Taco Bell Drinks Menu to Know What to Order the Next Time

Taco Bell Drinks Menu to Know What to Order the Next Time

Every time you are ordering a meal, it is essential that you check the Taco Bell drinks menu. The chain serves some of the most lip-smacking meals. However, everything is complete with a refreshing drink. Moreover, at Taco Bell, you are spoilt for choice with the wide range of fountain drinks, classic mocktails and some boozy goodness. Read until the end of this post to know the best drink option at Taco Bell.

Apart from the classic fountain drinks at Taco Bell range that includes Diet Pepsi, Pepsi, Sierra Mist and more, you will also find drinks such as Mountain Dew, lemonade, iced tea and kickstart. However, if your eyes are on something refreshing, try the range of Taco Bell freeze options. For example, if you feel that an ordinary Mountain Dew is boring, go for the Baja blast option on their menu.

The food chain offers other exotic freeze options such as the Wild Strawberry, Baja Blast Colada, Blue Raspberry, and more. On the other hand, you can choose from other options, such as the G2 Gatorade punch range and more.

Taco Bell Drinks Menu to Know What to Order the Next Time

Taco Bell drinks customization options

If you are looking forward to some refreshment on a hot day, there is nothing better than Taco Bell drinks. So, whether you want to order a regular item from the Taco Bell drinks menu or check out special deals, there is no way you will get disappointment. It is also possible to order your favorite meals and drinks online if you want to avoid the crowd at the outlets.

With TikTok creators showing freeze hacks and flavor combinations, the demand for the items is constantly rising. For example, to add a little beachy vibe to a regular Wild Strawberry or Blue Raspberry drink, you can add a single pump of Tropical Whip.

Moreover, to create a delicious blue, white, or red freeze, combine the Tropical Whip with the Wild Strawberry and Blue Raspberry options. Apart from these, you can experiment with the Baja Blast Colada and regular freeze. According to social media creators, here is how you can customize your Taco Bell frozen drinks order:

  • A Blue Raspberry Freeze and a Tropical Whip pump
  • One pump of Tropical Whip, half a Blue Raspberry Freeze, half a Wild Strawberry Freeze
  • Wild Strawberry Freeze and Tropical Whip, each with one pump

Taco Bell Drinks Menu Adds Innovative Items Constantly

Since Taco Bell began serving PepsiCo’s Mountain Dew Baja Blast in 2004, the Taco Bell drinks menu has drawn clients who are expressly looking for unusually flavored drinks. The refreshing blue beverage has a subtle tropical flavor with the chain’s Tex-Mex meals. So naturally, it immediately developed a cult following on Reddit through the years.

Yum Brands (YUM), which also makes Doritos Locos Tacos, has an unbreakable bond with Baja Blast. However, Yum’s Taco Bell adds another drink innovation beyond the cult classic Baja Blast. Taco Bell introduces the Baja Blast Colada Freeze soon.

The drink combines the Mountain Dew flavor Taco Bell cravers know and love with everything good about Piña Coladas, except the alcohol. Moreover, the flavor was one of many innovations that became a success. Just after a few months, the Strawberry Lemonade Freeze became yet another excellent addition to the existing drinks at Taco Bell.

Now, the food chain is partnering on another beverage with a distinct color: light purple. It is the Dragon Paradise Sparkling Iced Tea. It is a new Pepsi drink with a hibiscus tea base. You can also expect soda-like bubbles and prominent dragon fruit, blackberry, and raspberry flavor.

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Business statistics to justify Taco Bell innovations

Iced tea, and sparkling iced tea, in particular, have become increasingly well-liked in recent years. Between 2015 and 2019, the market for iced beverages grew at a compound annual rate of 5.4%, and by 2030, more growth is anticipated. The market for bottled iced tea is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of more than 6%, making it a solid seller.

According to experts, the coming years will witness promising growth in the demand for iced tea with more exciting flavors. Additionally, unsweetened iced tea with less sugar and health benefits is forecast to dominate in the following years.

Not every tea-market business has been a success. Starbucks (SBUX), which purchased the Teavana brand in 2012 for $620 million, closed its locations a few years ago. The coffee chain said the sales did not cover the cost of maintaining many specialty stores.

As discussed on the Q2 call, many of the company’s Teavana retail outlets, primarily found in malls, have been consistently underperforming, according to a statement released by Starbucks. As a result, in just one year, Starbucks closed all 379 Teavana locations.

What to order from the Taco Bell Drinks Menu?

Tacos are the first thing that spring to mind when you think about Taco Bell. However, as you know, they also provide a large selection of beverages. There is something for everyone, from smoothies to basic fountain drinks at Taco Bell.

Additionally, it’s simple to pick a drink that appeals to you because there are so many tastes and alternatives available. This section will analyze all drinks at Taco Bell, highlighting their flavor, dietary benefits, and cost. Let’s start now!

Bottled Water

Taco Bell provides free glasses of water and Aquafina, bottled water that costs $1.49 and, of course, has no calories.


Are you looking for a cheap way to get your coffee fix? Then, you’re covered with Taco Bell’s new assortment of coffee beverages. These energizing beverages come in hot and cold variants and are ideal for sipping while traveling.

They are also inexpensive to get your recommended daily caffeine intake at just $1.79 per cup. The following coffee drinks are available at Taco Bell: Between $1.79 and $2.29:

  • Hot Cinnabon Delights Coffee
  • Iced Cinnabon Delights Coffee
  • Iced Coffee
  • Premium Hot Coffee

Taco Bell Drinks Menu to Know What to Order the Next Time

Iced Tea

Taco Bell provides a variety of iced tea drinks, including Brisk Dragon Paradise Sparkling Iced Tea, Brisk Mango Fiesta, Iced Tea Special, Lipton Unsweetened Tea, and Sweet Tea Special. These drinks are the ideal way to quench your thirst on a scorching summer day. Although Taco Bell’s iced tea has a lot of sugar, it also has a lot of immune-boosting antioxidants and vitamin C.

Juice options

Currently, Taco Bell exclusively offers orange juice, which costs $2.29 for a single cup and contains 140 calories.


This summer, are you looking for a tasty way to cool off? With the Tropicana Pink Lemonade and Lemonade Strawberry Squeeze, the Taco Bell drinks menu has you covered. These cooling beverages go great with your favorite Mexican or Tex-Mex dishes and are ideal for sipping on a hot day.

The Tropicana Pink Lemonade is a sweet and delicious alternative to the Lemonade Strawberry Squeeze, a sour and tangy beverage created with strawberry syrup. Costs for these lemonades range from $1.99 for a small cup to $2.29 for a large cup, and they are available in big, medium, and small servings.

Visit Taco Bell Cantina for attractive cocktail options

Taco Bell has been making news with its recent decision to create over 300 new outlets that do away with the drive-thru and offer customers something more alluring. That’s correct; Taco Bell now sells alcoholic beverages!

In 2015, they debuted their first Taco Bell Cantina in the center of Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood. Since then, they have added restaurants in cities including San Francisco, Nashville, and Las Vegas, with plans to launch many more in the future.

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Customers might be shocked to learn that all Taco Bell Cantina restaurants use premium liquor in their cocktails, even if various locations use different kinds of alcohol. For example, the Chicago location’s Taco Bell drinks menu is enhanced by adding Captain Morgan White Rum, Don Julio Tequila, and Ketel One Vodka.

On the other hand, the Cantina Margarita, Cantina Punch, and Mountain Dew Baja Blast are a few mixing alternatives. In some places, customers can choose from various Taco Bell frozen drinks flavors, including the classic Slurpee ones like blue raspberry, cherry, pina colada, and more.

What are the best options?

Suppose you didn’t know that your favorite Mexican fast-food restaurant served alcohol, and you’re only now discovering the hidden gems of the Taco Bell drinks menu. You can check out this list of all the alcoholic beverages available at the Taco Bell Cantina.

BB Mountain Dew + Top Shelf Tequila

It contains a shot of premium tequila like Don Julio or 1800 and a frozen Mountain Dew Baja Blast. It tastes like a tart tequila twist on the classic high-energy soft drink Taco Bell customers have grown to adore.

BB Mountain Dew + Top Shelf Vodka

It contains a shot of premium vodkas like Sky or Ketel One with a frozen BB Mountain Dew. Moreover, it tastes like a sour green patch with all the lovely sour powder already licked off! While there are some unfavorable reviews, at least you won’t care about the flavor if you order it with extra shots.

BB Mountain Dew +  White Rum

This fantastic contains a shot of Captain Morgan white rum added to a frozen Baja Blast Mountain Dew Besides, the taste of the rum kick enhances the traditional BB flavor. Reviews claim that the Baja boldness somewhat masks the alcohol flavor. Therefore, you can enjoy a few more shots of this one indeed.

Blue Raspberry Freeze in Twist

It is the perfect combination of a shot of your preferred alcoholic beverage (rum, tequila, or vodka) twisted into the classic blue-raspberry freeze. Moreover, it is a perfectly adaptable alcoholic gas station Slurpee.

Cantina Punch + Premium Rum

It is a frozen beverage with a tropical punch flavor and a shot of Captain Morgan. Furthermore, it is a better version of the tasty Hawaiian punch you enjoyed as a child. Finally, a shot of rum gives this drink the body it needs to be the ideal adult retro beverage because it has a less sweet flavor.

Margaritas +  Expensive Tequila

It contains 1 oz. Shot of premium tequila like Don Julio or 1800 is mixed with a frozen Margarita flavor. Additionally, it tastes like a classic margarita mix flavor with a hint of tequila. Reviews claim the beverage improves by adding more lime juice and tequila shots. Besides, it is a good option if you want something to accompany your fast food.

Margaritas +  premium vodka

This cocktail is a frozen drink with a vodka shot and a margarita flavor (Ketel One or Sky are typical brands). The flavor is similar to a frozen version of an average margarita mix with a hint of premium vodka. You can consider salting the edge of your straw for a more genuine feel.

Pina Colada

It is a frozen pina colada mixed with a shot of your preferred alcoholic beverage (rum, tequila, or vodka). Besides, it tastes like a frozen variation on a classic pina colada. Besides, it isn’t easy to analyze the flavors otherwise due to the classic ingredients.

Pina Colada

White rum-based margaritas

It contains a shot of Captain Morgan white rum and a frozen drink with a margarita flavor. With this, you will taste a typical margarita that you might find at a chain restaurant like TGI Fridays or Applebee’s. However, it does come in an adult version of a sippy cup, so there’s that.

Final thoughts

Although Taco Bell is most known for its Mexican-inspired food, it also serves a range of hot and sour, sweet, cold, and other drinks. Fans’ favorite Mountain Dew Baja Blast is ideal for individuals who enjoy a little sweetness in their beverage. Alternatively, if you want something tangy, try the Sierra Mist. Naturally, no trip to Taco Bell would be complete without a cup of G2 Fruit Punch, which pairs perfectly with everything on the menu, from chalupas to chips. Thanks to this comprehensive Taco Bell drinks menu guide, you should be able to select the ideal beverage.

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