menu of Sonic. Out of all the delicious items, the hot sellers are Sonic’s burritos, which are enchanting.

These loaded burritos are nothing short of culinary delights with warm tortillas, crunchy veggies, and perfectly cooked eggs and meat. Each bite of these breakfast burritos is a flavor bomb with precise seasoning and texture. Apart from the burritos, try their toaster sandwiches.

If you feel a little indulgent early in the morning, you can also order a bacon toastie with a side of golden hash browns, a sunny side up, and creamy mayo sauce. The combination of textures and ingredients makes for a comforting breakfast and will also satiate your craving.

Does Sonic Have All Day Breakfast

Check out customer’s favorites at Sonic

If you are wondering does Sonic have breakfast all day, then you are in for a treat because the answer is YES! While everything you will see on the Sonic menu tastes great, here are the bestsellers so you know what to order when you visit first.

Loaded meat and cheese burritos

If you want to know why Sonic is one of the most popular breakfast places in the country, try their burritos loaded with meat and cheese. These are the ultimate mood enhancers, whether you have them first thing in the morning or during any other time of the day.

When you order one of these breakfast burritos, it comes with a good amount of cheddar cheese that becomes soft and gooey inside those warm, toasted tortillas. Moreover, the filling is made of tots, crispy bacon, fluffy eggs, and sausages. There is nothing not to like about this item, but you can always make special requests in case you want an add-on ingredient or would like to remove something.

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Texas toasters

Here is the perfect item if you love a nicely done sandwich over a burrito. When you order a Sonic special toaster, it comes with thick slices of nicely toasted buns with bacon and breakfast sausages in the middle.

What’s better? For more flavor in these toasters, you will also get perfectly soft and fluffy scrambled eggs with some American cheese. To wash down everything, you can grab some beverages from the Sonic breakfast menu, too.

Please note that these are just some of the bestselling breakfast items at Sonic, while the full menu contains several more delectable items, including breakfast bowls. Besides, you can request customized items, and the staff will take care of your dietary preferences completely.

French sticks

Have you ever thought about how French toast tastes in the form of breadsticks? Here is a surprise because the French sticks are one of the bestseller items at Sonic. Therefore, the next time you want to know does Sonic serve all day breakfast, get some French toast sticks and enjoy because, yes, they do! Each breadstick is golden and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Additionally, you will get a side of some sweet syrup to use as a dip for the sticks. The French Toast Sticks taste heavenly when the soft inside soaks up the sweet syrup well.

Cinnabons with cheesy frosting

This morning delight can be purchased as a snack or a full breakfast combo with tots and beverages. These delectable pastries come with authentic cream cheese icing and a sweet cinnamon roll filling within. The tots, when included in a combo order, perfectly offset the sweetness of this breakfast treat.

Also, check out the prices of the bestselling breakfast items at Sonic in advance:

  • SuperSONIC Burritos- $3.89 (as a separate item) and $5.99 (as part of a combo meal)
  • Ultimate Burritos (cheese and meat)- $3.89 (as a separate item) and $5.99 (as part of a combo meal)
  • Simple Breakfast Burrito- $2.59 (as a separate item) and $4.59 (as part of a combo meal)
  • Texas Toasters- $2.89 (as a separate item) and $4.89 (as part of a combo meal)
  • CrossSONIC Sandwiches- $2.99 (as a separate item) and $4.99 (as part of a combo meal)
  • French Toast Breadsticks- $2.49 (for a set of 4 pieces)
  • Cinnabon Cinnasnacks (Set of 3 pieces)- $2.89 (as a separate item) and $3.89 (as part of a combo meal)
  • Cinnabon Cinnasnacks (Set of 5 pieces)- $3.99 (as a separate item) and $4.99 (as part of a combo meal)

You can always check out the latest prices of Sonic’s menu items on their website before ordering.

Does Sonic Have All Day Breakfast

What time does Sonic open and close?

Evidently, to keep up with the competition and to satiate the cravings of customers, Sonic runs throughout the day. Therefore, whether it is early morning or late afternoon, Sonic serves you breakfast when you want some. If you are eager to know what time does Sonic open and close, here is some valuable information.

Check out this list to know the opening and closing hours of your favorite breakfast outlet:

  • Monday to Thursday- 6 AM to 11 PM
  • Friday to Saturday- 6 AM to 12 AM
  • Sundays- 8 AM to 10 PM

While this is the latest information, the best way is still to call the outlet or check for updated opening hours on the updated Sonic website. Here are the steps you can follow to save time:

  • Go to the Sonic Drive-In official website using your PC or mobile phone
  • Find the top menu where there is an option that reads “LOCATIONS,” on which you have to click
  • Now, when the map appears, select the outlet that is nearest to you
  • When you click on the outlet icon, the information related to opening hours and more will be easily available

Sonic’s efficiency and popularity are based on its perfect functional hour strategy. With the present working hours, they can pull in maximum customers due to their longer availability. Besides, the staff at the backend keeps filling the inventory to serve only good quality dishes throughout the day. Therefore, Sonic can serve hungry customers with convenience, availability, and quality all at the same time.

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Does Sonic have all day breakfast: The happy hours

There is nothing wrong with enjoying discounts occasionally, and Sonic understands the joy. So, when craving some delicious Sonic breakfast that is pocket-friendly, check for their happy hours, and you have it covered. In this section, let’s discuss the value-for-money meals you can order at Sonic.

If you often crave a nice brunch, check in at your nearest Sonic Drive-In between 2 PM and 4 PM. During this time, you can get beverages at half their usual price and even grab attractive discounts on other food items.

You get a wide range of options for beverages, as the Happy Hour menu includes slushies, limeades, lemonades, and so much more. Besides, the best part is that the Happy Hour deals are available daily, including weekends.

Happy Hour deals at Sonic

Check out these Happy Hour bestseller items’ prices in advance:

  • Candy Slushies- $2.50 (during normal hours) and $1.25 (during Happy Hours)
  • Corndogs- $1.29 (during normal hours) and $1 (during Happy Hours)
  • Fruit Slushies- $3 (during normal hours) and $1.50 (during Happy Hours)
  • Iced Tea- $2.20 (during normal hours) and $1.10 (during Happy Hours)
  • Limeades- $3 (during normal hours) and $1.30 (during Happy Hours)
  • Soft drinks- $2 (during normal hours) and $1 (during Happy Hours)
  • Sonic Splash- $2 (during normal hours) and $1 (during Happy Hours)

Other deals at Sonic

You don’t necessarily have to depend on the Happy Hour discounts at Sonic to order your favorite items. Here are some food items that are available during all hours and are very pocket-friendly too:

  • Cheeseburgers- $1.70 (single patty) and $2 (double-decker)
  • Chicken Strips Sandwiches- $1.50
  • Fries and tots- $1
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwiches- $1.50
  • Ice-cream Sundae- $2
  • Juicy Sonic Burgers- less than $2
  • Sonic Burritos (non-loaded)- $1
  • Vanilla Cone- $0.99

If you think living on a budget in the United States is challenging, Sonic makes it possible every time. Moreover, for those who ask does Sonic have all day breakfast menu where the above items are available, the answer is a big YES!

Why do customers prefer Sonic over other eatery chains?

Sonic customers’ reviews give us a deeper insight into their preferences for all-day breakfast. Many potential customers have asked does Sonic have breakfast all day, and because this drive-in chain offers availability outside of regular business hours, they are a crowd favorite.

Moreover, customers emphasize how convenient it is to indulge in their favorite morning treats whenever it suits them, which reflects Sonic’s evolution with customers’ changing lifestyles and habits. Sonic understands that a flexible lifestyle is the trend in this fast-paced modern world, and an all-day breakfast can be a great solution.

On the other hand, customers often highlight the importance of choices and customization. They are looking for solutions that may accommodate a variety of tastes and dietary preferences as they embrace breakfast as a flexible meal. The need for vegetarian, gluten-free, and health-conscious breakfast options is growing, allowing Sonic to diversify its menu to satisfy these needs.

Does Sonic Have All Day Breakfast

Final thoughts

From the lip-smacking Breakfast Burritos to the crispy Texas Sandwiches, Sonic’s breakfast menu is a culinary journey worth savoring. For everyone who was seeking answers to the trending question, does Sonic have all day breakfast to satisfy cravings? The good news is no longer a secret. Therefore, the next time you crave some sliders and scrambled eggs in the afternoon, you know where to find them!


1. How many calories are there in Sonic’s French Toast Sticks?

A set of four French Toast Sticks from Sonic contains 477 calories, 7.8g protein, 54.5g carbs, and 25.5g fat.

2. How many French Toast Sticks do you get at Sonic?

You get a set containing four perfectly golden-fried pieces of French Toast Sticks when you order a serving of the same at Sonic.

3. Which is the Sonic breakfast Burrito with jalapenos?

The SuperSONIC Breakfast Burrito has a filling of sausages, golden tots, scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, diced onions, spicy jalapenos, and tomatoes.

4. What is the main food at Sonic?

The core items in every Sonic menu are the Whacky Kids Meals Packs, Sonic Blasts, Cheeseburger Combos, Master Shakes, and Cheese and Chili Coney.

5. Does Sonic sell healthy breakfast items?

The Ham and Eggs Breakfast Burritos from Sonic are quite healthy as they contain around 30g of protein and 460 calories, which is reasonable for breakfast intake.

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