Everything to Know About the Famous Ramen Tatsuya Giant

Everything to Know About the Famous Ramen Tatsuya Giant

Ramen is a popular Japanese dish that is now deeply rooted in diverse cultures. It consists of Chinese-style wheat noodles, often served with broth or eggs. Typical flavors include soy sauce or miso topped with pork, nori, bamboo shots, etc. There is nothing new about Ramen; it has been there for centuries, but how the Ramen Tatsuya food chain serves traditional noodles is commendable.

The small business started in 2012 and has seen massive success in the initial years to become a famous Japanese food giant in America popular for serving mouth-watering delicacies, spicy pastes, and drinks.

Their menu is different among all, and so does their story. Various media outlets covered the inspiring story of how the food business started and grew over the years. However, a single resource containing all details about Ramen Tatsu-ya still needs to be on the internet.

We found most of you searching various details on the internet, including their story, menu, locations, and much more. That’s why we brought this article to help with all information in one go. You will surely love this insightful blog if you are already a Ramen Tatsu ya fan.

How Ramen Tatsuya started?

America’s No. 1 ramen restaurant got its own interesting story. The food business began in 2012 with two ex-DJs, Tatsu Aikawa and Takuya Matsumoto. Both originate from Japan, and they thoroughly understand the dish’s complexity and culture.

Leaving their DJ career, both youngsters tried to establish their name in the food business with the help of their unique dishes. They crafted a dish that takes three days to cook, resulting in delicious pork bone elixir soaked into hair-thin noodles.

This was the main recipe they started with. People loved it, and soon more items were added to the menu. The business slowly developed and expanded to other parts of the country, becoming the favorite Ramen of America. If you love spicy foods, then these Ramens are surely worth trying.

They have other famous delicacies like “slurp loudly and shamelessly Ramen” and “never share your Ramen” that are undoubtedly worth trying. We have mentioned their entire menu below. If you cannot wait to try their mouth-watering dishes, scroll down to the option and start ordering.

Everything to Know About the Famous Ramen Tatsuya Giant

How it became famous?

The business was started by two in-experienced DJs who knew how to make delicious food but needed to learn about the complexities of managing and growing a food business. Their LinkedIn profiles say the company became successful with the help of their family and friends.

They were determined to take risks for what they loved, and their zeal to follow their passion helped them make decisions that benefited the business and became famous.

However, the more significant part of the credit goes to their unique menu choice and recipe. If you browse their website, you will find it works differently from their competitors. Food, beverages, starters, sides, and even the fonts and colors of their website are unique and quickly draw people’s attention.

Their recipes are different from all. They have unique combinations of spicy Ramen and broth that people love the most and love to repeat orders from their outlets. They only have a few outlets, but the functional ones often remain crowded.

All these factors brought immense success for their business and helped them to rise enough to become America’s favorite ramen giant. They also have been nominated among the top 50 firms in the United States.

Ramen Tatsuya menu

If you want to know what kind of dishes they serve, then here is the menu you can order anytime for home delivery or dine-in. They have a giant menu containing Ramen, bombs, sides, and toppings.

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Ramens come in the main course and are often served with eggs, pork, seeds, vegetables, and other items. It mandatory includes the flavored broth for improved taste. They got seven different types of Ramen, which include:

  • THE OG (Tonkotsu)
  • SHO-YU (Tonkotsu)
  • MI-SO-NOT (Tonkotsu)
  • MI-SO-HOT (Tonkotsu)
  • OL’ SKOOL (Assari)
  • NU SKOOL (Vegan)
  • CURRY NU SKOOL (Vegan)


Bombs are those special pastes and pickles that enhance the taste of the entire dish. If you wish to add extra spices to your main course, then a selective bomb can make your work super straightforward. Some are the spiciest; make sure you do everything right:

  • CORN BOMB – Includes butter and honey
  • SPICY BOMB – It’s a type of spicy red pepper paste
  • FIRE IN A BOWL – A popular remake of Thai chili and habanero paste
  • CHILI BOMB – Spiciest five chili blend
  • YUZU KOSHO BOMB – Includes Japanese citrus, jalapeño, garlic, and serrano.

Extra toppings

If you are unsatisfied with your main course, try adding some toppings to make it more delicious. They will enhance the flavor and taste of your food. Make sure you understand the topping well before ordering because these Japanese names might be confusing for many:

  • CHASHU – Pork belly with soy braised
  • AJITAMA – Type of soft-boiled egg, marinated
  • GOMA PORK – Ground pork and sesame
  • NARUTO MAKI – whirled fish cakes
  • PARMESAN – Almost ten months old
  • BRUSSEL SPROUTS – Flash-fried
  • TOFU – Miso marinated
  • MENMA – Marinated bamboo
  • EXTRA GARLIC – Self-pressed
  • BENI SHOGA – Pickled ginger
  • NORI – Roasted seaweed
  • CORN – Brown butter
  • KIKURAGE – Woodier mushroom

Small bites

Small or quick bites are instant consumables you can quickly grab from the restaurant to eat on the go. The best option is if you wish to try something from Ramen Tatsuya but are not in the mood to eat the entire ramen main course:

  • Edamame (v) – comes with soybeans and sea salt
  • Spicy Edamame (v) – includes soybeans, sea salt, togarashi, jalapeño, lemon soy citrus
  • KOROKKAAAYYY – Japanese croquette, chashu, house katsu sauce, panko, potato
  • KIZAMI Sweet & Sour Yodas* – Fuji apples, bonito, apricot, shredded Brussel sprouts, black pepper, sesame, garlic
  • Gyoza* – pork dumplings and soy vinegar
  • Munchie Katsu Slider – panko beef patty, house katsu sauce, and Hawaiian roll
  • Karaage – Japanese-style chicken

Everything to Know About the Famous Ramen Tatsuya Giant


Sides are often eaten with the main course, but you can even try them in starters. The restaurant offers various side dishes that you will surely fall in love with. Remember to try the most popular ones.

  • Chashu Rice Bowl – Includes pork belly, pickled ginger, and scallion
  • Curry Rice Bowl (v) – The famous Japanese curry with sweet pickle
  • Negi Rice Bowl – You will be served with rendered pork, scallion, and fried onion
  • Salad (v) – You will receive the daikon, ginger-miso vinaigrette, cabbage, carrot, and tomato


Ramen Tatsu-ya is not all about spices. You can find delicious sweets as well. However, the variety of sweets is much lesser than the spiced dishes. You will surely need these sweets if you have eaten extra spices. They are worth exploring.

  • Sum Yum Yuzu Ice Cream Sandwich – A type of yuzu mascarpone ice cream with vanilla mochiko cookies.
  • Burnt Orange Ice Cream Sandwich – You will be served cold and delicious burnt orange ice cream with chocolate mochiko cookies.
  • Matcha Cha-Cha Ice Cream Sandwich – Get indulged with the famous matcha ice cream with vanilla and chocolate mochiko cookies.


Unfortunately, the restaurant doesn’t have a specific beverage menu, but they have mentioned the details in their FAQs. You can find various soft drinks, cold coffee, and mineral water.

You can also find filtered and unfiltered alcoholic beverages, beer, cocktails, American and Japanese microbrews, and some food-friendly wine.

These are not a specific variety of iconic Ramen Tatsu ya drinks, and please don’t keep your expectations high for this part. However, they also will make you satisfied.

This was the entire menu to order or dine in the selected operative areas. Let’s figure out other important details about the restaurant.

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Current operative outlets in America

The business currently owns five shops in prominent areas of the United States. All of their shops are operative between 11 AM to 10 PM every day. We have mentioned the addresses below, which you can quickly locate using Google maps or search the place for directions or other related details.

  • North Austin – 8557 Research, Blvd #126 Austin, TX 78758
  • South Austin – 1234 S. Lamar Road Austin, TX 78704
  • Oaks at slaughter – 8601 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX, 78745
  • East Austin – 1600 E. 6th Street Austin, TX 78702
  • Houston – 1722 California Street Houston, TX 78702

They are primarily active in Austin, Texas. Please check the address, and if you live in nearby areas, then you also have the option to order online. You can check out their website for exact ordering instructions and locations of all outlets.

The eating rules that you must follow

Ramen Tatsuya has a couple of funny rules everyone must follow, especially if you are ordering for the first time.

It describes their unique marketing style and memorable ways to connect and retain their customer. Briefly, the funny rules say that:

  • You must try eating with chopsticks first! They provide training chopsticks upon request for beginners
  • Before swallowing the Ramen, take a sip of the broth first
  • Then allow the steam of the hot bowl to touch your face and let your body feel the sensation of delicious food
  • Noddle gets soggy, so please try to eat them before they get watery
  • Never share your Ramen
  • Don’t be ashamed to slurp loudly to eat Ramen. It is how Ramen is eaten, and it certainly enhances the flavor
  • Say Kae-dama if you are still hungry after finishing your noodles. It means you need extra noodles.

Quite a technique to enjoy the hot bowl of Ramen. Try to follow some of these rules to have the best eating experience at Ramen Tatsuya.

How to order food from Ramen Tatsu-ya

If you are amazed by the premium selection of food and wondering how to order, then it’s super easy.

Call them to book a table, and they will keep a reserved seat for you or your group. Let them know about your order in advance so they can prepare it in advance. It will save a lot of your time.

If you don’t wish to visit then the outlet also helps you with online delivery service. You need to check if they have a branch in your area, visit their homepage, select your favorite food items from the menu, and order online.

We suggest getting a home delivery to enjoy delicious hot Ramen in the comfort of your home. Visiting the outlet is viable if you want to explore the ambiance.

Everything to Know About the Famous Ramen Tatsuya Giant

Is there a separate menu for kids?

Kids often face problems slurping the long hot Ramen, which degrades their dining experience. Also, most of their dishes are spicy and may not be suitable for kids. But don’t worry, the restaurant offers some varieties for kids too.

They have options for half-portions of Tonkotsu Original and Ol’ Skool, which are available on request. The recipe will include broth and noodles. These bowls would be half-sized, but you can always ask for toppings for an additional charge.

Also, these bowls are not compulsory for kids. Adults can order and enjoy them if they wish to eat small Ramen with little or no spice.

Final thoughts

Ramen Tatsuya was started by two ex-DJs who originate from Japan and has deep knowledge of the culture and food. But they never had an idea about managing a food business. Despite the duo figured out ways to outshine competitors and establish their business as the most popular ramen outlet in the United States.

Most of their recipes are spicy with delicious broth. If you wish to try Japanese food with authentic taste, then Ramen Tatsuya is a must-try. Check out the menu before visiting the outlet; you must taste the most popular items.

We tried to cover everything about the business in this article. Still, if you find some important details still need to be included by us, please leave them in the comments.

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