How is THCP distillate made?

How is THCP distillate made?

Abbreviation: THCP distillate stands for Tetrahydrocannabiphorol Distillate. 

Distillate: According to Merriam Webster, Distillate is defined as “a liquid product condensed from vapor during distillation. Something concentrated or extracted as if by distilling”.

Introduction: THCP Distillate, or Tetrahydrocannabiphorol, Is basically cannabinoids that are not commonly found. Diverse range of cannabinoids over approximately 150 have been identified in cannabinoids sativa species. They include many biologically active molecules i.e. CBD, THC etc. Tetrahydrocennabiphprol (THCP) is organically grown and is found in USA hemp. If we talk about its making it starts with the hemp seed that undergoes cultivation extraction and post processing steps. This removes the terpenes and flavonoids from flowers, stems and leaves. The steps involved in making the Tetrahydrocennabiphprol (THCP) distillate are given below.

Before the distillation process initiates the plant i.e. cannabis plant have to undergo Multiple steps firstly it is dried and cured once it’s dried you can extract the biomass using carbon dioxide butane and ethanol as solvents there can be some processors that can be used for winterization this removes fats wax is using the ethanol solvent.

  1. 1. The Distillation process: The equipment for Distillation process can vary but the process is same as the other distillation methods. Distillation helps you reduce the pressure that hypes to the saturation point inside the apparatus. It eventually purifies the cannabinoids at the lowest boiling point. It heats the oil to a particular temperature that evaporates the desired cannabinoid. The more is the best equipment used, the better results would be achieved.
  2. 2. Cannabis distillation equipment: It varies from smaller units for small batch operators to larger operators. When the crude extract move through the equipment there are many times that helps eradicate as much of the plant matter flavonoids and terpenes. Firstly this solvents and gases are removed afterwards the terpenes and flavonoids remove which give you the final product. Next bullet
  3. 3. Short path distillation: It is also known as fractional distillation we can say it purification method which uses the vacuum pressure to lessen the boiling points of cannabinoids. As we use lower temperature the short path distillation carefully extract the terpenes and cannabinoids from the final products so that they don’t get damaged.
  4. 4. Wiped film distillation: It is the fragment of short path distillation the oil is loaded to a rotating vertical cylinder under vacuum pressure the wipers present inside removes is the extract that creates a thin film on the surface. There is a Chilled condenser present inside that condenses the vapors i.e. THC or CBD.
  5. 5. Rotary evaporation: This method uses the Rotary evaporators they are also known as roto-vaps used for removal of the solvent inside this evaporator the vacuum pressure lowers down which eventually reduces the Falling film evaporation: This evaporator and condenser use different boiling point for the purpose of separation of compounds from the cannabis concentrates after this the oil is drained and creates a thin film on the evaporative surface. THCP (Tetrahydrocennabiphprol) has a similar or likewise structure with the Delta 90 THC But there is one major difference identify it that the pentyl side chain is extended to heptyl. Due to the structure difference the THCP (Tetrahydrocennabiphprol) distillate 
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Tetrahydrocennabiphprol THCP has more immense effects. We can say that these effects are larger and higher than delta 9 THC distillate. It is usually argued to have 30 time’s higher affinity then the receptors of THC distillate.

Tetrahydrocennabiphprol THCP distillate is extremely potent usually it is blended with other cannabinoids at a particular ratio of 1-5 %. THCP distillate is a phytocannabinoids. It acts as a CB1 and CB 2 Agonist. Going to the brief history it was known as a synthetic homologue of THC but the main thing that sets it apart from THCP is that it was extracted and isolated from the hemp plant it was 100% a natural product this isolation took place in 2019 for the very first time.

Precautionary measures: 

The significant aspect of the THCP distillate is that it is menacing and vicious. Due to this reason the age verification is mandatorily Done before selling it is not for use For the people under the age of 21 add the checkout you must follow the age verification process the other precautionary measures include that if you are pregnant or nursing you should not use it for using any type of these products that are very potent you must have a medical condition are doctor’s prescription.


Make sure that such type of products are stored in a very chill in dark place as they are organic products the changes in temperature light and pressure can affect them it should not have a direct sunlight exposure approximately the raw oils can survive for 18 to 24 months. But on the other hand the finish products generally cancer wife 6 to 12 months.

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