Three Foods That Will Keep Your Alcohol Addiction Recovery On Track

Three Foods That Will Keep Your Alcohol Addiction Recovery On Track

There are millions of people around the world that suffer from addiction to alcohol. Many of those know that and are on the path to recovery, but many don’t – putting their health at risk and further down the line ultimately having to find a way to recover or best live their lives. The alcohol rehab process is one that aims to get people’s lives back on track not only by giving up alcohol and remaining sober, but also instilling a healthier lifestyle that will keep them on track and allow the body to begin to repair from the damage that was done.  In rehab there are certain foods that are encouraged to be eaten, and indeed enjoyed, both during the process and into recovery away from treatment centres. But if you’ve not been to rehab that’s difficult to know. So, here are the type of foods you should be eating to aid with your recover…

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Now, don’t close this article just yet if you’re a meat-eater, tofu is actually hugely beneficial to a diet in recovery and during addiction, as the health benefits are quite staggering. Alcohol leaves some serious toxins and causes real damage to your liver, but tofu is a food source than can aid in the liver’s recovery and quicken the pace up when it comes to your liver removing the toxins from the system.


You perhaps don’t need telling that fish is really good for you, whether you are suffering from addiction or not. However, for those suffering and recovering, fish is great for helping to quell addictive tendencies as the amino acids from fish are essential for creating dopamine and norepinephrine. Similarly to exercise, the dopamine is a solid replacement for the high you would seek from drinking alcohol, effectively calming any cravings. There are some fantastic fish recipes out there and you can be really creative with different types of fish, from making curries to stews to traybakes, not only making for a healthier lifestyle, but a tastier one too.

Whole Grains

Drinking alcohol will have a significant impact on your digestive system and will lead to problems when it comes to visiting the toilet in a number of ways. However, the fibre found in whole grains will keep your digestive system operating in the way it should and improve your overall health. And if you’re feeling healthier, you’re feeling happier which is less likely to lead to temptation.

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