Top Water Contaminations Signs You Should Watch Out For

Top Water Contaminations Signs You Should Watch Out For

Water is an essential element in our lives. We use it to cook, drink, bathe, wash clothes, and industries. Drinking water needs to be safe and free of contaminants. In most cases, people assume that as long as the water looks pure, it is clean and safe for drinking. In the real sense, water may be exposed to various contaminants that pose health risks with Water Contaminations. If you notice the following things, it is a sign that your drinking water is contaminated.

  • Cloudy Water- Water Contaminations

The first sign of water contamination is the appearance of the water. If it looks cloudy without pressure, you need to check why this is happening. Even though water has minerals, it should be clear and pure. The small part of the impurities found in the water are not responsible for the cloudy problem. Therefore, if the water appears cloudy, it is a sign of contamination.

  • Water Has Color

As mentioned above, clean water should be clear. Therefore, if you notice a color change, it means the water is contaminated. You may notice a brown or orange color in the water. This is normally because of excess iron or manganese in the water, or the pipes have rust. Regardless of the reason for the color change, stop drinking the water and ensure it is tested.

  • Chlorine Smell

Pure water does not have a smell, but if you notice a smell similar to that of the water in a swimming pool, it means something is probably wrong. Chlorine is used in water treatment plants to kill bacteria. However, it is used in small amounts to ensure it does not affect the water. Therefore, if you notice a chlorine smell, it could mean there is too much chlorine in the water and this can be harmful.

  • Pipes are Deteriorating
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Check the condition of your water pipes. The pipes can help tell the quality of water passing through them. If the pipes are deteriorating, that is a sign of water contamination. The chemicals used to make the pipes could find their way into the water and this affects its quality. Call a professional plumber to replace the deteriorating pipes.

  • Sulfur Smell

If you smell rotten eggs in the water, that is a clear sign of contamination. This contamination mostly happens underground. There might be traces of sulfur left in the water, but the amount should not be too much to smell. Check if the water has sulfur to prevent dehydration and other health complications.

  • Water Issues in the Neighborhood

You might not have noticed any problem with your water. However, if your nearest neighbors are complaining, this should raise a concern. Having water issues in the neighborhood means you could also be experiencing the same, only that you have not noticed. Therefore, quit drinking the water and have it tested for contaminants.


These are signs that your water could be contaminated and might need testing. Quit drinking the water immediately if you notice a problem. You would not wish to get sick from drinking unsafe water. So, have the water tested by professionals before they give a go-ahead that the water is safe again.

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