Some Common Types of Headaches and Location and their Remedy

Some Common Types of Headaches and Location and their Remedy

Whenever a headache starts, it feels like a pain in your brain, but it is not what we think. Your brain has no pain, so it doesn’t even feel pain. Whenever a headache starts, it mostly begins with the pain-sensing nerves of the muscles and blood vessels. And as soon as this pain starts, they surround your head, neck, and face. Due to their stress, we face different types of problems such as muscle tension, allergies, sleeplessness, dehydration, and many other things that we can trigger. Different triggers cause different types of pain and symptoms in our bodies. With the medicine to treat headaches, we know what kind of pain you have and which treatment to give. That medicine finds out what’s triggering it and how to correct that specific problem about types of headaches and location.

Imagine that you are going somewhere. Good thoughts are coming to your mind. Your bus is going into the mountains, and suddenly your headache starts. And due to this sudden headache, the whole trip got spoiled, and we could not even enjoy it. This type of headache constantly makes you lazy. This kind of pain is excruciating. It starts slowly, and then it becomes so severe that even light or sound irritates you. Perhaps some other type of symptom can also be seen if this happens. It doesn’t matter what is happening in your body. Why is it happening? How do you feel? A headache is a signal to your body that everything is not correct. Something is wrong with the body.

What are the types of headaches and location?

The International Headache Society classifies types of headaches and locations of over 200 different types into two distinct categories:

  1. Primary Headache:

“Primary headache” This means that headache is a major medical problem, and often we see that this disease is mainly found in iron. So in this way, the headache of more than 90% of the people is the primary headache.

  1. Secondary Headache:
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“Secondary headache” is a different type of headache that occurs for various reasons. This headache means that it is caused due to another medical problem which is also expected and sometimes can be very serious. You must not have felt that sometimes there is hunger, even then the headache starts. We keep this type of headache in another category. But in the survey so far, it has been found that most of the headaches are of primary category, in which migraine, tension headache, cluster headache, and sinus pain are all common headache symptoms.

Are you also troubled by primary headaches or secondary headaches?

To know which types of headaches and locations are bothering you. First of all, determine which headache you have and how we can treat it. Knowing what kind of headache you need to get relief and prevent it is essential to see if you have a primary or secondary headache. A medical evaluation is necessary to treat and diagnose a headache properly. Suppose the assessment is done correctly. So it is also treated well. To cure any disease, it must be imperative for you to know about that disease.

Some common questions:

  1. When do you feel a headache?
  2. Where is the headache occurring in the body?
  3. How long does a headache last after it starts?
  4. Has there been a change in your behaviour or personality when the headache started?
  5. Does a change in position cause a headache?
  6. Do you have trouble sleeping when you have a headache?

Here, we’ll talk about four common types of headaches and location.

types of headaches and location

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  • Migraine

Migraine is a type of headache that creates severe pain and sensation, usually on one side of the head. Migraine lasts for several hours or days and requires timely treatment, and the pain is so severe that it affects your daily activities. If this happens, then your life will not run smoothly. Migraine is different from all other headaches because they occur in various stages.

  • Tension 

This is the typical type of headache. This tension headache often starts later in the day and is not as effective as the former. It only lasts for half an hour. Due to this, problems like stiffness in the neck, shoulders, and jaw are often faced. These are common symptoms of headaches.

  • Sinus 

Sinus headache is a constant pain; the right way to identify this headache is that it often starts below the eyes or in the upper teeth of your face, and then you can understand that you have a sinus headache. It hurts more during the morning. You will feel more pain at that time, but you can get some relief from the pain by afternoon. Having this headache can bother you. Some of the common symptoms of sinusitis, such as a runny nose.

  • Cluste

Cluster headache is a common type of headache that starts around the eyes, and often people also call it the pain felt near the eyes. This is like unbearable pain, it is challenging to bear, and it can arise several times a day. You can place cluster headaches in an unusual category because this pain comes like a seizure.

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Tips for Headache prevention

Following these simple techniques and steps can help you avoid many common headaches:

  • Maintain proper body posture while sitting

Get up and walk once every thirty minutes. Make sure your neck is not tight. If you are doing this at the table, keep moving your head around for a while. Also, keep your eyes away from the PC to avoid repeated eye strain.

  • Get enough sleep

Sleep is very important, but lack of it or excessive sleep can cause severe headaches. So make sure you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep in the middle of the night to get out of it.

  • Eat a healthy diet and exercise.

Healthy foods, mainly orchard fruits, and regular exercise help relieve headaches. Never skip a meal, and if you feel hungry, make sure the food you eat is good for your health. In addition, you can do completely different exercises like yoga, cycling, running, and swimming to stay fit.

  • Don’t get dehydrated.

Your body needs water, but dehydration occurs due to a lack of water in the body, and people often do not drink the water due to fasting. This will give you a headache, so drink lots of water throughout the day. Drink 3-4 litres of water daily or different fluids to keep yourself hydrated, like juice.

types of headaches and location

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People think of headaches as a common problem. They don’t take it seriously, but their pain can be very severe and painful. These can sometimes bother you more than expected. We cannot take this lightly. This can sometimes lead to internal disease. You should go to your nearest doctor and get it checked whenever this happens to you. We hope this article helps you to get all the information about the types of headaches and location.

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