What are the benefits of cannabis for the human body?

What are the benefits of cannabis for the human body?

Recently, more and more countries recognize the benefits of hemp and start the process of legalizing this plant. The beneficial properties of marijuana have long been known, it is used in industry, in medicine and for the manufacture of nutritious and healthy products.

Hemp contains a large amount of CBD (cannabidiol) – a unique component that does not adversely affect the human body. Also learn more about coffeeshops in barcelona

The use of cannabis in cosmetology

Marijuana is known for its anti-aging properties, which is why hemp extracts are used as a valuable component in age-related cosmetics. Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties are effective in treating inflammation and various rashes, which is why hemp extracts and its oil are used in medical cosmetics. Hemp is rich in vitamins, microelements and a complex of omega-fatty acids, which have a beneficial effect on the skin, smooth fine mimic wrinkles, eliminate dryness and small rashes.

For the preparation of cosmetics, raw pressed oil is used, in which all vitamins are preserved, and extracts from various parts of cannabis. The oil protects well from ultraviolet radiation, nourishes the skin well and does not leave a greasy film. Regular use regulates the sebaceous glands and does not clog pores.

Uses of hemp seeds in cooking

Hemp seeds are a valuable food product rich in protein, dietary fiber, vitamins and microelements. One small seed contains 20 essential amino acids. You can buy cannabis seeds  for preparing various dishes and drinks. Regular consumption of 2-3 tbsp. spoons keep in good shape both muscles and brain function. People who are actively involved in sports or highly intellectual work can use hemp seeds as a superfood to replenish the body with all the necessary substances. Seeds have a pleasant nutty taste with a slight bitterness, they envelop the walls of the stomach and do not irritate the intestines. The main thing is to observe the dosage and not overdo it with the number of seeds. The seeds are very nutritious and completely absorbed by the body.

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Hemp seeds are used to treat diabetes and obesity. Due to their high nutritional value and a large amount of dietary fiber, they quickly saturate and allow you to control the amount of food eaten, because. when they swell in the stomach. B vitamins help burn calories and stimulate intestinal motility.

Hemp seeds must be properly prepared before use, because. the top is very hard. They are ground in a blender, germinated or simply soaked.

Signs of marijuana use

Cannabis  is an extremely popular narcotic psychotropic plant among men and women, which is best known  as cannabis. Different parts of it produce different narcotic substances, cannabinoids, which have different forms and different ways of use. Of the main derivatives of cannabis, two drugs are distinguished: marijuana and marijuana. Because of this, cannabis can have different effects on different people, and the symptoms of drug intoxication will vary from one substance to another.

Marijuana (or weed) refers to the dried flowers and leaves of cannabis, usually light green and brown leaves, that are ground and smoked.

Hashish (pineapple, plan) is a mixture of resin, pollen and crushed tops of cannabis inflorescences tightly pressed into sticks, balls or blocks. It is a dark brown substance, which is divided into sticks. Reminds plasticine and leaves greasy traces on paper. They have common signs of use:

  1. Red inflamed eyes.
  2. Dizziness. Those who have recently taken marijuana and hashish may have problems with coordination.
  3. Reaction. Weed affects the perception of time, and therefore the reaction of a person is significantly reduced.
  4. Problems with memory and concentration. A person under marijuana may not remember what just happened, all his thoughts are in prostration, it becomes difficult to keep the conversation.
  5. Stupid behaviour. Atypical for a person looseness, stupidity and giggling can be an alarming sign. Increased appetite. A stoned person begins to eat more than usual.
  6. Anxiety symptoms. Although marijuana has a relaxing effect, it can often cause anxiety, paranoia, and panic attacks.
  7. The smell of marijuana. The grass has a tart-sweet characteristic smell. A person may try to drown out the smell with perfume or chewing gum.
  8. The presence of objects related to the use of the dependent: rolling paper, smoking pipes, bong.
  9. Changes in behavior. Prolonged use of marijuana leads to changes in the psyche: loss of strength and motivation, anxiety, symptoms of depression.
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Despite the fact that marijuana and hashish are considered “soft” drugs, their harm to the body should not be underestimated. Competent  treatment and the approach  of specialists will help to permanently save a person from addiction to cannabinoids.

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