Which Are The Best CBD Oil Capsules?

Which Are The Best CBD Oil Capsules?

Cannabidiol capsules offer an oral consumption method designed to conveniently deliver the compound to the body through the digestive system. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the most popular compound found in cannabis, cannabidiol does not induce any mind-altering effects. This means that it will not cause the infamous ‘high’ that is associated with cannabis use. Continue reading this article to know which are the best CBD oil capsules.

Based on anecdotal evidence, CBD oil tablets are used to manage various conditions, from anxiety and sleeping issues to physical conditions, such as inflammation and pain. The compound can also assist in the treatment of skin conditions.

Its upcoming pathway into mainstream medicine has made way to develop various cannabidiol products on the market. This can make choices hard and overwhelm first-time users.

They should remember that the best CBD oil capsules have:

  •         Certified third-party testing and its results posted for the public
  •         Derived from naturally grown hemp
  •         Extracted through the supercritical CO2 method
  •         Strengths should range from 250mg to 1000mg

All the cannabidiol items available on the market are not created equally. Not all manufacturers use high-quality cannabidiol or are precisely labelled. This is why patients should do the necessary research on their chosen brands before making a choice. Even among the best CBD oil capsules, there are still differences between their strengths and other additional ingredients.

Different CBD Oil Capsules

CBD capsules are available in three main variations. These variations are made used different plants of the cannabis plants, therefore they all have different components. This makes it easy for users to properly choose a type that is best suited for their situation. It also allows them to pick the type that is most tolerable by them.

No form is better than the other, and it is up to the user to decide on which variation they wish to choose. Each variation has its own set of therapeutic effects, which can be used in specific severities of conditions.

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The table below reads the different types of cannabidiol capsules:

Variation Description What it is best suited for
Isolate This is a crystalline solid or powder that consists of pure cannabidiol. It is devoid of other cannabinoids, including THC. Relief from pain, nausea relief, reduced inflammation
Broad-spectrum This contains naturally occurring compounds in the cannabis plant with no THC. Mental health, go-to for intense pain
Full-spectrum This contains multiple cannabis plant compounds and extracts, such as terpenes and other essential oils. They also contain up to 0.3% of THC. Anxiety, depression, muscle pain, migraines


CBD Capsules-What Dose?

Dosage is the amount of the substance that needs to be taken for a set amount of time. The dosage guides the overall dose of the substance. As with other medications, the amount of cannabidiol that can be taken is based on these factors:

  •         The condition that is being treated
  •         Individual body chemistry
  •         Bodyweight
  •         Strength of cannabidiol in each pill or capsule

If users are unsure of what dosage and potential risks to start with, they should talk to their doctor. If they give a recommendation, it is important to stick to it, especially if it is the prescription medication Epidiolex. This is a cannabidiol-based medication that manages seizures.

However, if the doctor does not provide a recommendation to taking cannabis oil capsules, users should start with a smaller dose and steadily increase it from there. This is considered the ‘start low, go slow’ dosing method.

For example, if users are taking capsules for pain, they can start with 40mg. After a week, it can be increased to 45mg. Thereafter, it can be increased to 50mg. At this point, users would find that their condition becomes bearable.

When taking the best CBD oil capsules, users must keep track of how much cannabidiol they are taking. They should also note their symptoms and their improvements.

CBD Tablets Different Strengths

There are many strengths of cannabidiol, high strength, super strength and ultra-strength. With these options available, patients are often unsure of what strength is best for their needs. As mentioned above, when beginning cannabidiol, it is usually advised to start low and go slow.

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This is because some individuals appear to metabolise CBD tablets more slowly than others, therefore needing a low dose for effect. The dose can be slowly increased if needed. The final dose will essentially depend on the strength of the product and its response.

The different strengths are as follows:

  • High strength – Users who are new to this product normally start with less than 10mg per dose. With the capsules, the typical starting product will be 6.4mg. If it is used to promote general wellbeing, it can be taken once.
  • Super strength – These usually provide 15mg of cannabidiol in each capsule, and the advised dose is one to two capsules taken every day. This adds up to 30mg per day. This strength is more concentrated with the compound.
  • Ultra-strength – These are usually twice as potent as super strength products, and have a 10% to 11% cannabidiol concentration. This is ideal for experienced users.

Our Favourite Brand of Cannabis Oil Capsules

Pure cannabidiol oil has a strong earthy flavour that is more of an acquired taste amongst a handful of users. Therefore, many users stick to CBD oil capsules for ease of use. However, many brands are rushing to bring products to the market, making it challenging to find the UK’s best CBD oil capsules.

These brands have various manufacturing standards, different volumes of cannabidiol, different cannabinoid and even extraction methods. However, established online pharmacies stock all of the favourite brands of CBD oil tablets and focus only on quality approved alternatives.

The online marketplace thus gives customers access to best quality cannabidiol capsules found in the UK. These quality tested products, produced by the leading manufacturers globally, fulfil various industry standards and meet certain criteria such as:

  •         Uses solvent-free CO2 extraction methods.
  •         Made from 100% naturally grown hemp.
  •         Packed with naturally occurring omega fatty acids, magnesium oil and vitamins.
  •         Free of preservatives, artificial colours and other genetically modified ingredients.
  •         They also provide precise lab testing results on their website.
  •         Batch ID numbers that allow users to check the contents of their bottle.


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