What Is Prosecco? How Is Different From Champagne?

What Is Prosecco? How Is Different From Champagne?

Prosecco is a kind of white wine. It is produced by fermenting glera grapes that are predominantly grown in Veneto, Italy. All bottles of this wine come with two specific classifications; DOC or DOCG.

DOC stands for designation of controlled origin, whereas DOCG designation of controlled origin and guaranteed.

The DOCG variant has a stronger taste and is produced in the Conegliano Valdobbiadene region area. It is located in the northeast of Italy and is known to produce superior quality grapes.

On the other hand, the DOC variant can be produced anywhere between the four provinces; Belluno, Padua, Treviso, Vicenza, and Venice.

Prosecco meaning

The name of this white wine derives from the grapes that make them. Although these grapes were initially called so, they have lately been renamed as Glera.

How does it taste?

Made by using the Charmat technique, the white wine has a lighter, fresh and fruity flavour. The addition of sugar and yeast before the second round of fermentation makes the wine taste slightly sweeter than others. This is why it goes best when paired with cured meats, Asian cuisine, and fruit-based appetizers such as bacon-wrapped pineapple.

However, it may have added flavors, such as apple, honeysuckle, peach, melon, cream, and pear. This sparkling white wine is created under a lesser pressure than Champagne. Therefore, it has a medium to high acidity and frothy bubbles that do not last long once poured.

Prosecco vs Champagne

Prosecco and Champagne are often compared and called each other’s alternative; they aren’t really. To compare the two, you need to draw from the following situations.

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Is a glass of champagne as opposed to sparkling white wine better when you’re soaking yourself in a tub of warm water after a tiring day? Similarly, would you feel like spraying sparkling white wine on your birthday in contrast to champagne?

The answer to both these would be, “no”. This wine and a regular champagne are very different from one another as per production technique and location. However, their primary difference lies in the kinds of occasions used for. We won’t judge you if you spray white wine, though.

White wine price

The average price of a bottle may vary anywhere from 10 to 25 dollars in Italy. However, the price being a variable factor tends to change over time or geographical location.

Top brands

Here are some top brands that sell this drink, and their product names are:

  1. Mionetto Prosecco DOC Treviso Brut
  2. Freixenet Prosecco
  3. Santa Margherita Prosecco Superiore DOCG
  4. La Marca Luminore Prosecco Superiore
  5. Bianca Vigna Prosecco Brut
  6. Cantine Cavicchioli Prosecco 1928
  7. Ruffino Prosecco
  8. Cupcake Vineyards Prosecco
  9. Riondo Prosecco Spagi Nero
  10. Scarpetta Prosecco 2018

To make the most of your sparkling white wine, don’t drink it from a flute glass. Instead, pour it out in a tulip-shaped glass. This will help you to get the most of its mineralogy and wreath. Although a few glasses wouldn’t tip you off your feet, I can’t promise what happens after a bottle.

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