Real vs Fake CBD: How to Differentiate Between the Two

Real vs Fake CBD: How to Differentiate Between the Two

CBD’s, one of the cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant, popularity has risen at an exponential rate and people are using this therapeutic substance to treat different health conditions. This increased CBD demand has made the CBD industry one of the fastest-growing industries in history. Where this sounds like good news for the CBD lovers, there it has also given margin to fake CBD sellers to try their luck. Real vs Fake CBD

Unfortunately, some CBD consumers are unable to identify fake CBD products. So, they end up throwing their hard earned money down the drain by buying fake products. It has become crucial for CBD consumers to be aware of these scammers by knowing the difference between real CBD oils, like this Kosher CBD oil and fake CBD products. That’s where this blog can help you!

Here are a few signs of fake CBD products that can help you buy the right products:

  1. Certificate of Analysis- Real vs Fake CBD

First and foremost sign of a real CBD vendor is that they have a certificate of analysis, given by a third party, independent lab. This test shows the amount of CBD, THC, and if this product is safe to consume or not. Usually, vendors have made this certificate of analysis available on their sites. If not, you can ask them to show it. However if a vendor does not have this certificate or starts giving lame excuses, it is a red flag. It means that they are not selling the right CBD products and you should move to another option.

  1. Over the Top Claims- Real vs Fake CBD

Every seller asserts that it has the best CBD. It is not a new thing. However, some sellers define the ‘best’ in an exaggerated way by claiming unrealistic medical claims. CBD has been found to be helpful in treating many health issues, like insomnia, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, epilepsy, pain, inflammation, and a lot more. But it doesn’t mean that it is a panacea to treat every disease present on the earth.

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So, if a seller starts making illogical and over the top claims, it is not a good sign. You should analyze the claims logically, search online, and if they sound illogical, drop the deal. Go to the vendor who talks about the real benefits.

  1. Low Price

Remember that CBD is not cheap. You have to spend some money to buy CBD and fetch its benefits. So, a vendor who has spent a huge amount of money on growing, harvesting, extracting, distilling, and marketing CBD, he can’t sell it for a few dollars that will not even cover its growing cost. 

However, you might find some sellers giving the ‘cheapest’ CBD in the market. Yes, their CBD is the cheapest because they are selling the fake CBD that isn’t grown following the quality manufacturing process. So, instead of saving some money by buying fake CBD products, you should spend some money to get the most out of it.

  1. Extraction Method

CBD manufacturers extract CBD from the hemp plant using different CBD extraction methods. But do all extraction methods produce the same results? Well, no! The best extraction method is CO2 extraction that extracts CBD in its most refined and easily usable state. However, some companies use alcohol and other harmful solvents, like pentane, hexane, and butane. This extraction method is cheap but very harmful, sometimes, toxic for your health. So, choose the product made with the CO2 method.


The extraction method should be mentioned on the product’s label and website. If not, then it might be a fake product because companies know the significance of this point and they proudly display their CO2 extraction method for everyone to see. If they haven’t, it means something is wrong. So, better not buy from there.

  1. THC Level

Federal government has legalized CBD products that have THC levels less than 0.3%. So, based on the amount of THC, there are three types of CBD products: isolates, full spectrum, and broad spectrum. Isolate CBD type only has CBD, full spectrum has CBD, other cannabinoids, and 0.3% THC. Whereas, broad spectrum has CBD and other cannabinoids, no THC. That’s how these types are different from each other. So, if you find any full spectrum CBD products mentioning no THC, it is a clear case of deception and sign of a fake product. So, run away from there and land on a genuine site.

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It is a good feeling to have something in hand that can cure your various health conditions. So, no wonder that people are loving CBD. But to safely spend your money on the right place, it is important to buy only real products. Buying fake products is not only a waste of money but could also do more bad than good. So, always do full research before buying CBD to avoid becoming prey of any opportunity seeker or fake seller. Follow these tips and you will be safe. Happy CBD-ing!

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