How To Get a Sharpie Off Skin? Things to know

How To Get a Sharpie Off Skin? Things to know

Sharpie is one of the permanent markers. You might be using Sharpie for several surfaces like wood, plastic, metal, clothes, or other surfaces. Permanent markers are the results of particular inks. These inks are chemically derived, or say it is chemical xylene and toluene. These all are ingredients that last long. It takes a few days to vanish the marks created by these markers. The reason is that these markers have fade resistivity because they dry out quickly. Do you want to know how to get Sharpie off skin? Let us guide you through the safest methods to remove these marks from your skin.

Has Ink Happened On Your Skin?

Naturally, inks happen, and many people face the issue of having permanent markers on their skin. It’s not like a tattoo that is embedded on your skin. These markers are used for surfaces. Of course, they vanish in a few days. But when your skin has marks of permanent markers, like Sharpie, you may want to remove it quickly and smoothly.

How Permanent Markers Fade From The Skin?

Do you know permanent markers take two to three days to fade from your skin? Of course, yes, they fade away on their own. But you can use some ways to remove these markers from your skin quickly, and these methods are easy to incorporate into your washing routine, and you can get rid of permanent markers.

Why Do You Want To Remove Marks Quickly?

Permanent markers can have harsh ingredients that people should avoid applying to their skins. Ingredients like baking soda, bleach, and other chemicals can harm your skin. They might invite some allergic reactions. Moreover, permanent markers are used for permanent solutions of texts, labeling items, and drawing pictures. Therefore, they are not good for your skin. 

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There is no need to worry if your skin has permanent markers. They won’t be there for your entire life. You can see them vanishing from legs or hands in a couple of days.

Things To Consider Before Using Any Tricks:

  • So you have got a permanent marker on your skin? You must be working on something that put you in this situation, but don’t worry. 
  • Of course, it’s frustrating to see these links on your skin, but there are some ways you can use to get rid of these marks quickly. 
  • These tricks are too easy to remove marks of permanent markers from your skin safely, and the ways we have used them are easy to incorporate for you.
  • Do not believe quickly in so-called remedies. Some of them can be more harmful to your skin. 
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How To Get a Sharpie Off Skin?

This section will teach you about ways that you can use to remove the ink of permanent markers from your skin. And you can read this article thoroughly and remove the marks of Sharpie from your skin. Go through the following ways and try incorporating one into your bathing and washing routine.

1. Sea Salt Scrub:

Do you know sea salt is a natural exfoliant? If you mix it with warm water, you can use it to remove the marks. However, you must not use it harshly on your skin and try using it gently. Use one tablespoon of sea salt and add water to it to make the paste. Then massage with this paste on the marks and keep doing it for a few minutes. Wash it with warm water, dry out, apply moisturizer, and repeat in a day. Do it twice a day. 

2. Baking Soda With Water:

This paste is one of the multitasking cleansing chemicals that you can use for different purposes. Each home might have baking soda handy. It works for almost all kinds of stubborn stains. That’s why you can use it to remove Sharpie from your skin. Take a teaspoon of baking soda, add a few drops of water to make its paste, rub it on your skin, and rinse with water. Dry your skin out before trying it for another time. 

3. Hand Sanitizer:

Handy sanitizer is also an alcohol-based product. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, almost every home has hand sanitizer handy. You can also keep it in travel bags and purses. Take a few drops of hand sanitizer and apply to the painted skin. You can rub gently with a cotton cloth and repeat it as per the requirements.

4. Nail Remover:

Do you know there are nail polish removers available to remove nail polish? They come with acetone and alcohol that make the remover effective to remove the permanent markers from your skin. Take two to three drops on a cotton cloth, apply it on the painted skin, let the cloth be there for some time, and wipe it out after some time. Do not harshly wipe out, be gentle. You can repeat it as per the need. 

5. Banana Peel:

Some people have experienced that banana peels can remove permanent markers from the skin. Take a peel of one banana, run its inside on the mark, and keep doing it for a few minutes. Rinse is normal water and repeats after drying your skin. 

6. Butter:

While having no oil or lotion at your home, use butter. It works the same. Take a pinch of butter, apply it to your mark, let it absorb the skin, wait for a couple of minutes, and rub it. Remove it with the clothing, wash your skin, and dry it out before trying it again. Do you still need to know more about how to get Sharpie off skin?

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7. Makeup Remover:

Do you know there are certain makeup removers available in the market? If you have used waterproof eye makeup, there are some removers available to remove those make-ups. If you want to know how to get Sharpie off the skin, try using makeup removers. These are safe because the manufacturers make them remove eye makeup. So, there is no need to worry about the skin’s protection. The process is the same as above. Take a few drops, apply on the mark, let it stay there, rinse with water, use clothing to dry, and repeat if needed.

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8. Sunscreen:

You can use spray-on and quick-drying type sunscreen to remove the inks from your skin. It contains alcohol that dissolves the pigment of the permanent marker’s ink. Spray this sunscreen on your skin. Let it be absorbed by the skin, wait for a few minutes, use a towel to wipe it out, and repeat twice or thrice a day. 

9. Coconut Oil/Olive Oil:

You can quickly get these oils handy in your house. They are good moisturizers and maintain the skin barrier. Oil can ease irritation and inflammation too, and you can use these oils to massage your marks and see them vanishing quickly. The reason is that the oil will coat the upper skin’s layer to form a barrier between skin pores and marker inks. Run oil for some time, wash it, dry it, and repeat twice a day.

10. Removers With Chemicals:

You may be using some cleansing products at your home. These products have some amount of alcohol to remove the markers quickly. Moreover, you can directly rub alcohol on the mark. It’s the quickest way to remove permanent markers from your skin. You can get it from pharmacies or drugstores. However, it should be 90% or higher in strength to work faster. Dip a cloth in it, apply it to the mark, wipe it out with a cotton cloth, and don’t run harshly, but be gentle. You can repeat it after a few minutes. 


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Precautions While Using/Before Getting Sharpie Off Skin:

  • Permanent markers like Sharpie are available to make paintings and texts on the surfaces like wood, plastic, clothes, and metal. You must not use it on your skin to make a few designs and pictures. There are things like body tattoos and body arts available to avoid harming your skin. 
  • Do not purchase anything harmful to the child. If you have permanent markers handy in your home, you must keep them safe and away from children’s reach. 
  • If you have applied a non-skin product on your skin, ensure that you have done a patch test. Some people want to use it on their skin. They must try it on the hidden part first and see if it causes any trouble or not. If it’s safe, they can use it. 
  • Do not let the markers contact the mouth and eye. Also, ensure that any home remedies or products you use for the skin marks have limited use. Do not frequently use it to early vanish your marker’s ink. 

Wrapping Up:

Have you understood how to get Sharpie off skin? In this post, I have shared the ten best home remedies to remove the permanent marker ink from your skin, but generally, the ink vanishes in a couple of days. But if you have any doubts and want to remove them immediately, you can try these remedies twice or thrice a day.

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