How To Make Your Own Strawberry Margarita Mix At Home

How To Make Your Own Strawberry Margarita Mix At Home

Enjoying strawberry margarita mix alone? Why don’t you make this excellent drink at home? You may have different thoughts about warm weather, and what if you get the chance to stay connected to your friends and do outings with them? This trip becomes more luckily memorable when you have something like a mix of strawberry and margarita, but don’t forget to do some icing on the top of your drinks. You can make this fantastic drink at your home to impress your guests with the delicious drink.


If you have planned an ideal summer gathering, you may be thinking of trying something unique and cool drinks that spread love in your gathering. Don’t you know how to make strawberry margarita mix at home? You can do it quickly and feel like the best bartender. If this is not exciting, what else could be something special for you? Try this unique drink and become the personal bartender of your gathering. 

Things To Consider For Strawberry & Margarita Mix:

  • Use only fresh strawberries, and avoid using frozen strawberries. 
  • If you use frozen strawberries, they will have more water in them, which makes them more water than fresh ones.
  • Also, don’t forget to try this drink with different types of strawberries. At first, you can think about local strawberries and then test them with others too.
  • If you have leftover drinks after the party, you can save them for later use. The leftover strawberry margarita mix can be stored in an airtight container, and you can keep it up for a few days. 
  • You can add some lime to the drink that helps you to protect it from bacterial growth immediately. 
  • You can also mix it with ready-to-mix drinks like tequila and triple sec.
  • Large-sized ice cubes added to this drink can make you enjoy it to its fullest.
  • You can use traditional margarita glasses or rock glasses to enjoy this drink. 
  • Sugar and salt can be used in this drink to increase the flavor and make it more enjoyable. You can use lime to enhance the flavor if you don’t want these additives.
  • Do you want to enjoy this mix in a frozen version? We advise you to add some cubes of ice to the blender while blending it and blend it to make the frozen one consistent drink.

Everything mentioned above will increase the taste, feel, and flavor of the mixed drink you want to try in the summer.

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How To Make At Home?

First, you must consider that this mixed drink is made of only fresh ingredients to keep it accurate and enjoyable. The following recipe is shared with you to let you learn how to make it happen. This recipe will give four servings; only one blender is needed as equipment.

Ingredients For Strawberry Mix:

  • One lb strawberry fresh hulled 
  • Use the syrup to taste (two to three tablespoons)
  • Squeeze six limes
  • Alcohol
  • Three-fourth cups of tequila
  • One-fourth cups of triple sec
  • Garnish For Rim
  • Salt/sugar
  • Lime juice
  • Honey

Recipe Procedure Steps:

  • Take one blender jar, and put everything in it, including lime juice, syrup, and strawberries.
  • After that, you must blend it to make it completely pureed and blent. 
  • Take one airtight container, pour this puree in, close the lid, and put it in the fridge for one day. 
  • Take alcohol in your glass, add this puree to it, and mix it well.
  • Now, work o tequila and triple sec. Blend them to combine well.
  • Rub some lime juice around the empty glass or use honey to dip the glass. After that, you can add sugar or salt to garnish the rim of the glass.
  • Add some ice cubes to the glass, pour margarita, and enjoy the drink.

Why Do You Need To Try This Drink?

Almost everyone in the summer enjoys strawberry margarita mix because it’s one of the best summer cocktails. You can see the texture and fruity flavors of the five ingredients; it feels festive, and it’s the best frosty cocktail you can make in just five minutes. 

Serve This In A Glass:

The mixed strawberry margarita has to be served in a glass because it feels like frozen strawberries and margarita. It has colors, flavors, photogenic textures, ad so on. It makes the drink one of tequila lovers’ favorite and preferred drinks. Try this in the season of strawberries because when it’s strawberry season, you can find strawberries quickly at reasonable rates, and they’re fresh. Many people call it a strawberry smoothie, frozen strawberries yogurt, and refreshing cocktails that make your family or friends gathering more memorable, enjoyable, and fun.

What Do You Need To Know About Strawberry Margarita?

The mix of strawberries and margarita is a thick and delicious drink. You may have drunk similar Mexican drinks in the Mexican restaurant, but many use frozen strawberries. Of course, it’s the best way to save money, but that’s the complete compromise or sacrifice of original taste and flavors. Instead, using fresh strawberries will work so well that you will want to make it again and again. All you have to do is buy some fresh strawberries, wash them out, remove the steps before blending them and combine them to make the smooth paste. The servings of fresh strawberries and margarita mix will rock more than anything.

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Different Ways To Serve This Mix:

Orange & Tequila Liquor:

You may want to try it with silver or Blanco tequila because it’s the purest flavor of this mix, but many people try it with reposado Tequila. 

Do you think orange liqueur will also work? If you want sweet and bitter tastes and flavors in your drink, try this orange Liquor. It will be one of the best experiences you have in your life while thinking about trying to do something unique. It also gives the taste of a classic margarita recipe. 

Lime Juice:

If you keep freshly squeezed lime juice handy in your home, it will work well. We recommend you to use only fresh limes because packed lime juice doesn’t have its original taste. But when you use fresh limes, it will make you crazy to do it repeatedly. 


Do you know that strawberries have a naturally sweet flavor? That’s why when you want to make this mix, it’s better not to add any sugar content in this recipe. But when you prefer margarita for the sweeter side, you can add some sweetener to your recipe. We believe three to four tablespoons of honey, any sweetener, or sugar will work fine.


Do you want your drink to taste salty, or do you want it to be as it is and unsalted? We know that the taste buds of individuals are different, and that’s why it depends on them what flavors they like. So, you don’t have to think about it more profoundly, but try to add some salt to your class and see what happens. If you enjoy the flavors, let others try this too!

What Best Can You Do?

If you are in a hurry to try this recipe immediately after reading this article but know that the fresh strawberries are unavailable, you may be upset. Still, of course, many people use frozen or packed strawberries. So, we advise you to do it only after making the firm and stored strawberry eatable. You can do it by keeping the frozen strawberries in the refrigerator overnight, so frozen strawberries come at an average refrigerator temperature. After that, you need to put them at room temperature in the morning till the afternoon or at least three to four hours. It makes the strawberries a little fresh. Then dip them into t hen fresh water for 15 to 30 minutes, and use them.

Wrapping Up:

Did you understand how to make strawberry margarita mix at your home, how to start the preparation, how to add multiple drinks with it, and how to use strawberries? With this article, we aimed at cocktail lovers that want something special and unique but still, they don’t want to compromise with the flavors, texture, and smoothness of the drinks. If you have any queries regarding this recipe or if you want to know more customized and modified drink recipes, write to us, and we will share other relevant articles.

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