7 Tips for Healthier and Better-Tasting Water

7 Tips for Healthier and Better-Tasting Water

Drinking water helps curb dehydration, especially during the summer season when temperatures are high. However, using a non-caffeinated drink like plain water can also prevent dehydration. Remember, for your body to function effectively, it needs sufficient water. Besides, water is essential for healthy nails, hair, and skin. 

Additionally, your body requires water because it helps it reproduce cells, flush waste, lubricate joints, and regulate its temperature. It explains why 60% of the human body is usually water. Unluckily, there are numerous choices for drinks that compete for attention in the industry. And water lacking taste might force you to opt for drinks without artificial ingredients, sugar substitutes, and calories. 

However, this shouldn’t worry you so much because there are multiple ways to make your water taste better, healthier, and appealing to quench your thirst. Here is an overview of seven tips that will guide you to make your water taste better and healthier.

  • Add Lime or Lemon

Are you searching for a way to improve the taste of your water? If that’s the case, adding lime or lemon is the best solution because it gives your water a magnificent taste. In addition, it’s also a simple and easy way to enhance your water’s flavor because it brings in the real difference when drinking using your straw water bottle.  

Therefore, ensuring that lime or lemon never misses your grocery list is good. Once you have either of them in your house, you only need to cut one, squeeze it in your glass of water, and have the glass filled with water. If you want to be more creative, you can use lime and lemon in your water.

  • Make Your Water Bubbly

If you don’t find plain water more inspiring, consider naturally carbonated mineral water. This type of water guarantees you added minerals as well as benefits. You can also make your carbonated water more appealing by adding natural juice flavor or fresh fruit. Likewise, you can buy naturally flavored seltzers from your nearest local market. And if you’re a carbonated water enthusiast, it’s good to try and purchase a seltzer maker for your home use.

  • Add Herbs
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To give your water some flavor, you must consider adding herbs, such as crushed basil or mint. For instance, overnight, you can steep leaves in your water, then add fresh lime or lemon in the morning, and there’s no doubt you’ll find your water yummy. For that reason, ensure you try out this delicious, cheap, healthy option of making your water better and healthier soon.  

  • Infuse Your Water using Fruits

Since infusing water is complicated, there’s more to infusing your water than just cutting your lime or lemon into the glass. To make this process easy, you’ve to find everything you’d wish to add to your water, add it to your glass, and allow it to soak for some time. 

Fortunately, when it comes to infused water, you’ve endless good options. Furthermore, you’ll find multiple recipes online, which will guide you in making a tasty and best fruity, floral, and herbal infusion. However, it would help if you did sufficient research before infusing your water with fruits. It will enable you to infuse your water within no time.

  • Use Filtration

You’ve probably experienced a scenario whereby you take water, and its taste is completely off. Thus, whether it’s chlorine, metallic, sulfuric, or earthy flavor, you’ll agree that the taste isn’t magnificent. Such tastes usually come from minerals, disinfectants, and algae. Luckily, they don’t pose any risks to your health. But the water will have an unpleasant smell as well as taste.  

Therefore, you must be ready to implement infiltration technology to free your water from odors, chemicals, and sediments. This technology makes your water taste magnificent. Similarly, you don’t have to purchase bottled water to consume filtered water. With advanced technology, there’re many filtration options in the industry, such as dispensers, pitchers, and faucet filter systems, which you can invest in.

  • Utilize Juice 
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Fruit juice usually makes an excellent water base flavor. However, some juices such as apples, grapes, pomegranate, and cranberry are more delicious. When using juice to add flavor to your water and make it taste better and healthier, consider using natural juices without added sugars. In addition, fruits and the juice obtained from the fruits taste magnificent and feature antioxidants and vitamins, which benefit your health.

  • Add Ice Cubes

Consuming water that’s at room temperature doesn’t taste as good as ice water. Flavored ice cubes can make your water or drink taste excellent. You can use flavoring to experiment with how it tastes with fresh fruits such as cucumber or mint ice cubes. Feel free to purchase an additive of your choice and ensure you mix it with water on the ice cube tray before freezing. Likewise, you might also consider coffee, tea, and juice ice cubes.  


Consuming sufficient water is essential to your health because your body requires at least 90- 125 ounces daily. It comprises fluids from food, water, and beverages. On the other hand, you might find drinking water difficult, especially if you dislike its taste. Thus, with the comprehensive guide above, you’re now familiarized with tips for making your water taste better and healthier. Ensure you implement those tips.

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