Retro candy: Totally in trend

Retro candy: Totally in trend

Retro sweets evoke fond childhood memories for many, and rightly so, because the irresistible treats usually score with an unforgettable taste, a special look and packaging that catches the eye.

This makes it all the more interesting to take a look at the most popular sweets of the seventies, eighties and nineties.

In our guide below on the subject of “Retro sweets: Totally on trend,” we provide all the important information about these sweet memories.

First of all, we explain what retro sweets actually are.

We then look into the question of which retro candy products are still among the most popular and explain everything that currently needs to be considered when buying retro candy.

Last but not least, we give tips on where you can still buy these nostalgic sweets today.

What exactly are so-called retro sweets?

Retro sweets, as already mentioned above, are nothing more than sweets that have achieved a real cult status in a certain decade that has already passed or in decades.

Some of these sweet childhood memories have survived the years and are currently celebrating a brilliant comeback, while still others of the coveted vintage sweets have not been forgotten, but they are simply no longer produced, to the chagrin of quite a few fans.

Which retro candy products are still among the most popular?

In order to escape the stress of everyday life in adult life, nothing is better than eating sugary sweets from childhood days.

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As a rule, these immediately put us in a good mood and bring back unforgettable memories and experiences from childhood.

Among the most sought-after retro sweets are chewing gums in all kinds of designs, colorful candies in various colors and in all kinds of special shapes and designs.

Nostalgia lollipops in dazzling colors and sherbet powder in the old familiar brand design, which has lost none of its appeal even after all these years.

In addition, tasty fruit gums are still in vogue, with different flavors such as sweet or sour and a variety of varieties such as great fruit or licorice mixes.

Retro bars in combinations with nuts and chocolate or with fine fillings are also very popular.

Finally, wafers with cream, chocolate and strawberry flavor, cookies with fruit and sugar pearls in the form of bracelets or necklaces are also very popular.

What is important to look out for at present when buying retro sweets? 

Since some of the coveted retro sweets are no longer produced, these days there is only a limited selection of the delicious nibbles.

To avoid any unpleasant surprises after buying nostalgic sweets, it is important to purchase products only from trustworthy sources and to take care not to buy counterfeits with questionable ingredients.

If in doubt, it’s worth tracking down the manufacturer and finding out information about the place of production and the ingredients used.

Where can you still buy retro candy these days?

Unlike when you were a kid, there aren’t many places to shop for the sweet memories today.

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Richly stocked kiosks, small stalls on the way home from school or the good old corner store are unfortunately a thing of the past in almost all areas.

Even in the large supermarket chains and discounters, only a fraction of the sweets available at that time can still be found.

So it’s all the better that the popular Internet and the associated opportunity to search for your favorite treats on the World Wide Web have been around for some years now, and that you can usually find what you’re looking for.

Some online stores have recognized the trend for popular retro sweets and offer not only modern sweets but also a considerable amount of retro sweets.

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