9 Mouthwatering Dishes to Try from Around the World

9 Mouthwatering Dishes to Try from Around the World

A wise person once said, “People who love to eat are always the best,” and we couldn’t agree more. Food isn’t just a substance we eat to fulfill our hunger. Food is inventive, delicious, inspiring, colorful, and so much more. In simpler words, food is our common ground and the one thing that binds various types of cultures together.

While speaking of cultures, travel is one of the best ways to experience new cuisines. The best part is that the popularity of food has shifted over the past few years. Case in point; molten lava cakes surpassed fondue, and avocado toasts overpowered lava cakes. But it doesn’t necessarily end here; every country has its standard of deliciousness, and it is your job to try it. To that end, if you’re a food lover and want to build the best bucket list of foods to try from around the world, we have you covered.

Whether you’re craving something spicy, classic American, or authentic Filipino, the following list of cuisines and foods will satisfy your tastebuds.

  • Barbecue, Pigeon Forge 

Pigeon Forge, TN, is known for its delectable barbecue, from slathered ribs to pulled pork. In addition to smoked meat, you will find all sorts of items, such as spicy beans, coleslaw, and mac ‘n cheese, in most barbecue restaurants here in Pigeon Forge. The best part? Pigeon Forge is filled with countless BBQ restaurants offering a unique and memorable eating experience. 

For instance, if you’re craving smoked nachos or spicy wings with a tall glass of whiskey, rum, or something else, Junction 35 Spirits is the place to go. It’s one of Pigeon Forge’s best distilleries and has a modern-classic menu.

  • Ramen, Japan

Ramen, a Japanese noodle soup, has gained appeal outside Japan over the past ten years, and it’s not difficult to see why. Its basic form consists of a flavorful broth made from rich beef (occasionally fish), miso, or soy. It is topped with seaweed, mushrooms, spring onions, soft-boiled eggs, and sesame seeds. 

There are regional variations for most foods, such as the most well-known miso ramen from Hokkaido and the tonkatsu ramen from Kyushu.

  • Nihari, Pakistan 
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The first stew on our list of mouthwatering dishes is just one of the many worldwide. Stews are unquestionably comfort foods from South America to the North, Africa to Asia, and Europe to Australia since they are simple to prepare and use various savory ingredients. In Pakistan, people love nihari. It is a shank meat stew made with mutton, lamb, chicken, goat, or beef and spices such as ginger, fennel, masala, and onions. It is a spicy dish typically made with meat and is a must-try when visiting an Asian country.

  • Poutine, Canada 

This Québec dish may not be attractive to look at. Still, it is excellent and has gained popularity not only in Québec but also across Canada and the northeastern United States. Including cheese curds transforms poutine—fluffy on the inside, crunchy on the outside—and creamy, rich, and meaty gravy into a gourmet experience. Under the sauce’s heat, these little, hardened white cheese pieces maintain part of their structure.

  • Paella, Spain 

You can’t leave Spain without getting a load of the local paella. It is a rice and seafood dish that is as closely associated with sunshine as it is with mouthwatering flavors. Although paella has ancient origins, its contemporary form emerged in Albufeira, close to Valencia, in the 19th century, when laborers would cook seafood and rice over an open fire. While the most well-known paella mixta combines shellfish and chicken, paella Valenciana also contains chicken. It’s commonly said that there are as many different paella recipes as there are paella cooks.

  • Feijoada, Brazil

In South America, recipes using beans and rice are commonplace. And in Brazil, the national dish is feijoada – a delicious stew made of black beans and pork. Usually, the meat is beef tongue, pig’s feet, tail, or ears, but occasionally, the significant component is fish. Anything that is inexpensive and can take on the flavor of the beans will work. Even though food from other nations is similar, the tastes of feijoada vary depending on the number of spices and seasonings used.

  • Cacio e Pepe, Italy 
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Italian pasta recipes abound, but this one is brilliant in its simplicity. The formula, which translates to “cheese and pepper,” uses a few simple ingredients, including cheese, black pepper, butter, and pasta. There are variations made with pici, linguine, or spaghetti, and there is a bit of a debate regarding the choice of cheese to use, typically pecorino romano or parmesan.

  • Tasty Chaats, India and Pakistan 

Both Pakistan and India are awash in chaat. The most traditional version of this snack consists of slices of unleavened bread and a potato or chickpea-based dish. These delicious dishes’ toppings—pakoras, kachoris, and samosas-are cooked right in front of you on the sidewalk or near train stations. They typically contain yogurt and a variety of veggies and are generally spicy (coriander, cumin, pepper, ginger, tomato, and onion). Moreover, in the north of India, there are countless variations. So you are bound to love these chaat flavors.

  • Beef Wellington, England, UK 

Beef Wellington is a dish that once fell out of flavor but quickly bounced back and became popular again. 

Also, a fun fact: Beef Wellington has a discreet relationship with Arthur Wellesley, the 1st Duke of Wellington, who has been associated with the dish on more occasions than we can count. 

Traditionally, a beef fillet steak is baked after being wrapped in puff pastry and topped with mushroom duxelles (a very finely chopped blend of mushrooms, herbs, and shallots). Its current popularity is due mainly to Gordon Ramsay, who has made it one of his hallmark recipes.


That concludes our list of mouthwatering dishes to try from around the world. With so much food, you cannot be restricted in your tastes. Trying these dishes will open your world to something you never knew before. And who knows? One of these dishes can also become something you cannot survive without. So, what are you standing around for? Pack your bags, add these delicious dishes to your list of things to try, and get on with it. Also, while exploring your options, don’t limit yourself to the dishes mentioned above; feel free to let your tastebuds run wild.

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