Can You Eat Crab Apples? How to Make Crab Apple Recipes?

Can You Eat Crab Apples? How to Make Crab Apple Recipes?

Apples are some of the best-known fruits on the planet. They are consumed widely across regions. There are various kinds of apples. Today, you are going to find out all about crab apples. Can you eat crab apples? Absolutely!

Crab apples are a subspecies of apples. There are other kinds of apples as well. The difference between regular apples and crab apples is that the former is larger than the latter. Some of them are regular apples, crab apples, and wild apples.

Concerns regarding whether you can eat crab apples and are crab apples edible. They belong to the genus Malus. The fruit is entirely safe for consumption. However, the seeds of crab apples are toxic and poisonous. Crab apples are similar to other subspecies of apples.

Can You Eat Crab Apples?

While fruits are delicious and bring bursts of sweet flavors, not every fruit is edible. Most plants produce fruits, but not all are edible. It is common for people to get anxious over the toxicity or allergenic qualities a food item might have.

That is why questions like can you eat crab apples and if crab apples are edible are so prevalent. You can eat crab apples without worrying. The flesh of the crab apples is perfect for consumption. It is sweet and sour and tastes similar to regular apples.

The misconception surrounding ‘can you eat crab apples’ is due to the proximity of the seeds. Since they are small, the possibility of accidentally biting the sources increases. The seeds are toxic, but not the flesh. Commercially available crab apples come from Centennial and Dalgo trees.


Crab apples are found in Asia and North America. Its scientific name is Malus sylvestris. It is closely related to wild apples. It is a popular ingredient for tarts, jellies, and other deserts in most countries across Asia and North America.

There is a European version of crab apples as well. Can you eat crab apple is a question that emerged due to its poisonous seeds?

Can You Eat Crab Apples? How to Make Crab Apple Recipes?

Uses of Crab Apples

Crab apples have a variety of use. Can you eat crab apples is a common question people ask. But few people know that you can even decorate your house with crab apples. Crab apples are colorful. They have irregular shapes. They have multiple uses.

Crab Apples as Decorations

This is due to their roundness and petite size.

 The trees are also beautiful, so many people choose to have them in the orchard. These apples are also used in wreaths and vases.

Crab Apples in Food

Crab apples are also very popular as a dessert ingredient. Due to their tanginess is a perfect option for dishes like tarts, pies, and cakes. They have a characteristic sponginess that is useful for making tarts. The article discusses many crab apple recipes.

Crab Apples as Symbols

They have a distinct purpose and meaning. People initially found these apples in the wilderness. The fruits are a symbol of fertility, love, and commitment. They are prevalent in arrangements.

Recipes for Crab Apples

Can you eat crab apples? Find out in the section on crabapple recipes. There are many recipes for crab apples that you can make from scratch. There are recipes for those who want to make something quick and easy.

Crab apples are sour and tangy. Therefore, they are great for tart recipes. Crab apples are also popular in jellies. Here are some recipes you can make with friends and family.

There are many recipes out there for crab apples. You can make pies, wine, whisky, snacks, tarts, jellies, and juices from crab apples. Some of those dishes have been discussed, but the other words are crab apple whisky and tasty crab apple butter.

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Crab Apple Jelly

 The ingredients are few, and the hassle is non-existent. You will need sugar, water, and crab apples for the jelly.

Jellies require acid, sugar, pectin, and the correct fruit concentration in the mixture. But Crab apples have plenty of pectin and acid in them. That is why you won’t need to add them additionally.


Take a mix of ripe and unripe crab apples. Mature crab apples have brownish seeds. Strain the juice from the crab apples you selected. Let the strained juice sit for a day and keep it in cold storage until use.

Take the liquid and pour and add the amount of sugar you would like to have in your jelly. Slowly heat it at the temperature of 220 F. Use a candy thermometer to measure the temperature.

Select the jars and clean them properly before. Then preheat them before pouring the jelly mixture. You can heat the can in a pot of water and boil it for about 10 minutes. Stir constantly the mix on the heat to avoid any sticking.

Remove the foam that arises. Use a cold spoon to test the jelly. Dip it into the mixture and take it out to see if the cross hangs from the spoon or if it drops. Can the jelly be appropriately put into the jars if it is the former? Here, use the bubble popper.

Skim and clean the mouth and then place the lid. Keep it inside the canner or pot to boil it again. Let it cook for 10 minutes before taking it out and letting it cool down. After that, please place it in the storage or somewhere dark. Then serve with the pairing of your choice.

Can You Eat Crab Apples? How to Make Crab Apple Recipes?

Crab Apple Wine

The crab apple wine is a unique homemade wine that brings flavor and zest to your life. You will need lemon juice, crab apples, and raisins for this.


Take about 5 pounds of semi-ripened crab apples and clean them. Cut them into halves. Please put them in a stockpot with lemon and raisins. Almost fill the pot with water. Keep the heat at high.

Could you bring it to boil? As it starts to boil, add 3 pounds of sugar. Reduce the heat and let it simmer for about 10 minutes. Stir it regularly. Cover it with a clean towel once the sugar is completely dissolved.

Then let it sit for a day. Add a bit of yeast. Stir the mixture and let it sit once again after covering it. Continue this for nearly three days.

Cover the variety with a clean towel, and let it sit. When bubbles start to show, strain them. Sterilize a carboy and pour the strained juice into it. Store it in a dark place for 2-3 months.

Crab Apple Butter

Are you making butter from fruits? Yes, that is possible!


For this, you need sugar, nutmeg, crab apples and crab apple sauce, cinnamon, and cloves. Add the sauce to a pan, add sugar to your liking, some cinnamon, cloves, and mashed or pureed crab apples, and simmer it on medium heat.

Lid it, then cook for four hours, stirring periodically. Cook until the content inside turns pasty. Cool it and serve it cold.

Rosy Crab Apple

Rosy crab apple is a popular type of crab apple pie. It is a seasonal dish.


Add 200 g of flour to a bowl and 25 g of sugar (icing). Add a bit of salt and around 150g of butter to this. Crack eggs into the bowl and mix them with water to make a dough.

 Smooth and pat the dough and refrigerate it overnight. Boil the crab apples and mix the puree. Add cornflour and sugar into the puree. Trim the edges and bake it for 30 minutes.

Add a little bit of vanilla essence and lemon juice. Mix it well. Heat the oven to 180 F. Roll out the dough in a circular shape. Take an egg and separate the yolk. Take the white and beat it. Slowly put it inside the container and drape it, so it spills.

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 Slowly press down along the sides with water. Add the puree to it and then roll the excess dough over it. Take a brush and apply it to the pie. A delicious crab apple pie is ready!

Crab Apple Fruit Leather

The crab apple fruit leather is a snack every child would love to have for breakfast!


A lot of steps are there to make this item. Crab apples have to be made into a puree. That puree is spread on sheets. These are then dried in the oven or a dehydrator; you can use crab apples to make them or add cranberries, strawberries, or pears.

 You will understand that the food is prepared because there will be no mushy areas. It will be firm and dry and all over. Remove the plastic on which the sheets dried and cut two inches.

Oil them in coconut or almond oil and roll them up. Serve when it is still hot. The recipes discussed provides a sweet answer to the question, can you eat crab apples.

Can You Eat Crab Apples? How to Make Crab Apple Recipes?

Features of Crab Apples

Crab apples are smaller and have a sour taste primarily. Sometimes they can be a little sweet with a dash of tanginess. Crab apples have increased amounts of pectin. It is also quite acidic. The color of crab apples varies between yellow and pinkish-red.

Crab apples have beautiful flowers. They are not perfectly round and are irregularly circular. The trees typically grow up to 10m when fully matured. They can have a gnarly appearance, and the branches entangle. The trees have a big canopy; sometimes, the units have spines.

The crab apple trees are often a host to lichen and parasitic mistletoe.

Growing purposes

Most crab apples are grown for commercial purposes around the world. They are grown as food and as a decorative items. They are also produced for the flowers. The crab apples flowers are used in various flower arrangements.

The crab trees are pretty and an excellent addition to orchards. Gardeners tend to garden crab apples along with orchards. Many small-sized businesses deal in crab apples. Local businesses sell crab apple jellies, butter, sauces, and liquor.

The crab apple is famous in Europe, North America, and Asia. The food variety is surprising. Crab apples are economically viable.

These flowers are dried with their original color retained by chemicals or preservatives. Sometimes the crab apple flower is preserved in resin for beautiful art pieces, jewelry items, souvenirs, and seals.

The crab apples grown for decorative uses are not edible. Crab apples are grown separately for consumption.

Health benefits of crab apples

Crab apples have many health benefits. They are suitable for the digestive system and the circulatory system. Crab apples are not complete in all the nutrition, but they are an excellent addition to a fruit salad.

These fruits offer important fiber and Vitamin C that help skin and reduce aging lines on the skin. The polyphenol in its skin is suitable for food fiber. You have to eat many crab apples to substitute the wellness of a single big app.

Crab apples are a healthy addition to your diet. Crab apple juice is a good energy drink. People are trying crab apples all over the world. The fruit has health benefits that are medically recognized.

Final Thoughts

Can you eat crab apples? Yes, you can. The article discusses the edibility of crab apples. The report will help you make informed decisions about your choice in eating them. Crab apples are a delightful type of fruit consumed by people more centuries.

They have a long tradition as cuisines and deserts. Crab apples are among the fruits that are not only used for consumption but also for decoration. These fruits are widely used in many recipes.

Some of them are provided in the article. You can try out these recipes and see if the tangy and sweet taste of these recipes is to your liking. Crab apples are best for making jellies, tarts, and desserts. Crab apples and their wide use in the commercial world have made them unique.

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